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The Phone Meeting

For the sake of full disclosure, I must tell you that I write this post as I watch the Golden Globes.  I think of all the awards shows, I’m most star struck by the Globes.  And you know, as women, there are those times when in order to get everything done that must get done in a short 24 hour time period, we are blessed that we can multitask.

While muting the commercials.

I had a phoned in doctor’s appointment on Friday.  Not phoned in as I really wasn’t emotionally present, but as in I wasn’t present at all and had an opportunity to conduct the meeting via speaker phone, which I just learned how to use 3 weeks ago.  Because technically?  I am semi-proficient.  Fiddledaddy had to work unexpectedly that day, and he’s not comfortable with me driving the hour or so needed to get to Orlando by myself.

Me?  I’m totally fine with it, because I envision myself flying down the freeway with the radio blaring music from the 70’s and 80’s archives.  Which SOME radio stations now call THE OLDIES.  Which frankly I just find offensive.

Anyhoo.  All in good time.

I talked with my doctor about my progress, as I enter my 5th week of treatment.  He was astounded.  And noticeably surprised.  Considering how long I’ve evidently had Lyme Disease, and how bad my symptoms have been, he did not expect that I would be experiencing this degree of improvement so quickly.  Because even though 4 weeks of treatment does not sound quick, in the world of Lyme Disease, it is just a spit in the bucket.

Because it can take a year or more to tackle not only the disease, but also all of the co-infections.

Our plan is to continue on the treatment course I’m on for 4 more weeks, and then after some more testing, see if IV antibiotics and some other possible treatments are warranted.

And my doctor has asked me to come prepared to tape a short testimonial about how Lyme Disease has affected my life.  I want to also add how treatment and healing are saving my life.

As I told my doctor, I’m a functioning human being now.  Four weeks ago, I was not.  I still have my issues, and I still feel this disease coursing through my body, but the hold is not as strong.  And I am stronger.

A big part of the reason for the testimonial, is my doctor’s deep desire to get the word out about Lyme Disease, and how devastating it can be.  Which is something that the general medical community, insurance companies, and the pharmaceutical monopolies are not will to admit.  For political and financial reasons that I cannot even begin to fathom.

I find it interesting that I have spent years sidestepping most everything controversial in nature on this blog.  Only to find myself right smack dab in the middle of fighting a disease that is embroiled in controversy.  And I’m fighting it OUT LOUD.

Funny how God works.

But I know this.  Because I’ve been so vocal about what I’m dealing with, at least one person that I know has gotten tested and tested POSITIVE for Lyme Disease and is now receiving treatment.

My morning prayers always end with “use me Lord”.  When what I really have the urge to pray is, “Oh Lord, help me keep my mouth shut.”

So here’s to the next 4 weeks of treatment.  “Lyme Disease”, (using my best Inigo Montoya impression) “PREPARE TO DIE.”

Have a fantastic week, everyone!

8 Responses to The Phone Meeting

  • I love how vocal you have been about your struggle with this horrible disease! I had NO IDEA it was so devastating. I am grateful that I am now more aware!!

    BTW~I may have to put off reading your blog until later in the day. I usually read while my husband sits in the recliner next to me, doing his daily quiet time with the Lord. And every time I read your blog, I literally laugh out loud. Then I remember he is trying to converse with our Lord…”Oops, sorry, babe!”

  • I commend you for taking on the battle even as you are fighting the illness.

    My husband and I fight medical wars over his quadriplegia and related issues, and before that his multiple allergies. Fighting for a good immune system is not as easy as some would think. We share information frequently. While some may not think they need it, they would benefit from it. But at least you plant the seed, God fertilizes it and reaps it.

    You remain in my prayers. Be WELL!!!!!

  • Iam so proud of you! You are a voice for so many that do seem to know that they need a voice right now. I’m so glad that God is using you to help others and that you see just how badly a voice is needed for this. Keep up the good work and we all will continue to cheer for you.

  • I am so glad you’re doing so well, and I admire your positive attitude. They say attitude is half the battle, right?

    (And the first time I heard one of my favorite songs from the late ’80s played on the oldies station I thought I might fall into some deep depression.)

  • Good for you for taking the Lyme straight on! And also, a little request. Perhaps I am in a very ignorant minority, but I always thought you got Lyme disease from ticks and am curious as to how/why it has been ignored by the pharmeceutical/medical community–I’m not doubting that it has been, but just wondering why. Maybe some time you could post an answer to this? I mean, really. Concerning the controversy, I say, go big or go home 🙂

  • I am so thrilled at how you are doing! Proud, proud, proud, proud, proud of you for all you are doing.

    You know how utterly proud of you I am. And when I see the Dr next week, Lyme is a big part of the conversation I want to have with him. After that, I plan to order the test kit just in case …

    I do not know if I told you, but all the tests he ran came back negative for anything related to a rheumatoid disease. So, we are back to square one.

    After 16 months in this chair and 3 years battling walking and balance issues, I want answers, darn it.

    And with your strength behind me, I [plan on winning this battle.

  • I love the “oldies” station. And especially the Muzak in the grocery store, which may inspire me to sing out loud, just like my mom used to do.

  • I think we’re twins separated at birth – I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I was listening to the Motor City’s “oldie” station this week. SINCE WHEN IS REO SPEEDWAGON CONSIDERED OLD???? Beach Boys? They are old! REO Speedwagon? Impossible!

    Yesterday’s classic has become today’s old. Sad.

    We’ll be in your neck of the armpit in a few weeks or so – taking a “dream” cruise with Mickey and friends. Can’t. wait.