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Back up a tree

A little over a year ago, I told you all the saga of Lana, our backyard Maple tree, and how Fiddledaddy attempted to dislodge a hot pick hula hoop from among her branches.  Except that he managed to drive the hula hoop up farther, so that all the neighbors on either side of us would have a view.  Of a hot pink hula hoop.  In a Maple tree.

Fast forward 4 seasons, and once again Lana has shed much of her beautiful maple leaves, and what luck, the hula hoop is once again visible.

Except that thanks to the blistering Florida sunshine, the hula hoop is no longer hot pink.  It is more whitish in color, yet still an eyesore.

Imagine my surprise, when today I looked out the back door to see this.

(He is much higher than he appears, I could only capture a small portion of the tree.)

Fiddledaddy had finally cracked.  He decided to climb Lana (who is nowhere near a climbing tree as yet) to retrieve the hula hoop.  I don’t believe that he thought this idea all the way through.  For one thing, a number of the branches that he was counting on on his journey both up and down, could not hold his weight.  And thusly, Lana was given an uneven pruning job.

Much to my dismay.

Also, as I reasoned with him, with my camera in one hand and the phone with speed dial set to NINE ONE ONE in the other, once he got up there, if he got up there, he would have to lift the hula hoop off of a branch that is pointing straight up.  At the very top of the tree.  Because he so deftly drove the hula hoop up higher the year before by lobbing gardening tools at it.

But what do I know.

When he realized that he could go no farther, he began backpedaling as he informed me that his goal was really to teach the children how to climb a tree.  “It’s not a climbing tree yet,” I reminded him.  “BUT LOOK, I’M UP HERE,” he countered.

“How are you going to get down?”


And with that, I retreated back into the sanctity of the house.  Spring is at hand, Lana will once again fill in nicely with maple leaves, albeit a few branches fewer than the Spring prior, and the hula hoop will be a distant memory.

Until next winter.

Or one healthy hurricane.

And not to worry.  Fiddledaddy did eventually find his way out of Lana, as when I looked out in backyard later, he was demonstrating the perfect cartwheel for Emme.

11 Responses to Back up a tree

  • Silly question:

    Why not get one of those pruning things with the long handle and just cut the hula hoop?
    Probably something you’ve already thought of/tried but had to ask 🙂


  • Very clever photo…reminds me of the neighbour on Home Improvement, where something was always placed to obstruct a full view of his face. 🙂 Glad he made it down safe!

  • I love that not only is he climbing the tree, he’s doing it in Crocs. And shorts. Shorts? We just got somewhere between 6-8″ of snow yesterday. Hope you have a guest room, because I’m on my way.

  • Ok shorts and sun – I’m on my way too!! I say leave it up until one of the kids can climb the tre and get it down, in the mean time it’s a great story for the neighbors!

  • What I want to know is… what happened to the bright blue mat and the watering can? Or did I miss a post somewhere about how those descended back to earth? Heh…

    • Happily, the blue mat and watering can made it down last year on their own accord, with no harm coming to any occupants of the backyard.

      And, oh dear, I thoughtlessly sounded like I was boasting about our weather this week by displaying a photo of my husband in shorts and Crocs. And yes, my windows are all open at this very moment.

      I give you all permission to throw this in my face this Summer, as I whine about sticking to the pavement when our temps reach 145 degrees in the shade. 🙂

  • Oh my word. The green-eyed monster is rearing her ugly head…we just had a blizzard. Shorts, t-shirt, no coat or socks. And you call it winter?
    I’m bringing a tent and pitching it in your backyard. Then what will your neighbors think, seeing a crazed lunatic from Nebraska decked out in her lily white skin in your yard?

  • Yes, I noticed the shorts as I’m bundled under a fleece blanket. Although, when I think of Florida I think of bugs and snakes, so I’m not too jealous. The fact that fiddledaddy can climb a tree in crocs is quite impressive.
    Due to some poor planning on our part, the day before our pool was to be installed, we found out a pine tree next to the pool is not a good thing (the needles will rip the liner up.) So, my husband decides he is going to cut the 30 foot monster down. Alone. He tried the chainsaw which broke in the first 5 minutes. Then my lumberjack man got out a good old fashioned ax and proceeded to chop down that tree. It was scary, and I was sure he was going to be crushed when it fell. Like the brave supportive wife I am, I hid in the house and peeked out the window every few minutes.
    I suppose you’ll know Fiddledaddy is truly desperate when he rents a cherry-picker.

  • My thought was to cut down the tree…but using one of those telescoping tree pruner dealies on the hoola hoop sounds like a better idea! : )

  • SHHHHHH there will be no talk of hurricanes! I know you live in Florida and all but I live in Southeast Texas. No talking of the hurricanes or hurricane season or anything close to hurricanes. Oh and by the way you are now grounded missy and may retreat to your room! No TV, no toys, only books!! And you may stay there until you realize you can not talk about hurricanes or you get hungry, or Jensen decides to bare all in the back yard, which ever one comes first.

  • I think it looks artsy up there. Like an earring for Lana…