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The heart does not stray when love is away

Last year I told you that Jensen was smitten by two identical twin sisters, E and K.  I wanted to let you know that love has not waned.  Jensen has not seen E and K for several weeks because of travel (them) and the sniffles (him).  Over the Christmas holidays, he put his head down on the kitchen table for dramatic effect as he whined, “WHEN AM I EVER GOING TO SEE E AND K AGAIN?”

At every social get together he asks if they will be there, and I’ve had to break his heart and tell him no.  I didn’t have the courage to inform him that he missed seeing them last month when the girl’s A.H.G. Troop serenaded the elderly at a convalescent home.  And that E called out to me as we all boarded our respective vans, “TELL JENSEN THAT I LOVE HIM.”

I was listening to the lunch time banter between my 3 children yesterday.  The subject of marriage came up.  I have no idea why, because I really wasn’t listening until I heard Jensen say, “Well, I’m going to marry E and K.” A sister scoffed and told him that he could only marry one of them.  He thought for a moment, “Well, just one of them wants to marry me, and the other one wants to marry somebody else.  I just don’t remember which one wants to marry me.”

This could be an issue.

Then today, as Jensen and Cailey were debating the merits of being a princess verses a fairy, I caught the following conversation:

Jensen:   “I’m going to marry a princess.”

Cailey:  “I thought you were going to marry E and K.”

Jensen:  (suddenly remembering) “OH, YEAH. I just need to find out which one wants to marry me.”

Wherein the parents of the groom began a discussion of the benefits of waiting until one is much older and has at least lost some baby teeth before tackling the subject of marriage.

And for sure until you can tell your perspective brides apart.

6 Responses to The heart does not stray when love is away

  • or… both families can change religions and he can marry both sisters and have a reality tv show called “The Real Sister Wives” and make a bazillion dollars! LOL!

  • Heeeeeheeeheheeee!

  • Penni’s comment was so funny! My 5yr old is smitten with my 22yr old student worker at the university I work for. He in sooooo in love. He is always asking if she was at work and did I tell her that he loves her and when can he come up to my office to see her. But he also has another love that is in his Kindergarten class. When I ask him which one is his girl friend he tells me both. But then he tells me he is marrying my student worker because she let him kiss her on the check for her birthday. HELP!!

  • Thanks for the giggle!


  • My oldest son has been “married” for at least 2 years now. He is married to Coco…from Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends (a kid cartoon). She is a bird, plant, thing…she lays eggs. Should I be worried?! LOL