Booby Caps

We have a lot of discussions regarding modesty around our home.  My 11 year old is bombarded by images of young girls wearing barely nothing, and our ideas of what is tasteful, modest, and fashionable often clash.

And I tell you, we monitor her television viewing, but all she has to do is open her eyes every time we step out in public, and get mixed messages about what is appropriate and what is not.

And this is what you might call a classic case of karma.  Because as a child of the 60’s and 70’s, I pushed the fashion limits and my parents sanity with string bikinis, short shorts, and hip huggers that could only be kept with the use of thumb tacks.  I remember well being sent home from junior high school because I was wearing a pair of pants with slits that went up both sides.  My mother warned me, but I did not listen.

I don’t even warn my daughter.  I just tell her to go back to her room and try again.

I really look forward to the teenage years.

Our talks of modesty began when Cailey was first enamored with Ariel, the Little Mermaid.  If you’ll recall, Ariel did not dress very modestly.  When Cailey first noticed this, she noted, “MOMMY! Ariel is wearing booby caps!” I think Ariel’s mother should have made her wear a rash guard.  But alas Ariel’s mother was killed off long before she reached adolescence, what with this being a Disney movie and all.  So there you have it.

My son is now getting in on the action.  This week I decided that I would take advantage of SENIOR MONDAY at our local Beall’s Outlet store.  I’ve decided to embrace the discount, and allow any store that considers 50 a SENIOR to bestow upon me a deal.

I’ve swallowed my pride, and opened up my change purse.

My girls wanted to shop for board shorts with their own money, so I was waiting for them outside of the dressing room.  And at the same time trying to keep Jensen occupied.

He discovered his own form of entertainment.  As he is wont to do.

Jensen noticed a rack of lingerie, and made a mad dash towards it.  “BOOBIES!” And with that he reached up two little hands and felt up a padded bra hanging innocently on the hanger.  And what luck, as you might imagine, Jensen’s voice tends to carry.  To each of the four corners of the store.

I heard a horrified “JENSEN!” coming from the dressing room which housed Cailey.

As I was hurriedly ushering him out of the lingerie department, I had to hold both of his hands to keep him from violating the red lacy underdrawers on display.

Somehow, I fear that my issues with appropriate dress of two pre-teen daughters are going to be the least of my worries.

11 Responses to Booby Caps

  • This really made me giggle because my 8-year old boy was the same way when he was just a bit younger, much to the embarrassment of his older sister! Now I think he’s learned to be a little more discreet – but just a little!

  • LOL… sorry, I had to laugh at this. 🙂

    I know what you mean though; it’s seems the fashion industry has forgotten the word “modesty”, especially for the girls. Ever since my nephew was very small I have had the hardest time buying him clothes. It seems “the powers that be” want to dress all the boys like gangstas and the girls like hoochie mommas.

    We also have MANY discussions about modesty. He’s 14 now, but for years he has noticed the immodest dress of a lot of people he sees, commercials, celebrates, etc. There are even a few Disney actresses he no longer watches/listens to, because they don’t dress “appropriately” (his words) and as a Christian he doesn’t believe he should. (again, his words)

    I think the boy may actually be listening to us. LOL… 😉 Too bad the fashion industry isn’t.

  • Seems to be a right of passage – discovering “Boobie Covers”, as my son called them! Our son was fascinated by them for a bit. I would allow him the job of folding the laundry and after a while he got tired of haveing to fold “Them” and the whole was over with. I deided that if he really needed to see them, then he can fold mine and his sisters and that did it for him. Wait till your son discovers “Public Breast feeding” – now that will a blog all by itself! Good luck!!

  • As a mom of 3 sons, thank you for teaching your daughters about modesty. It is definitely an ongoing battle. No less than 6 years ago I proclaimed that walking around Wal-World would be of perimeter allowance only. Their racy string underwear collection scalded my eyes, not to mention made me itch. We quit going to the mall around that same time. Trying to avoid all the various window displays of stores like Vickie’s Secret gave me a headache.

    I know they can’t live with blinders on to live in this world, whether I’d like them to or not, but really, people who make clothes for girls, must they/we be assaulted with every immodest detail? Somethings really should be for certain eyes only.

  • I have a very petite 18 year old daughter and a 20 year old son. We’ve always talked about modesty of dress, but it was never really an issue with my daughter. She used to wear my son’s hand-me-downs, but when the size difference became too great, we shopped in the boy’s department for cargo shorts (bonus adjustable waistband) and plain tees. She still wears boy cargo shorts/jeans and is the most modest girl on her college campus I think. She also doesn’t choose to wear makeup, so is often mistaken for a 13 year old. Best wishes in the coming years…stand firm! 🙂

  • Oh my! This is funny but so reminds me of something my three year old son would say. Modesty is tough in this time but as a youth pastor’s wife, I greatly appreciate when the parents actually stress it at home. Makes our job much easier!

  • *Snort!* This reminds me so much of my brother when we were younger. He always made of a game of it, when Mother would force us to visit a lingerie department of any store – he would use the brassieres as punching bags so that each cup was perfectly indented “just so”. Now, my boys also hate going to the lingerie dept…. only they refer to it as “Bra-zil”. “Please don’t make us go to Bra-zil, Moooom!” LOL. Wonder why?

  • There is a great place called Nations Outfitters based in Alabama. Rick and Bubba syndicated radio show is where I first heard about it, and Boomama has a link on her blog, I think. They are christian based, have stylish clothes that are not trashy.

  • Good luck! And may the force of modesty be with you.

  • Lol. Jensen is a joy! As for the modesty, Secret Keeper Girls (by Dannah Gresh) is an amazing resource. I read the book, and kept a print-out of the 12 guidelines to dressing modestly hanging on my fridge. If their outfit didn’t comply…well, try again. Honestly, it’s swung the other way for me. My teenage daughters are SO super modest now, I’m finding my laundry is doubled, what with the multi-layering. The long tank to hide the low-riders (which it’s very difficult to find anything that’s not LOW in jeans these days), another tank that hides the cleavage, plus the tee on top. Layers upon layers. I suppose I’d much rather have modest children and tons of laundry 🙂
    I know Dannah Gresh is currently touring the country with her “Secret Keeper Pajama Party” that is the perfect age for your girls! They were just here in Chicago. You should see if it will be near you.

  • My daughter does the same thing. (The screaming out “BOOBIES” when she sees a bra part, I mean). No matter where we happen to be.

    Have I mentioned that she and Jensen together would be terrifying???

    But I love her, partly because she’s so crazy. And I bet you feel the same about your monster. I think he rocks!