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Captain EO

Journey back in time with me, if you will.  The decade was the early 90’s.  Fiddledaddy and I, along with a gaggle of our friends, headed to Disney Land in Anaheim, California for a day of fun and frivolity.

(Disney Land, circa 1992)

One attraction that we hit was Captain EO, a 3-D extravaganza directed by Francis Ford Coppola, and produced by George Lucas, starring Michael Jackson.  I remember that we left the small Disney theater, and collectively labeled the $30 million dollar 17 minute film, L, for lame.

The name of Captain EO came from the Greek, “Eos”, the goddess of dawn.  It ran from 1986 through the 1990’s.  Ending, I’m assuming, just as the pedophile charges began piling up.

Earlier this week we ventured to Epcot.  Fiddledaddy mentioned that we should stop in a see “Captain EO” which has been resurrected, I’m assuming, in light of Mr. Jackson’s untimely passing.  He thought it would be nostalgic, since the last time we had seen it we were 20 years younger.  And would have likely mellowed with age.

Like a fine screw top wine.

I was dubious, but gave in.  Because it was indoors.  And the indoors was air conditioned.  (We’re experiencing a bit of a heat wave in Florida, again, not bragging, just stating the facts.)

We were ushered into a holding area, where we were shown behind the scenes footage of the making of Captain EO.  Emme was transfixed by the choreography.  Then we were herded into a large auditorium, with a screen that filled the expanse of one large wall.

This production was not the Captain EO that I remembered.  Oh sure, the 3-D affects were the same, but the excitement of the film was enhanced by the larger screen, sound affects, visual affects, and the experience of the ground shaking beneath you.

I guarantee that this particular feature was not present during the screenings at Disney Land near Los Angeles, because everyone would have made a hasty exit out of the theatre, trampling children,the elderly, and anyone in stilettos.  Honestly, it felt exactly like the sensation of an actual earthquake.  And I should know.

Later, I learned that hydraulic lifts were used beneath the floor.  Because the limited run screening of Captain EO is housed in the same theatre used for “Honey I Shrunk the Audience”.  Which I do hope that they bring back, as I would love my children to experience that show.  MOSTLY BECAUSE OF THE RAT.

Anyhoo.  I was greatly impressed by the short film “Captain EO”.  I was able to put aside thoughts of the weirdness, the trials, and the eccentricities of Michael Jackson, and appreciate him as an artist.  No one can dance like that man.

An enjoyable experience.  Although one astute 9 year old in my party asked the question, “Mommy, why did Captain EO sound like a little girl?”  A voice not usually assumed by a super hero, to be sure.

Completely off topic, but I did manage to shot a picture of myself as I was experiencing Sum of All Thrills.  I know tons of bloggers that have mastered the art of self-picture taking and make it look artsy, and both fun and spontaneous.  I have not attained this skill.  I’m thinking some vaseline on this lens of my iPhone might just do the trick.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

3 Responses to Captain EO

  • Can’t wait! I have the inmates talked in to Epcot a week from Monday. We watched the on-line Disney videos of all the attractions you mentioned. They were hooked!

    I mentioned nothing about educational opportunities and I zipped my lip about the Listen to the Land ride (which I see has now been re-named and should show how long it has been since I’ve walked the Epcot concrete) that I liked back in the day for the indoor relief and maybe a quick siesta because gf – that was a dozer to me! But, I can still sing the song! (What does it say about someone if she liked Epcot so much she bought the cd that had all the music from the park attractions? Don’t get me started on the Canada song – I hope they haven’t changed it!).

    Please order up some sun, a cool ocean breeze or gulf breeze (whichever – not picky) and no rain. Thankyouverymuch.

    (P.S. Thanks for ALL the information too – that was sweet of you to take the time to list everything. The kids had a blast reading about the Fiddle preferences!).

  • We did Captain EO the last time we were at DisneyWorld, and enjoyed it. Also reminded us of MJ before all the weirdness, and he definitely was talented. We’re looking forward to Spring Break in LA and our annual pilgrimage to Disneyland (although we wish you all were there!!).

  • I miss Disney! I’m trying to remember the last time we were there. I think it was 8 years ago.