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A rough start to a new year

As you may well imagine, since I thought fit to re-publish my favorite vomit story of 2010 last week (which didn’t even involve my own children), we were visited by the Bubonic Plague in the languishing hours that marked the end of the year.

Jensen was the first to succumb.  His treachery was marked by a sore throat, snuffly sinuses, and the subsequent vomit-fest that comes from refusing to blow your nose and allowing All The Phlegm to congregate in your tummy.

He was a pitiful site all day, refusing to change out of his Mario pajamas.  But he was comforted by the fact that Cailey became his Florence Nightingale, dutifully fetching his every wish and whim.  My favorite parenting moment came when I caught sight of Jensen laying on the couch, his head in Cailey’s lap, as she gently stroked his hair.

I wanted to bottle that moment up.  Only to haul it out again when the two of them would eventually be going at it like a feral cat and rabid dog.

And like a domino, Cailey and Emme fell ill on New Years day.  High fevers were the norm, along with an inordinate amount of body fluid.  Which as you may recall, I don’t handle well.  Fiddledaddy will attest to this fact, as I would mysteriously disappear whenever the retching would commence.  Except on one occasion when he was dispensed in bathroom A with one child, and I had no choice but to attend to another child in bathroom B.  I emerged with tears running down my pale face.  “You were gagging, weren’t you?” He’s astute, I’ll give him that one.

I will say that for nearly two days, all sibling bickering came to a halt.  So there was peace in my valley.  Well.  Save for the retching.

By Sunday night, most of the fevers had broken, and the usual insults and teasing had resumed.  That’s when I knew that everyone was going to live.

I managed to bypass this particular mystery illness I believe because I am amped up on all manner of antibiotics, thanks to the Lyme Disease treatment.  And so far, Fiddledaddy has remained unscathed, mostly due to stubbornness.

It is a rocky start to 2011, but as far as I can tell, we can only go up from here.

8 Responses to A rough start to a new year

  • I remember a virus when my kids were little and we had only one bathroom. I had four kids at one time standing around the toilet taking turns puking. It gets better when they’re teenagers and don’t want you to stand there and watch them retch.

  • I’m not even going to tell you what two different friends of mine were doing on New Year’s Eve. Be glad you only have children and not dogs. And they seemed to have had the need to share on facebook. Why oh why????

  • Did they drop germs from the sky???

    We ended/started the year with horrible colds! It continues to linger and refuses to be tamed!

    Only “good” thing – I was the first to get it so I’m in the “cough up my lung” phase as hubby falls to the germs! It’s NOT GOOD for both of us to be sick at the same time! Seriously!!! 😉

    Hope your home is Lysol fresh very soon!! 🙂

  • Oh wow. It seems the new year kicked off with plenty of drama! Hopefully it’s enough to last for a while. 🙂

  • I have a confession…I can handle it when the kids get sick and vomitting commences at my house, Guess it’s the mothering thing that kicks in and says “THIS HAS TO BE TAKEN CARE OF, DEAL WITH IT!” But when Hubs or even worse, the dog start with the retching I run, run to the other bathroom to start gagging. Go figure. Glad everyone is feeling better and even more important it skipped you!

  • WOW good thing you didn’t get any of the germs! Now to clean out your house, open the windows and let all the bad karma germs go visit your neighbors for a time.

  • I’m with you on not handling the vomit well. I teach 2nd grade, so there’s always the threat of someone getting sick, usually after muttering “My stomach feels funny—-RETCH!” In the middle of an evaluation one year one of my students got sick right there in front of me while my principal looked on. I had to suppress the gag reflex, but my eyes watered and I thought I was going to die right there. Another student told the principal, “Mrs. R is so upset about Katherine that she’s crying.” Bless him.

    And bless you for having to muddle through the plague.

  • Does Christmas and the holidays automatically come with the plague at your house? Does Santa deliver it under the tree? Wow….you poor things. Two years in a row…yuck. Sending prayers your way that you can dodge the plague this time.