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The Peace Sign

Let me state right out of the gate, this is not a political statement.  I don’t do those well.  I don’t want to do those well.  My political rantings are best left to family gatherings after I’ve had a glass or 3 of Port.  The kind with the screw top.

My family is used to me at this point.

Last week when we were at Epcot, Fiddledaddy was wrangling us some fast passes while I lagged behind contemplating a shot of Pepto Bismol after The Sum of All Thrills ride.  This was when he ran into the big guy wearing the t-shirt pictured above.  He stopped him and asked about the shirt, and asked if he could take a picture of it to show his daughter.  Who loves peace signs.

Keep in mind that we were raised during the hippie era, by parents who served in various military and did not take kindly to the way some of the folks of that generation treated the veterans of our country.

Therefore the “peace sign” had been negatively associated with disrespect of our military in our households in the 1960’s.  I, for one, was not allowed to wear one.

I understand that was a long long time ago. The peace sign has made a resurgence in the fashion industry, and is likely worn by folks who of course mean no disrespect to any facet of our military.

My husband struck up a conversation with this t-shirt wearing gentleman and his family, and as it turns out, he is an active member of the United States Marines.


(ALERT: Fiddledaddy spoiler ahead)

My husband engaged this guy in a discussion about the upcoming movie Battle: Los Angeles, in which the marines play a very positive and pivotal role.  Fiddledaddy had some insider knowledge that the REAL marines were on set to make sure the action was properly executed.  High ranking marines were hired as technical advisers and they had the director’s permission to step in and ruin a take if they saw it was not realistically portrayed.

The marine that he was talking to had indeed heard of the movie, and was most anxious to see it.  As am I.


(Lowers voice to a whisper)  The reason Fiddledaddy is knowledgeable about Battle: Los Angeles, is because he has a small role.  And can be seen briefly in the trailer below!  (Stifling school girl giggle.)  Please be aware that this film is rated PG-13, and is not for the youngsters.

14 Responses to The Peace Sign

  • Please. oh please, which one was he?

  • I know you probably cannot say but I am guessing fiddledaddy is the reporter in this clip?? Just a guess. 😉 looks like an intense movie.

  • I was thinking the same thing – that he is the TV reporter. Please tell us. Pretty please.

  • Oh my goodness! You’re such a tease. At least tell us if he was a marine or not!

  • I also guessed the TV reporter! Or one of the soldiers. Hopefully he got a bigger role than “beach-goer in the water.” 🙂

    How exciting!

  • Well I bet you buy the DVd asl well just to keep a record of his work! I’m guessing the reporter as well??

  • You’re such a big tease. I was thinking reporter too. I guess I am hoping it’s more than dying guy or water guy or something like that. : ) But it all went by so fast. Sure wish you could tell us!!! : )

    So is your hubby ever “recognized” at places like EPCOT, or do you all live blissfully under the radar?

    • We blissfully live under the radar!

      I wish I could tell you. I’ll keep working on him. 🙂

  • My parents did not allow me to wear peace signs either. My brother served as a Marine in Vietnam twice. He chose to go a second time because he couldn’t deal with the disrespect and protests at home. Can you imagine going back to Vietnam because it was easier to deal with than being here at home? Not a particularly proud time in our history!
    This movie looks interesting and I know I will eventually see it. Is the movie not for children because of the intensity or the language or both?

  • Your blog always makes me wanna go to Disneyworld. I haven’t been since I was three. Its tragic.

  • I, too, guessed the reporter. Very exciting!

  • I’ve been watching DVR’d Burn Notice episodes trying to guess him – maybe I can compare faces in that with this!

  • I know which one he is …

    How cool it is to know the “secret!” That’s rare for me … I’m usually the one in the dark. Or the last to know.

    But, that preview is probably all I’ll see of that particular film. NOT my kind of movie, not even with my college friend (who I am very proud of, BTW) on screen. Too intense for me.

    Maybe he’ll be cast next in a romantic comedy?

  • Little investigation, I know too! Can he really ride a unicycle? And has he really been in my favorite show about to return on Sunday nights?! 🙂