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A Little P.R.

And by P.R., I’m talking PRAISE REPORT.  Which is a Christian-ese type slogan that I don’t usually toss about, because I think it can be over-used, or used too lightly, or perhaps misused.  And I’m guilty of all three.  So I use it only when I can think of no other words to describe what I want to convey.

Kind of like now.

I am entering my 3rd week of treatment for Lyme Disease.  In this last week, I have made more progress than I thought possible in this relatively short amount of time.  Because when you’re treating late stage Lyme Disease, progress may not be seen for months.

On Christmas Day, I was able to go to our family celebration unaided by a wheelchair, leg brace, or crutches.  And I felt pretty darn good.  And since I did not take a pain killer, for the first time in many months, I could not credit the Tramadol for my mood.  (And not even the Rum Ball or two that I scavenged.)

On Sunday, I attended church, walking in on my own volition.  And for the first time in many many months, I was able to lift both arms in praise during worship.

Two weeks ago, I had very little use of my left arm.  I could not lift a fork to my mouth, or put my hair into a pony tail.  Try that with one hand.

I think what has struck me more than anything, is that for the last 3 mornings, I have woken up, and not been in excruciating pain.  Mornings have been the most difficult time for me, as I wake up so stiff that I am unable to move a muscle for a good 10 minutes.

I’m in near tears as I type this, because I’ve been wanting to tell you all about this all weekend, but was afraid that it might have been a one day anomaly.  But my progress this last week has been slow and steady.

I have taken you all on this odd medical journey with me for the last year.  Whether you wanted to come or not.  I have received so much support and encouragement from this blogging community.  I don’t know how I would have gotten to this place without an outlet for all of my fear and frustration.

And I do know how so many of you have lifted me up in prayer over the last year.  There is so much that God has taught me, and is continuing to show me as I have traveled this path.  And I’m certain He’s not through with me yet.  I still have a long way to go.

But I am so grateful for the healing that I’m already experiencing.

And so, like a child with news that is bubbling up within me, to the point that I just might explode if I don’t share it, I wanted to begin the week with this report.  A true report of praise.

I do believe this is an excellent way to begin the New Year!

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