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I didn’t mean to alarm anyone.  I received a couple of e-mails checking on my whereabouts and if I was face-down on the carpet.  Typically I write a post at night, and set it to publish at midnight for the next day.  On Wednesday night I sat down to watch “Crazy Heart”.  I had put it on hold at the library MONTHS ago, and was something like 147 on the waiting list.  Well.  My number finally came up and I figured I had better watch it, now or never.

After it was mercifully over, I was emotionally spent.  The truth is, I didn’t much care for it.  I thought Jeff Bridges did a fabulous job, but I thought it was painfully slow, and, well, DEPRESSING.  Which surprises even me, because I’m usually a sucker for a down-on-his-luck country-western-singer meets-girl and changes his ways kind of story.  Confession:  I LOVED the one that George Strait made a hundred years ago.  But then, there were no graphic vomit scenarios.

Maybe that was my issue.  I’ve had enough graphic vomit scenarios as a mother to last me a lifetime.

Anyhoo.  My mind was mashed potatoes after that little romantic comedy.  Or whatever.

Thursday was Fiddledaddy’s birthday, and we celebrated by going to Epcot to see the Christmas lights.  We had a terrific time and ate at our favorite Moroccan Restaurant (using our earned Disney Dollars from Visa).

There were no incidents, I felt I should report that.  I know.  No one is more surprised than me.  Even with a wheelchair involved, and my children at the steering wheel, at no time was I sprawled out on the pavement by a popular attraction.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to.  I’m looking forward to a beautiful day at the park, with some of my favorite homeschooling compadres.  And there may be Christmas Cookies involved.  Oh, and Fiddledaddy has the Prius today, leaving me with the new van, (INSERT MANIACAL LAUGHTER)!!!

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

8 Responses to AWOL

  • OK then! As long as you are OK and all is well, all is bright. Have a good weekend too.

  • I knew it!!! New Van = Disney!!! 😉

    Good choice, Epcot is beautiful at Christmas.

    Happy Birthday Fiddledaddy!

  • Glad you are well! That Moroccan restaurant is a fave in our family too. Happy bday to Fiddledaddy!

  • Jealous!!! So glad you’re out having fun in the new fam-van! Hope you can break her in…minus any puke! 🙂

  • Congrats on the new van. Happy Holidays sweet friend.

    We’re in Atlanta visiting one of our sons and his family. I’m having so much fun with the grandchildren. I snuck away for a little blog break 🙂


  • Wow. Fiddledaddy and I share a birthday week. Mine was on Wednesday. Glad you had fun this week!
    I’m most jealous of your ability to be outside for more than the time it takes to walk to your vehicle from the door of the grocery store. I hate winter in Northwest Indiana!

    • Lisa,

      I remember what that is like! I grew up mostly in Cincinnati, and we had a little farm in Lawrenceburg, Indiana. I loved the snow, but my dad reminds me that I never had to shovel it or drive in it. 🙂

  • Ah, yes. The puke monster. We actually have video of our son playing on the floor when he was a baby, puking and simply moving to a clean spot to play. We had to replace the carpet when he was 5. He actually used to throw up if he got to laughing too hard. Thankfully he outgrew that around 12 or so.

    We went to The Magic Kingdom last year a few days before Christmas. They had a beautiful light show where they lit up the castle all different colors and it snowed. Fake of course, but still fun. Did they do snow at Epcot or did you leave too early?

    Merry Christmas to the Fiddle family!