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Scaling Mt. Everest

Our beloved Disney passes are due to expire in late February, so we’re trying to go as many times as humanly possible before the ax falls.  And because we’re facing the same economic woes as nearly everyone in this country, it may be a good long while before we can justify (read: afford) spending money on fun, instead of, say, food.

On a whim, we decided late Saturday morning that we should head back to the Animal Kingdom.  We chose this park because when we went a couple of weeks ago during our study of Africa, it was far too crowded to ride Expedition Everest (the Fast Passes were even all gone).  This is an extraordinary roller coaster extravaganza which takes you in search of the elusive Yeti (Abominable Snowman), hiding deep within the bowels of Mt. Everest.

Not to ruin it for you, but Expedition Everest is a wild ride on a roller coaster which resembles a train.  You climb the mountain, which is so mind numbingly high up that you can even see the Tower of Terror way over in Disney Studios.  I’m pretty sure I even spotted the girlie parts on the underside of a bird.  Just before I blacked out.

Anyhoo, the train speeds through the mountain, until you come to the end of the track, which has been evidently ripped apart by the Yeti.  Just when you think you’re going to go right on over, the train stops.  And then goes backwards INTO THE BLACKNESS VERY VERY QUICKLY.  I swear the thing goes upside-down, but I know it doesn’t.  It just banks so quickly, that the centrifugal force and ALL THE DARKNESS makes you feel that you are making like a bat.

And then of course you stop once more,  switch to a different track, wherein you are plummeted down a steep drop.

As you might imagine, since we are a family of thrill seekers, we live to experience this ride.  And since Jensen has reached the full height requirement for ALL THE SCARY RIDES, Fiddledaddy and I can now ride roller coasters together.  Instead of taking turns.

Although we never ever really get to sit together, because at least one child has to be attached to each of us.  On Saturday, we were able to ride Expedition Everest FOUR times.  At the end of the day, we went 3 times in a row.  And by “we”, I mean NOT ME.  I made it through 2 times in a row, and when my lunch threatened to make a return engagement, I opted out and instead played photographer.

(My little family were the last to ride for the day.  Hence the empty seats were not due to loss of lives.)

The other exciting exhibit we experienced was The Dinosaur Ride.  This is a jeep ride back in time, wherein you are treated to all manner of flesh eating dinosaurs.  And whiplash.  I’m not a big fan of this ride, but being the good sport that I am, I will ride it at least once with my family.

And while they ride a second time I will opt to sit in blissful silence while basking in the sun.  Which is torture.  Pure torture.

Then towards the end of the day, when the children had worked our very last nerve, we decided to leave them to explore alone for a bit, and sadly they became dinosaur food.

Stay tuned for more limited misadventures from the happiest place on earth.

12 Responses to Scaling Mt. Everest

  • We were just at Disney in December and hadn’t been in four years (live in upstate NY) and last time we went my younger son wasn’t able to do the biggest rides much to the disappointment of the family. Well, this time he was and we loved Everest and Rock & Roller coaster and the few others he couldn’t do before.
    Wish we could justify going more often!

  • Great picture!

    When I went to WDW in June with my eldest son I thought I was getting on a nice little train ride through the park or something. Notsomuch. It was a roller coaster. I can’t remember which one, but they put the bar down a little too tightly on my lap and between the fact that it was a roller coaster of death and I couldn’t completely inhale I thought I was about to die!

  • We are delirious with excitement as we get read for our Disney trip. Thanks for sharing all your adventures!

  • Hmmm, you live with a bunch of comedians too! hahahahaha

    Skip school!! Go have fun!!! (school catch up days are during the “hotter than you know where” Summer days!!)

    btw: your pictures are proof that we have been going to the wrong park! We’ve been at MK with EVERYONE else! I like your “crowds” better!

  • Oh, you do know about the Florida Resident WeekDAY passes – right?!

    Monday – Friday with black out days during PEAK times. It’s a great deal!

  • Sounds like a fun day!! I can’t say that I would actually ride those roller coasters, but sounds like you all had fun! LOL

  • “I will opt to sit in blissful silence while basking in the sun. Which is torture. Pure torture.”
    I know all about that kind of torture! Unfortunately, I don’t experience it very often. 🙁

  • Looks like another wonderful day at the happiest place on earth! *sighs and wishes she was there too* : )

  • We don’t live near anything like that but sure does look like a good time… Sorry, the kids ended up dinosaur chow tho’

  • Just reading about the coaster makes my palms sweat. I wouldn’t go on that in a million years. So maybe we’re not twins separated at birth (tsab) after all. They’d be hauling me off dead as a post at the end of that ride.

  • That last picture made me laugh out loud.

    Almost as much as my screensaver picture of the StockingCapBurglarPerson.

    But, not quite as much.

    Nearly, though 🙂

  • Hi DeeDee! I’m not letting the bitterness/envy get to me!

    I have 7 more weeks until I get to the warm sun and eat a Mickey ice cream sandwich (or waffle, it’s always a toss up what’s first). The only sun here bounces off the snow and blinds us all in the -13F windchill. More snow is coming tomorrow! A foot and a half! Go us!

    I would seriously consider going without food and homeschooling curriculum before I would not buy the resident’s WDW passes…I’m trying to convince DH that we should buy $500+ yearly passes in the hopes that I could take educational spontaneous field trips of my own (consisting of 3-4 day drives to get there). He’s not buying it (no pun intended). I don’t think my 8 year old Corolla could get the girls and me there and back anyway…

    7 more weeks, 7 more weeks…


    PS I do love the snow when I can send the kids out to play in it and watch them from the window 🙂