Meanwhile, at the McDonald’s Counter

by Fiddledeedee on February 28, 2011

I hit a rather exciting milestone this weekend while hiking down my long road to recovery from chronic Lyme Disease.  On Saturday morning I headed to Wal-Mart for the gathering of the groceries.  What set this week apart from any other, was that I did not wear my leg brace.  And purposely left my handicapped parking decal at home.

I’m most certain that I had a spring in my step.  Which is decidedly limp-free much of the time.  Before I began, I thought I would swing by McDonald’s to rustle up a coffee before beginning.

I stepped up to the counter, and a young, hip, early 20-something year old girl waited on me.

Me:  “I’ll have a small coffee, please.”

Her:  “That’ll be 64 cents.”

Me:  “Really?” (trying to hide my excitement)  “Is it a sale?”

Her:  “No, a senior coffee.”

(Insert sound of phonograph needle ripping across an LP.)

Me:  “Excuse me?”

Her:  (raising her voice)  “IT’S A SENIOR COFFEE.”

Blink, blink.

The frugal side of me fought with the prideful side of me that just wanted to yell at her, JUST CHARGE ME THE REGULAR PRICE!  AND BTW, I HAVE UNDERWEAR THAT ARE OLDER THAN YOU ARE.

Me:  “Okay, I’m just curious, at what age does one earn the title of ‘senior’ at McDonald’s?”

Her:  “50.”

And with that she handed me change for a dollar.

I was ALMOST as incensed as the two years following Jensen’s birth when I was continually asked when the baby was due.

At least then the person (usually a woman) recognized that I was CHILD BEARING AGE.

I gathered up what remained of my dignity, filed my change in my coin purse, and clutched my senior coffee as I continued on my feeble way.

I am determined to use this to my frugal advantage.  I understand that Kohl’s offers a senior discount at age 50.  What are some other senior offers that I can look forward to in my waning years?


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