Two Winners and a confession

I have my 2 winners of the $100 gift cards from the two last giveaways of 2010!

The winner of the $100 Visa gift card, from the Welch’s Share Your Story campaign was #97, Shel.  You all put me to shame with all of your wonderful tales of Christmas family traditions!  The tradition that came up most often was the giving of brand new pajamas on Christmas Eve.  Which is absolutely brilliant, because I cannot tell you how often I have had Christmas morning remorse when I see old photos of us in tattered, mismatched, stained, and too small p.j.s.

The winner of the $100 MasterCard gift, from the MasterCard Marketplace campaign was #149, McMama!  The prompt that I used for that post asked you all to name your favorite online shopping stores.  You’ve given me more than a few ideas to use this next year as I vow to do all my gift shopping this year from the comfort of my computer!

Happy New Year everyone.  And raise your hand high if your Christmas decorations are still up!  I’m raising both hands, because I can! And yes, I’ve regained even more use of my left arm, as I am now able to shave BOTH underpits. And it should be known that my New Years Resolution is to develop an internal filter so as to avoid All of The Inappropriate this year.  I’ve already failed.

7 Responses to Two Winners and a confession

  • Happy New Year to you as well. Our decorations come down today!! I can’t wait, as much as I love seeing them all and putting it all up, I really want it all back in the attic now! Hopefully today it will all go away. So happy that you can raise you hands and shave your armpits, I was really worried about that!

  • Hurray for shaved armpits!!

    Happy New Year!

  • Congrats on the shaved pits! There’s nothing like a victory to start off the New Year!

  • you just go ahead and break that resolution!!! i have had many good laughs at your “inappropriate” posts in the past and i look forward to many more in 2011 and beyond! :o)

    ps. i’m praising God with you for your healing!

    -mom of 4 boys in Ohio

  • I’m looking forward to a great new year of hilarity and recovery for you!

  • Hand raised high. I am getting anything with the words ‘Merry Christmas’ down today. But I feel a real need to dwell with and quietly adore the Baby Jesus a bit longer. I’m leaving my nativities (I have Baby Jesus in every room, every nook and cranny has some version of the Babe) up another week or so. Same with the greenery. Changing candle colors to ivory from red. Just not ready to let go of that visual focus and reminder. Glad you are feeling better every day!

  • Woo Hoo for you being able to raise your arms!! That’s awesome. What a fantastic Christmas present. Now go shave those pits!!