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Easier than throwing the table away

We have made a ritual out of eating Vegetarian Sushi every week or so.  And believe me, no one is more surprised than I am.  Growing up on a steady diet of fried steak,  bacon fat, and sweet tea, anyone who knew me would never believe I would enter mid-life as a healthy eater.

And I’m not ashamed to admit that I just had a Smart Choice Chocolate Eclair just because I HAVE CRAMPS THAT WOULD KILL ANY MORTAL MAN.   I am human.

Anyhoo.  On Sushi night, I always have a dilemma as to what China to use.  Since I only have Fiesta Ware, the choice is easy.  However, because the plates are rounded, my bamboo sushi mats will not lay flat.  Even if you turn the plate over.  And hit it with a hammer.

My husband had a brilliant idea during one recent Sushi night.  He covered the entire kitchen table with Reynold’s Freezer Paper.  That way we could roll our Sushi  right on the table.  AND if you put the paper shiny side down and flat side up, the child who sits at the end of the table, is 5 years old, and has a Sushi Phobia, can eat his Morningstar Chicken Nuggets with a side of Jasmine rice, AND COLOR ON THE TABLE.

Thusly ensuring me a mostly peaceful dining experience.

Don’t worry, a good deal more goes into our Sushi than Marie’s

Then after dinner, you can throw the whole mess away.  Or clean it off as best you can, and let all the offspring display their artistic abilities the next day during breakfast.

The only problem that we’ve encountered is that my 9 year old, the child who cannot bear to part with ANYTHING, has deemed all her artwork worthy keeping and can be found with scissors in hand cutting out any and all artwork before the table covering can be dismantled and thrown away.

This slows things down if I’m, say, in a hurry to get the next meal on the table.

Freezer paper, the poor man’s tablecloth.  You won’t see it in any issue of Martha Stewart. But still, it’s a good thing.

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11 Responses to Easier than throwing the table away

  • Great idea, cleaver and easy to toss (I mean save for the money that you will get when you sell the abstract art)

  • I love it!!!!!! I am on a mission to find some of that, I’ve never seen it for sale. My girls would have the same attitude as your eldest, but so much fun!

  • Awesome idea. Here is another…take photos of the art work that is in need of saving, then it can be viewed on the computer, instead of being cut out! Have a great day.

  • Oh my goodness, I love sushi. What do you put in yours?

    • Hannah,
      I put Miso, Jasmine Rice, Cucumber, Bean Sprouts, Carrots, Avocado, and a wee bit of Marie’s Ranch Dressing in my Sushi. 🙂 And I dip it in Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, which I use in place of Soy Sauce. (It tastes exactly the same.)

  • Great idea…you brought me back to my preschool teaching days! Another more cost effective way of doing that by the way is to get a roll of butcher paper, or you can get end of rolls from your local newspaper too. Just go down to their office and ask. If they don’t give it to you they will give you a heck of a deal!

  • Brilliant! Heck, they do it at Macaroni Grill. Why not your own house? Only I know we’d have the same problem of needing to save every precious bit of coloring we do. Piles of paper. All over the house. I’m afraid to light candles or the whole thing will go.

  • Have you posted the Vegetarian Sushi recipes and I missed them? I’m interested! Can you provide a link?

  • LOVE IT! I’m gonna have to try that one night. Maybe when I make homemade enchilladas. They take a bit longer and while they are waiting they can draw to their hearts content! Thanks!!

  • I tell you – your 9 year old and my 9 year old are twins separated at birth. Her room and closet make me twitch.

  • what a GREAT idea! I would NEVER have thought of this!!!