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Hardly groped at all

I’m awaiting my flight which will take me back home.  Or Club Med, as it has become in my absence.  Fiddledaddy has taken the children to The Magic Kingdom, the beach, and Typhoon Lagoon during my short stay in Texas.  The children are likely not going to be all that happy to see me, as their fun is about to come to a screeching halt.

Well.  I did overhear that the children are wanting to kidnap me on Tuesday and whisk me off to Typhoon Lagoon since I’ve never been.  Especially since I’m no longer afraid of the sausage casing, formerly known as my bathing suit.

However, my bathing suit may fear me, since I may or may not have eaten my body weight in Mexican food while in San Antonio.  Judge me not.

You might find it amusing that I managed to trigger the security alarm as I passed through the scanner at the airport.  Which resulted in the much feared pat down.  I’m just going to assume that it was my industrial strength underwire bra that was the culprit.  I should have just set the girls free before the flight.  When the security agent  hollered, “FEMALE ASSIST,” I knew I was in trouble.

A very nice and pleasant TSA employee escorted me and my belongings over to a tiny carpet that had an outline of feet on it.  She asked me if I would like to be patted down in a private room and I assured her that indeed I did NOT.  The public exposure somehow comforted me.  How bad could it be in public?  

She explained in detail what she was going to do, and she carried it out efficiently and quickly.  I did not feel violated.  I do understand the increased security.  I mean, if some stupid guy can hide a bomb in his underdrawers, I can only imagine what my underwire could contain.

I’m also pretty sure that most TSA employees are getting a bad rap in the press, due to the negligence of a few.  

I have stories from Texas to share, and they’ll be forthcoming throughout the week.  In the meantime, I cannot wait to throw my arms around my 3 babies, who likely will have grown another inch or so since I’ve been gone.

10 Responses to Hardly groped at all

  • Welcome home! “…set the girls free…” made me laugh aloud. Can’t wait to hear more about Texas.

  • I have really enjoyed your post, they have been hilarious, I read you first today. gasp. before pioneer woman. cause I have to read my blogs in a certain order… ehh who am i kidding, it is just habit. enjoy the rest of your stay in TX

    jsut a coule hours down 1-10

  • OK, as much as I love and look forward to your blogs, this was maybe one that I really didn’t need to read . . . : )

  • I had to be patted down back in 2008 because our youngest was asleep in our Ergo carrier (i.e. I was wearing her). We were traveling internationally for a mission trip and I can’t remember which airport it was. I went through the scanner but apparently I could have hidden a bomb between me and the carrier. I didn’t care as long as they didn’t wake her up!! I’m glad your trip went well and enjoy those welcome back hugs. 🙂

  • I have such a problem with these pat downs and naked scanners. (Especially when I think of my kids having to go through it.) If they had actually caught anyone I would say they were effective. Underwear and shoe bomber were caught by head’s up people on the plane, not the security. Another thing, how can random pat downs and screenings be effective, especially when security seems so worried about profiling? Either everyone does it, or no one does it for true safety. That said, I can understand how many people feel it’s necessary, and I am glad you didn’t hate your pat down.

  • I just went through something similiar when I was recently traveling. Actually, I can probably count on one hand the times I HAVEN’T been patted down — even before 9/11. My all time favorite was when they frisked my daughter’s stuffed dog. All in the name of safety! Safe travels!

  • I had a similar experience at a previous poster. I was traveling with my baby and had him in a sling. They pat me down and I couldn’t have cared less. As long as they didn’t wake him, I was good! LOL

  • Ooh, Typhoon Lagoon today? It is a little chilly to me for that. Hope you don’t freeze!

  • One of those agents accidentally hit me in the head with the little wand thingie they wave over you. (Thingie is actually the real, technical name of that device. :-))

    But at least I didn’t get groped either!