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Epcot or bust

On Thursday my SIL Trish and I loaded up 6 kids (ages 5 through 11), a wheelchair, two strollers, 3 Cold Food Bags, enough winter wear to outfit the Olympic Ski Team,  a bottle of Advil, and we headed to Epcot.

I’ve never ever attempted to manage my own 3 children at Disney World without the help of Fiddledaddy.  But he was out of town working, and was therefore unable to talk me out of it.

For the last year, the only way I’ve been able to tour Disney World has been from the semi-comfort of a wheelchair, which was always commandeered by my children who are thrill seekers who like nothing more than to plow me into shrubbery or unassuming park patrons.

I brought the wheelchair as an insurance policy.  I’ve been feeling rather spry of late, but I envisioned myself getting as far as World Showcase and my knee giving out somewhere around Mexico.  Close to the Margarita stand.  And well, who could blame me if I ordered a Margarita or 5 to take the edge off of the pain.  The wheelchair would simply ensure that I didn’t have to be draped across Jensen’s stroller to expedite a hasty exit.

And yes, I’m aware that Jensen is nearly 6, and could easily pick the stroller up himself and carry it throughout the park over his head, but a young boy tires easily, and where else would we stow all the food bags and winter wear.  Besides, the stroller has a cup holder.

As it turned out, I had very little need of the wheelchair, and ended up pushing it around myself.  That is, when the children weren’t giving each other thrill rides.

Epcot was uncharacteristically not crowded.  I’m assuming because of the sub-zero temperatures that Florida is experiencing.  So we were able to ride most all of the rides that 6 children between the ages of 5 and 11 could possibly want to experience.  Some of the highlights were Soarin’, Test Track, Sum of All Thrills, and the boat rides in the Land and Mexico.

And no, I did not have a Margarita.  Or a churro.  But I did give the $9 cup of Kahlua and Coffee some lingering glances.

When Fiddledaddy and I take our brood to Disney World, he maps out and color codes our entire visit.  He subscribes to the Touring Plans, so he knows exactly how long the line for each and every ride is.  Trish and I were rather willy nilly when selecting rides and pretty much let our mood swings dictate which direction we would take.  Our husbands would have been certifiably insane before the end of the day had they been with us.

We had a wonderful day, with only one small mishap.  I was pushing Jensen in his stroller.  And since we were heading down a hill, there was very little pushing involved.  My cell phone rang, and knowing it would be my husband, I reached into my purse to answer it.  Letting go of the stroller.

Jensen careened on down the hill, and was stopped by a kindly gentleman before crashing into a concrete wall.

This is why I never answer my phone when driving an automobile.

Jensen turned around and let me have it with the stink eye.

We all returned home generally unscathed.  The children were exhausted and put themselves to bed.  I felt rather empowered and proud of Trish and myself for attempting such a feat.

There is no telling what we’ll try next in an attempt to escape the laundry and general housekeeping duties.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

9 Responses to Epcot or bust

  • Yea DeeDee, can you believe it, no wheelchair! So glad you guys had an unorganized, fun day!

  • What an amazing feat!! The kids, the strollers, the lack of need of a wheelchair!! Wow! Super MOMS!!!!

    (I miss having a stroller to carry all the “stuff”. Now I have to carry it!)

    I love January and February in the parks. We are planning to hit the parks at least once a week till the Spring Breakers descend!

    Why yes, they will be school days. Well, at least Epcot and AK. It’s a little harder to justify MK and Disney Studios as a school day….but I’ll try!!! 😉

    I’m gonna check out Touring Plans. Sounds like my kind of website!!!

  • One of my favorite things about having another baby was the return of the super stroller with three cup holders, a catch-all tray, and basket for stuff.

    Oh, that and the blessed baby himself. Yeah.

  • We were just at Epcot. It was crazy busy!! We had an hour wait for Soarin. Test Track we ended up getting a fast pass. I would be at Epcot at least once a month if I were still in FL. Mmm….Moroccan food.

  • Ahhh, a sweet victory. We enjoy them in our days, too. May God bless you with more and more.

    Color-coded plans???? Impressed!! I know we always headed for our favorite rides first. But sometimes you just have to do it without thinking – letting the child in you take over!!! So glad you all had a fun day!

  • So glad you were able to do it without a wheelchair. But so jealous that it wasn’t busy when you were there. *pout* We subscribe to Touring Plans too. There is just so much info there and the chats are fun too. Wish we were able to go ‘all the time’ like you guys do, but unfortunately we’re a plane ride away. ; (

  • Sounds like the entire day was a winner!! So glad you didn’t need the wheelchair but could use it carry all the stuff! Continue to heel!!

  • I’d have forced you to stop for a margarita 🙂

  • btw: I found the all the people that weren’t at Epcot – they were at the Magic Kingdom!! 😉