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Ready for my close-up

I did something a little wacky today.  Even for me.  I went on an audition for a commercial.  And pigs did not even have to fly very high.

I’ve mentioned before here on my blog, that I was an actress in Los Angeles until just after my 30th birthday.  There were many factors that lead me to leave acting, but perhaps one of the biggest ones was that I wanted more control over my life.  Like for example, I wanted to open the refrigerator and find groceries therein.

I made the unexpected decision then to start my own decorative painting company.  I job that gave me more joy than you can imagine.  While I was getting the company off the ground, I worked part time at a childrens entertainment company, with very flexible hours and terrific money.  Slowly I began weaning myself from a regular paycheck, and then made the decision to fly on my own.

For the next several years, my business grew and flourished.  After I married Fiddledaddy, and we decided to head to the other coast to raise our family, I found that I had to put my paint brushes and power tools away for another day.  I learned that when pregnant, I get VERY great with child, and can no longer reach the furniture that I’m suppose to be painting.  No matter how long my paint brush is.  And  then add in the fact that Florida is a very different economy than Los Angeles, and chasing 3 small children is not conducive to running a business, and you’ve got a retired painter sitting around eating bonbons.  Often from a fetal position.

In 2006 I gave birth to this blog.  Which has fulfilled me creatively in more ways than I ever imagined  possible.  And because of my blog, I have had wonderful opportunities to help my family financially through advertisement, working as a BlogHer Reviewer, a little syndication, and my nearly two year job as the Moderator for MSN’s Mom’s Homeroom.  Because of deep budget cuts, my job as Moderator ended when my contract expired at the end of December.  I will be continuing to write guest blog posts for them now and again, but I don’t have the steady income that I once REALLY ENJOYED.

(Lowers voice to a whisper.)  I’m about  to reveal something that I’ve never talked about on my blog.  And I have his limited permission.  I’ve never mentioned what Fiddledaddy really does for a living.

My dad worked for the government when I was growing up, and he never talked about his work since it usually involved government weapons contracts.  So I told my friends that my dad was a spy.   You may have assumed the same thing about Fiddledaddy.

And it’s sort of true.  Well.  At least he’s played one on TV.  He’s also been a doctor and an FBI agent.  Plus a guy who has had issues with flatulence.

Fiddledaddy is an actor.  He was an actor when I met him 20 years ago.  But when we moved to Florida 12 years ago, he put all of that behind him and was working as a really talented self-employed graphic artist.  But God had other plans, and he signed with a talent agent in Central Florida and has worked pretty steadily in the industry ever since. He has the ability to put himself on tape for auditions, and then to fly to other parts of the country for work. He has asked me not to tell you his stage name, for the sake of anonymity.  Which I will respect.  BUT IT KILLS ME, because I’m awfully proud of him.

He still has a successful business as a Graphic Artist, wherein he designs web sites for other actors across the country.  This is the income that I am really grateful for when there is an actors or writers strike, or it’s Africa hot here in Florida and no one wants to come here to shoot anything.  Except each other.

All this to say that our little family exists on very unsteady income.  During a very unsteady economy.  And this means that I have to trust that God will provide for us, as He faithfully has for many years.

Which is why I feel that when a door closes, sometimes an unlikely window is thrown open.  I never ever had the urge to begin auditioning again.  And I have no idea if I’ll ever book anything ever.  But I’ve lately felt a sense of peace about putting myself out there again.

Today, the commercial audition was a family affair, as not only Fiddledaddy and I auditioned, but Emme and Cailey got in on the act as well.

(To Be Continued)

Only because this is so stinking long because OH MY, I AM WORDY.  And the bunny trails?  They do meander.

28 Responses to Ready for my close-up

  • AHHHH!!!!! The suspense is killing me!

  • Just can’t wait to hear all about it!!!!….so glad it’s park day tomorrow so I can get the scoop. How fun!!

  • That’s so cool… and one day I can say, “I knew her when she was just a mom blogger!” LOL And, I really think you should give us youtube links to Fiddledaddy’s commercials!

    Be blessed!

  • How exciting! Can’t wait for the rest of the story!

  • Wow! What a cliffhanger. Although it will now drive me insane not knowing your husband’s stage name. Kind of like when your favorite blogger has a “blog name” and you can’t decide if you want to know or if the knowing will ruin the whole effect. Anywho, cool!

  • Wow. I don’t comment often, but I’ve been reading and howling with laughter for years. And being very sad for you and all the physical sna-foo of the last year. Suddenly though, I feel all shy and awkward and excitedly nervous about reading your blog. Silly me. 😛

  • Mums the word. (because I know his name and I’ve seen him in different uhmmm media type things.

    I can’t wait to hear how you all did!

  • LOL! This is great!!! LOVE it! 🙂

    My dh is also a tv personality (locally) and we get so tickled when he gets recognized. Granted, it’s usually the senior-citizen crowd at Burger King that pays the most attention to him…. but still… he makes me proud. 🙂

  • Can I have your autograph? LOL

    Congrats. Hope you get the gig…or whatever you call it. Job?


  • Ummm. I noticed Jensen’s name was not on that list for the audition…:)
    New layers of intrigue on an already thoroughly entertaining blog! We are all anxiously awaiting the next installment!

  • Well now I’m more intrigued than ever!

    I think it’s great that you’re auditioning again, and I can’t wait to hear the rest of the story.

  • Hey, does this mean I can get your family autographs? Puh-leeze?! This is pretty exciting stuff. You do know if you become ultra, mega famous and have to go to the Emmy or Academy awards people are going to be looking at your dress. Right? Just sayin’.

  • How fun! I hope something neat comes from your audition!

    I told my husband that every time I watch a show or a commercial, I’m gonna wonder if that is Fiddledaddy!!! So not fair to dangle that juicy bit of info like that. LOL

    Hugs and happy weekend to ya!

  • OK, at least tell us what we might have seen him in!

  • Good luck!! Wow, what a piece of information to dangle in front of us! I’m so curious now. 🙂

  • Wow! That’s exciting! Can’t wait for the rest of the story.

  • “Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in!”

    Jimmy and I keep getting those “real family” auditions, it’s kind of the “new thing”. And unfortunately, nobody EVER would cast us as a real family! HA! You and Fiddledaddy, however, are picture perfect!

    Break a leg!

    Oh, and forget the dang pantyhose. (yes, I was reading your tweets).

  • Well, that is very interesting… I wait with baited breath for the ” rest of the story”.

  • WOW!! After reading your blog for all these years, it’s still never dull. Really didn’t see that coming! Now my weekend is ruined. RUINED!!

  • You’re killing me here as I’m hanging in wonder. 😉

  • Wow. Just wow. I didn’t see that coming, but that is really kind of cool. At least it sounds really cool, at least much cooler than saying my husband is an electrician at a steel mill. But, I do really enjoy the steady pay check and health benefits…so. I can’t wait to hear how all this progresses for you guys! And chances are if he played an FBI agent, I may have seen him. We are all about those kinds of shows here. I’m currently watching my way through all the seasons of Bones (thanks to Netflix and the stomach bug.)
    Keep us posted.

  • How cool — how unbelievably cool!

    I would be more apt to recognize your hubby from a flatulence commercial — those are my people!!!

  • Sometimes knowing the “rest of the story” lessens the intrique, but I’m giggling watching the tidbits come out and your readers’ reactions and responses. You’ve been so good at keeping references to his occupation nonchalant that this latest post was shocked me at first!
    Feels like I’m watching an episode of “Scarecrow and Mrs. King” (my very favorite 80’s show) on the internet!

  • You tease!!! We never knew, and now that we now, it’s killing us not to know more (speaking for all of your blog readers, here)! Ah well, just don’t go out and break a leg, for goodness sakes. 🙂

    I’m glad you got to go do something exciting and fun, and I hope it pans out for you all!

    And, really… you ARE going to tell us more at some point, right?!?!?

  • THAT IS SO COOL!!! 🙂

    Now I am TOTALLY curious as to who he is. 😉

    Seriously, I hope you all get the parts you auditioned for. 🙂
    Still praying for you. 🙂

  • This is very exciting! Can’t wait for the conclusion.

  • Oh no, this is torture, not telling us – we are women after all! I actually find myself trying to guess, but there is not a chance in heaven I’ll figure it out! We promise we won’t tell – haha I actually thought that fiddledaddy was a computer techie guy 🙂

  • YAY, DeeDee!! This is exciting! Having appreciated Fiddledaddy’s work for years (and yours back in LA), it’s really fun that you’re getting back into harness again, and I can’t imagine you not getting cast in all kinds of things!!