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Couple of things before my eyes slam shut

Our Disney passes expire tomorrow, so we spent our last waning hours at the happiest place on earth today.  We chose Epcot, because we knew it would be crowded, and Epcot is the park you want to go to if you have to go when the crowds are up.

We stayed through the last fireworks and had a blast.  Pun intentional.  It was the picture perfect day until we were packing up into the van.  I leaned in to strap Jensen into his seat, and gave myself a lobotomy.  I was fully committed to the act, and I can tell you this because I saw stars, and crumpled when I hit my head on the top of the car door.

Fiddledaddy was relieved that I did not lose consciousness, as he suspected from the thunk.  He envisioned himself having to hoist my dead weight up into the passenger seat.  And he was doubly relieved that I did not utter a $5 cuss word.

Nay.  I suffer in silence.

Anyhoo.  That’s all I have to say about Disney World for now.


In other news, I was recently interviewed by The Mom’s Guide to Dental Health and they posted a few teasers on their blog site.  Thankfully they did not ask me about other uses for a child’s toothbrush.  I would have relayed a recent conversation from my kitchen:  “MOMMY, why are you using my toothbrush to clean the mushrooms?”  “Because it’s way softer than the vegetable brush.”

Yes, the toothbrush in question had been sanitized before the mushroom brushing, and the child was relegated a new one.  And no, even when this particular child is at their most rotten, I’ve never used their toothbrush to clean anything else…


You all know what a freak I am about my VitaMix.  I just learned that the VitaMix Corporation is selling their reconditioned VitaMix (this is the one that I got several years ago and it’s still going strong) for just $359.00.  It comes with the cookbook, starter DVD, and a 5-year warranty.  This is an unbelievable price.

I’m an affiliate of Vita-Mix (see my right sidebar) and if you ever order from me, you get free shipping.  Just use my affiliate # 06-003916 when ordering.  Just sayin’.

(Additional note re: Vita-Mix site:  When you click on the link on my sidebar, and you get to the site, look in their left sidebar and click on “Special Deals” and you will land on the page that has the reconditioned Vita-Mix for $359.00.  Is that clear as mud?)  Allrightythen, my commercial has ended.

5 Responses to Couple of things before my eyes slam shut

  • We’ll be in your general vicinity in a week (dream cruise baby) and have one day for an Orlando park afterwards before we start driving back to the northern frozen tundra.

    My preference is Epcot (I haven’t been there in 20 years and I LOVE Epcot – ok, really I love all the dining choices in the countries but I’m not telling the inmates that!) but it’s looking like Universal. What do your kids love about Epcot that may sway my shorties (boy 12 and mini-girl 9 going on 19 – she would so hit it off with your resident drama queen).

    • Judy,

      I would say that the biggest draw to Epcot for my thrill seekers are:

      Sum of All Thrills (it’s in Innoventions) – virtual roller coaster, that you design yourself. You and a partner are strapped into this capsule on an arm, and you really do go upside/down. LOVE IT.

      Test Track: This has to be my kid’s favorite. Especially Jensen’s. Because it’s a CAR. That goes really really fast. AND YOU ARE IN IT.

      Mission Space: You really feel like you’re blasting off in a rocket. There are 2 sides: orange or green. The green is less intense as it doesn’t spin, giving you the sensation that YOU REALLY ARE BLASTING OFF. I’ve done both. I get motion sickness. I now choose the green team. But my daughter (who is 11 going on 19, God help us) loves the thrill of the orange side.

      Soarin’: You would love this the most. You are in sort of a parasail kind of seat, and are lifted up in the air. There is a huge projection screen in front of you, so you feel like you’re flying. This is my favorite ride of all. And I’m afraid of heights. 🙂

      Spaceship Earth: I never tire of that ride.



      The flower and garden festival is beginning at Epcot next week and going through May. So there will be all sorts of extra stuff. It’s my favorite time to be at Epcot. I’m praying hard for financial provision so that we can renew our passes, just so I can attend the seminars offered. 🙂

      Epcot is by far the most educational of all the parks. And the kids don’t even realize it. There are so many hands on types of activities.

      (Lowers voice to a whisper) I’ve never been to Universal. My husband has filmed some commercials there, and he says the roller coasters are awesome. But. It doesn’t even compare to the ambiance at Epcot.

      A CRUISE!!! You are going to have a blast! I’ll order up some beautiful weather for you. 🙂

      I hope this helps. Have a great time!

  • I am soo excited! I have been planning to order my refurb Vitamix all month and now when I do order it this week, I’ll use your #. Thanks for the reminder!!! I can’t wait to get it!

  • I had never heard of a Vitamix, but it looks like a beast of a machine!