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What goes up, must come down eventually

I have been dragging my feet about taking the Christmas decorations down.  It’s not that I’m all that broken up about the Christmas season ending, it’s just all the drama, rubber maid totes, and aspirin that I will be consuming during the clean up was more than I wanted to handle.

This year, we had the bright idea to put up a SECOND Christmas tree in the girls’ room.  The room which is the size of a horse stall, and home to a bunk bed, a chest of drawers, a mirrored cabinet, bookshelf, and small cupboard.  And two very tall children, one of which inherited the slob gene.

I am not saying from whom.  But it’s not me.

The addition of the Christmas tree to their room simply gave the sloppier of the two children extra hiding places to stash soiled laundry and 27 hair bands.  And in her defense, I will tell you that this particular child did take the tree down herself, and store the ornaments away.

And by store the ornaments away, I mean she set the ornament crate across the room, and lobbed ornaments into the box, scoring 2 points each time she made it.  And it should be known that she did inherit my INABILITY to throw.

Over the weekend, I took a stand that we needed to take the decorations down before Valentines Day loomed on the calendar.  And then I made myself scarce.  On Saturday I made my maiden shopping voyage to WalMart.  ALONE.  In near tears after returning home, I told Fiddledaddy that I could not even remember the last time I was able to do a large grocery shopping trip ALONE.  I think it has been nearly a year.  And I did wear my leg brace, in case my knee should give way in the diary aisle.  But alas I did just fine.  I’m pretty sure that Fiddledaddy shed a tear of happiness as well, as he turned the grocery shopping reins back over to me.

By Saturday night I was exhausted from All The Shopping, so I stood staring at the elaborate Christmas village that I erect each year.  I decided that it wouldn’t hurt to leave it up year round.  I could simply add a little greenery in the Spring, and perhaps a pool and requisite alligator in the Summer months. 

On Sunday I procrastinated a bit more by plopping myself down in my beach chair in the back yard among the dead leaves.  To soak in a little Vitamin D and listen to some tunes on my iPod so as to drown out the sounds of my extraordinarily loud offspring.  I did keep a wary eye on the wild life about me, since it is well documented that the backyard vermin are all out to get me.  And to my friends up north, I promise I’m not bragging.  We’ve had a little warm weather here in Equator, Florida.

I give you permission to throw it back in my face come August when I’m whining that it’s 145 degrees, and my Crocs have melted onto my feet.

Anyhoo, so I’m in the backyard listening to my music, and between songs I hear the back sliding door open and the unmistakeable sounds of children stampeding outdoors.  More children than I gave birth to.  And it occurs to me that I’m sitting in my beach chair clad only in my short shorts and sports bra.

We have the group therapy plan for our children, and I’m sure it can be stretched to encompass the cousins as well.

Finally I decided it was time to get busy and take all the decorations down, wrap them gingerly in the bubble wrap that I had to slap out of my bubble wrap popping son’s hands, and stow them all away.

And btw, I do none of the stowing.  Fiddledaddy has to shove the boxes up in the attic while climbing a very precarious pull-down ladder.  But he did ask me to stand behind him to break his fall should he lose his balance.

Wearily, I sit now soaking in my nice clean, Christmas clutter-free home.  I think we’re making progress because this year we did not have to sedate Cailey before the decorations could be dismantled.

But honestly, it seemed this year like I just got them up before I had to take them all down.  I may go the chain store route next year, and begin decorating after Halloween.  That way I’ll be ALL TOO HAPPY to see everything go immediately after Christmas.

Happy Monday, everyone!

11 Responses to What goes up, must come down eventually

  • You do not know how much this made me happy. In so many ways.

    That is all.

  • So happy you’re getting back to normal. Little things like grocery shopping alone are things we take for granted. Thanks for reminding us with your special kind of humor.


  • I really hate to take the tree down this year. It is so pretty and we got it up only a week before Christmas. It isn’t until all the hustle and bustle are over that I can really enjoy it. Now that we have celebrated Jesus’ baptism this past Sunday, Christmas is officially over and I’m sad. Mostly because it means work has to begin. 🙁

    Happy New Year and I’m so glad you are doing better!

  • We didn’t get all of our decorating done until a few days before Christmas, but I woke up on New Year’s Eve day needing it to be put away before the new year. Took about six hours working away on my own, with three of my grandsons (who were here for the week) helping me at the end by removing the ornaments from the tree while I wrapped and packed. I love that feeling of a “nice clean, Christmas clutter-free home”!

  • I love popping in to “read you” and seeing all this terrific news! Seeing answered prayers in black and white is amazing!!!

    The grocery store thing – WOW!!!! I’m speechless! That’s HUGE!!! 🙂

    The tree, well….mine’s still up. Partly lazy and partly I’ve grown fond of the lights. After the kids go to bed and all the other lights are out the tree is so pretty with it’s gentle twinkle. I should probably take the ornaments off and do what I always have threatened to do….put hearts on the tree and set the lights to only show the red! 😉

    Taking bets on how long hubby will leave the tree in the house! hahahahahaha

  • so happy to hear your grocery-shopping expedition was so very successful!

  • Taking down decorations actually wasn’t that horrible for me this year. My brother came over dinner, and I had the brilliant idea that “since he’s tall,” he could help my husband take down the tree and get the Christmas decorations packed away. I happily stowed away the little decorations and let the men do the dirty work. It was great. 😀

  • You’re my personal hero for shopping at WalMart without having to be heavily medicated. Or tipsy. Either way, I’m glad you’re back to shopping and doing other things that make you feel like you’re your old self again. Hooray! As for our Christmas decorations, that went up five days before Christmas, I’m still staring at a tree stripped only to its lights. David hasn’t had time to dismantle it. Sigh. We did get about 5 inches of snow here in Memphis last night, so I’m pretending it’s Christmas all over again and that we’re having a white one. Whatever gets you through, right?

  • So glad you got to shop without kids! You can now watch the other moms struggle with there kids and make comments under your breath about there skills! Enjoy, it will not last long.

  • Actually I just heard for the first time this year that you really don’t need to take down your tree until epiphany (I checked to make sure I spelled that correctly) which was on the 6th so you’re really not that late.
    Glad you could take over the grocery shopping again. It’s the little things isn’t it!

  • As of today, I have managed to take down most of the decorations (2 trees) and various and a sundry Christmas items. The boxes are setting in my dining room right now. I am demanding that my children shlep them to the attic.
    I’ve decided that I will leave my snowman collection up for another 3 months at least. It works. And I don’t feel like moving it.
    Glad you had a successful trip to Wmart. It’s the little things in life, right?