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Hello Six

It is hard for me to imagine that when I began writing this blog, my baby boy was clad in diapers, barely 16 months old.  I’ve gone back through old posts, and am instantly reminded of his antics.  He has graciously provided much of the blog fodder over the last almost 5 years, racking focus away from two older sisters who would prefer to not live their lives out loud.  Especially now that they can read.

Jensen did indeed turn 6 today.  I got up this morning to find him standing in the middle of the family room wearing his Mickey Mouse pajamas, “MOM!  AM I REALLY SIX YEARS OLD NOW?”  “You are, dude.” Throughout the day, he repeatedly asked if he was still 6.  I assured him that he would stay 6, all year long.

It was a magical day for a young boy.  He announced to any and everyone he met that HE WAS SIX!  But he confided to me that even though he was 6, the Backyardigans were still his most favorite toys.

I’m going to hold fast to this year in my heart.

In honor of Jensen’s birthday, I wanted to link to some of my favorite Jensen-centric posts from the early years:

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And finally, this is the video birth announcement that Fiddledaddy put together and sent out to trumpet the arrival of his son. And yes, I know, our secret identity is not so secret any longer. But I’m among friends.

23 Responses to Hello Six

  • Love that video!

    A friend of my daughter’s from way back announced her birthday with ‘6 today,7 tomorrow’ and one of my son’s friends told me his grandad was 21 so I guess kids havent really grasped the numbers thing fully by that age.

    I don’t know if it was your blog where the poster found a tick hidden in her little boys nappy?
    Have been popping back in here so often, I cant remember for sure.

  • When Alex turned 6 last month he did much the same thing. He told everybody he saw (and still often does) that he was 6. There were many things that he could “suddenly” do, that he couldn’t do the day before when he was 5.

    so far 6 has been a great age. Happy Birthday Jenson!!

  • Oh, those years go by so quickly and six really is so big! Congratulatons to Jenson on achieving such a venerable age!!

  • Loved that video! Happy B Day Jensen! As for the previous post, oh which one is Fiddledaddy!?! I couldn’t watch it yesterday, my girls were lurking around too much!
    Enjoy the weather down there! I am in full spring time waiting mode, 3 feet plus snow to melt away, but it’s going!!!!!!! Have a great day DeeDee.

  • Happy Birthday Jensen!

    What presents did they get you???
    What? They didn’t get you anything?
    Hmmmm, It’s a long held belief (by me) that the mom’s should get a present on the child’s birthday. 😉
    Yeah, I haven’t been able to talk anyone else into it either. 🙁

  • Congrats, big guy! (We will be joining the 6year old crowd in Nov.)

    The announcement is beautiful. (Jensen is a family name, and now I know what it means!)

  • Aha! He was on my short list, but I’d given up trying to figure it out. 🙂 And happy belated birthing day, Jensen’s mom!

  • Can we vote on our favorite “Jenson” blog? My favorite was “Clear The Pool.” Having bathed my two young boys together during the toddler years I could SO relate. And ditto on relating to “mom’s” reaction!

    The day I read that blog was the day I had to vow to NEVER read your posts at work again. Or be drinking Diet Pepsi at the same time. The scenario that day involved uncontrolled, manic laughter and liquid being spewed on my computer screen.

    Happy Birthday to Mom and Son! LOVE the birth announcement too! How precious!

  • Beautiful video! Happy birthday to Jensen. Six is wonderful! My ds turned 6 last month, and I have enjoyed reading your blog and seeing the similarities between them =)

  • Happy Birthday Sweet Jensen. Loved the video.
    And I must echo that my favorite post is “Clear the Pool” also. Still the funniest thing EVER!

  • Happy birthday, Jensen!

    Love that name, btw. And I’m totally off to google and stalk you now. You made the wrong choice, Fiddly fee fi fo fum…

    DUDE. Call off your hubby. I’m joking.

    My youngest is 5 1/2. Sigh… They shouldn’t be allowed to grow up so fast. There should be a LAW.

  • Happy belated bday to the little/big guy! And I find it so sweet that his daddy put together such a loving tribute. You do realize how rare that is, right? You have a sensitive guy on your hands there, DeeDee! Love it!

  • Happy birthday to Jensen! My son will be 6 later this year, doesn’t seem possible they could be that old yet! I have to admit that I don’t know if it’s b/c you write about Jensen more or just his stories but he is your funniest child and I look forward to hearing about his latest exploits. 🙂

  • Welcome to the BEST EVER year, Jensen! 6 just rocks the house.

    You have the best mommy and daddy, who love you beyond measure. And that is so very awesome.

    I love your daddy’s announcement – you can tell the love and pride he has in you already.

    We all love you, Mister J.

    So, Happy HAPPY birthday 🙂

  • That was PRECIOUS!! 🙂 Happy Birthday to Jensen. 🙂

  • Happy Birthday!! I too have a March 1st baby! He turned 1 yesterday. Thanks for sharing the video!

  • What a wonderful video. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENSEN! Welcome to the six year old club!

  • Happy Birthday Jensen! 🙂

  • Happy birthday Jensen!

    Love the video too..very sweet. Almost makes you forget about the pool clearing incident..almost. : )

  • Beautiful.

  • What a great Birthday announcement, I love it! Happy Birthday to such a sweet boy.

  • Aww 6 yrs. Happy birthday to Jensen! And I raise a glass of something strong in toast to you and Fiddledaddy for surviving. 🙂

  • Ahhh! My life is complete. You don’t know what you’ve just done for my little OCD soul that was dying from not being able to figure it out. Thank you.

    … and Happy Birthday Jensen!!