The War Within

One of the more interesting things that happens to me whenever I visit my Acupuncturist, besides converting me into a human pin cushion, is that she is able to feel my pulse, and know what is going on with my health.  She’s been spot on about a number of things.  During my first visit, she asked me if I’d ever had Mono before.  I said no.  She seemed surprised.  Then the next day I got some blood results back, and they stated that I have been affected by Mono at some point in my life.


Last week, as she was feeling my pulse points, she said that my body was in a state of chaos.  No surprise there.  I’m now established on 3 different antibiotics, plus a myriad of other supplements and herbs to help balance everything out, and support my immune system.  In all, I’m taking about 60 pills a day, spread out into 4 fun-filled pill taking sessions.  No small feat, for a girl who detests taking pills.  Always have.  I’d like to report that my gag reflex is fully functional.

I started my treatment for Lyme Disease almost 2 weeks ago.  I have noticed improvement, in that I have more use of my left arm.  Which is a huge blessing.  But I have also been on a bit of a body temperature roller coaster.  One minute I’m freezing to the point of goose bumps, and then the next minute I’m having a hot flash.

On Saturday, because of a power outage, we decided to have brunch at Bob Evan’s.  Not that we need an excuse to hit Bob Evans on a drizzly cold Saturday morning.  I was freezing prior to leaving the house, so I dressed in layers.  But once we were seated, the hot flash began.  So I began peeling off layers of clothing.  Much to my children’s horror.  Because they realized that underneath the sweatshirt, I was wearing my sturdy-but-2-sizes-too-big white tank top.  With my black sports bra.  DON’T DO IT MOM!

That’s one way to get faster service.  And as a bonus, your children will fan you with their menus.  Just so you leave the sweatshirt in place.  There is method in my madness.

I’ve also discovered that I’m sensitive to smoke inhalation.  I’m still using the Moxa Roll on my affected and inflamed joints.  If you’ll recall, the Moxa Roll is the cigar-like stick that I light on fire, and hold close to my skin in the affected areas.  And the smoke it emits smells like a week old bong.  (This is just a guess, btw.)

Anyhoo.  It’s been very chilly here, considering this is Equator, Florida.  Usually I am banished to the back porch to light up my Moxa Roll.  But one night Fiddledaddy took pity on me and established my nightly ritual in my bathroom.  Wherein he turned on the exhaust fan, and closed the door.

Just before I lost consciousness, Fiddledaddy came to check on me.

I was relocated to the back porch once again.  It took a week to get the smell out of the house.

Tonight I braved the sub-freezing temperatures on the back porch to have my Moxa Roll therapy.  I was armed with a space heater, a sweatshirt, flannel coat, and blanket throw.  I tried to expose only those areas that had to be uncovered for the Moxa Roll to do its job.  When the smoke became a little thicker than usual, I noticed that I was surrounded by a good deal of highly flammable polyester, and I may have been getting a little to close to it.

Fiddledaddy offered to pull the hose to the back porch.  Just in case.  Now I’m left with a case of nausea from all the smoke that only a Christmas Cookie will cure.

And that’s my story, which I’m sticking to.

Happy Monday, everyone!  Is anyone else freaking out that Christmas is this Saturday????

***Post Script:  I apologize, comments were inadvertently closed on this post as well as my $100 Visa Giftcard giveaway on the Welch’s Share Your Story post.  Everything is fixed now, and you can still enter the giveaway, which closes on 12/31!

6 Responses to The War Within

  • Oh, is it this Saturday? Yikes. 🙂
    Taking the laid back approach this year; planning on doing the big dinner at the breakfast table instead of the formal dining room. Anarchy may ensue. May need the tshirt/sports bra trick to shift their attention away from table locations…

  • I was reading pieces of this to my husband, and laughing about the maxi roll. He had one this past year at the acupuncturist and was afraid what would happen if he got pulled over. The smell is very strong.

  • If it wasn’t for the kid factor of bouncing off the walls I would still think it’s November.

  • I’m absolutely amazed Christmas is Saturday. Just got the tree yesterday, still have not decorated the very messy house. Trying to work at my part-time job at home, and still figure out what to get the kids, let alone buy it. Hubby and I finally exchanged Christmas lists today. Have not yet mailed gifts and still have not taken this year’s Christmas picture to be made into cards and mailed. But we have tons of cookies I have baked that we give as gifts. Maybe that is why I have nothing done. Now one kid is sick and hubby has to work on Christmas starting at 10am 🙁 So Christmas dinner will be on the Eve. One less day to get ready. And I’m on the computer! Better go.

    Glad you are feeling a little better. I’m interested in why the acupuncturist suspected you had had mono. What made her think that?

  • Completely freaking out as we work straight up to Christmas Eve. The school district was kind enough to give us 2 weeks off AFTER Christmas. So much for planning. Christmas is coming late here this year 😉

  • Girl. Just checking over here to completely copy you on the completely confusing MasterCard post (were you scratching your head like I was? Maybe because it’s midnight and I just got home from a Christmas party where poinsettias might have been consumed. And I don’t mean the plant.) (Anyway.) (Thanks for letting me cheat off you.)

    So, I wanted to say, man, sorry about the Lyme disease thing – I have also been in the “what the freak is WRONG with ME” stage for a while so I am glad you got a real live diagnosis, but I also know how disconcerting it can be. Praying this is the answer you’ve been looking for.