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Next we’ll be ordering the invitations

I thought I’d give you all a little update on Jensen and his love life.  When we last left off, Jensen had declared his love for identical twin sisters, E and K.  (The 3 of them are pictured above picking wild flowers together.)  He also made his intentions known that he intended to marry E and K.  His own sisters were quick to point out that he could only marry one sister.

He concluded that he had to do some sleuthing and figure out which sister wanted to marry him.  Both his future mother-in-law and I know the answer to this question, but we’re trying to butt out.  In other words, we’re enjoying his dilemma far too much to interfere.

The other day, we attended an impromptu birthday gathering for E and K, who just turned 6.  Jensen is courting older women, as he will not turn 6 for another 5 weeks or so.  As we were leaving, I had all my children strapped in and was preparing to pull out, when E came running down the sidewalk yelling at me, “TELL JENSEN THAT I LOVE HIM!”

I opened my window, “What did you say?” This was not for Jensen’s benefit, but for his future mother in laws ears, as she was just feet behind her daughter.  E repeated her declaration of love.  Wherein Jensen unbuckled and yelled over my shoulder and out of the window, “SO, DO YOU WANNA MARRY ME OR WHAT?”

This is when Jensen’s future mother-in-law did intervene and told her daughter that she really should take some time to consider this most romantic of proposals.  Like until SHE’S 30.

I live for these little exchanges.

And really, I think E is getting an amazing catch.  Jensen knows his way around both the bathroom and the kitchen.  We all know about his obsession with toilets, but I bet you had no idea that he is a budding chef.  Here he is making homemade apple juice with the juicer.

Even if he doesn’t make it as a Plumber, at least they won’t starve.

13 Responses to Next we’ll be ordering the invitations

  • Young love is so cute!

  • I will agree that Jensen is quite a catch. And that young girls should wait to pick their husband until 30…or just let their parents choose for them (:

  • Hilarious! Tell Jensen he might just want to work on a more, um, romantic proposal than yelling “or what!” over his mother’s shoulder.. I’m just sayin’… Thanks for the laugh this morning!

  • I can’t believe Jensen is almost 6 – let’s see, plumbing, electricity, – he’ll do well and probably have more work than he can handle. Ever try to call a plumber or electrician? They are usually booked solid. The cooking is a nice added bonus! My son-in-law is a mechanic and can fix anything, not just cars. Although he usually has to pencil me in!

    How is Jensen doing with the itchy, dry skin? Hope he is growing out of it an it is not so bad.


  • So cute!! I can’t wait to see how this romance plays out in the years to come!

  • Too funny! And tell Jensen to stick with the plumbing career…money money money! Arranged marriages sound better and better!

  • Adorable! Love these updates.


  • That is so endearing to read a story like this, kids are the best. Time will tell how this romance turns out…

  • We made the mistake of telling our kids that people in Utah can have more than one wife. I think it started out as an offhand comment – because we were there last Christmas and somehow the subject came up – and we jokingly said something like, “You’re only allowed to have one wife – unless you live here in Utah, har har”. We were really joking to each other, but the kids seized on it and now…. I have my 6-y-o asking all manner of questions about it (still!) Like, “If I lived in Utah, would I have more than one mom? And, do the kids in Utah think I’m weird because I only have one mom? And, if Daddy had another wife, would she be my mom too, like if I wasn’t in her belly but I was in your belly?” It goes on, but you get the picture.

    So what I’m saying is, you may want to keep that little tidbit to yourself. Unless Jenson’s twins want to move to Utah, har har!!!

    (No offense to people in Utah, I just was watching a few too many “Sister Wives” commercials)

  • Ok this is the point where I should keep my mouth shut and not say “oh young love is so cute, but just wait until they are teenagers?”

    Nope did not say it, I am to nice of a friend. Luv you, I am sure Jensen will be a perfect teenager unlike MY hormone driven ones.

  • When he gets a bit older, teach him to clean toilets and do laundry and he will be the perfect “catch”! That way already be fully trained for his future wife(s).

  • ..or what? oh my.

    the only problem is they grow into 14 yr old boys that totally girl crazy. laugh it up while you can lady 😀