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Weekend Update

•  I sat down to write my “Journey Through Lyme Disease” page, and nodded off on the keyboard.  My nose landed on J.  Honestly, it was epic.  I thoroughly bored myself.  Brevity has never been my gift, so I’m going to take another stab at it this week, possibly in bullet points.  I have a hard time meandering down bunny trails when I have bullet points.

•  My first week of treatment is going very well, I think.  I’m tolerating the antibiotics well, and have regained more use of my left arm.  I was actually able to wash my hair WITH BOTH HANDS over the weekend.  Seriously, have you ever tried to wash your hair with one hand?  And I don’t even want to talk about how I was able to shave my arm pits.  Driving is no longer an issue.  For that I am eternally grateful.

•  On Sunday, while I was home with Jensen alone, he asked me how mommies get pregnant.  Um, first God blessed me with…OH LOOK, THE WII, GOSH, YOU HAVEN’T PLAYED THAT ALL DAY!  Disaster temporarily averted.  I’m not mentally or emotionally prepared for that.  Next time I’ll be better prepared.  ASK YOUR FATHER.

•  We began car shopping in earnest.  On Saturday, we looked at 2 used Toyota Siennas.  The first one we would only buy if we wanted to die of second hand smoke inhalation.  Honestly, that smell just doesn’t come out of a car.  The 2nd van we looked at smelled of wet dog.  I couldn’t get off of that lot fast enough.  The sniff test, it is every bit as important as kicking the tires.

Then a funny thing happened.  We turned our attention back to a used Honda Odyssey again.  I KNOW.  You just have to get in, sit down, and hang on with this family.  It’s a roller coaster ride.  We discovered that the Toyota Siennas do not have as much head room as the Odyssey.  My husband is tall, and I gave birth to children that are destined to be of an industrial height.  

So on Sunday, we looked at a couple of Odysseys.  I FELL IN LOVE WITH ONE.  It had leather seats, 3 seats in the second row, etc.  But we could not agree on a fair price with the dealer.  So, we walked.

But really, something has to give soon because I don’t know how much longer we can travel around in my husband’s Prius with my 3 industrial sized children smashed into the back.  The sounds of MOMMY, SHE TOUCHED ME.  MOVE OVER. OW!  OW!  HE ELBOWED ME, MOMMY.  STOP LOOKING AT ME!

By the end of a 20 minute drive, Fiddledaddy was begging me to share my meds.  NOT A CHANCE.  Next trip I’m bringing the duct tape.  And ear plugs for me.  Just kidding.  I won’t need the ear plugs if I have duct tape…

•  I finally started my Christmas shopping for the kids.  ALL ONLINE!  A truly enjoyable experience.  Emme created a chart for each of us to write down our “I Wish List”.  My list includes pink flannel pajamas, a Honda Odyssey, and an iPad.  Oh, and some new sports bras.  I don’t think that’s asking for too much.  I’ve been a very good girl this year.

Happy Monday everyone!

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8 Responses to Weekend Update

  • I am so glad that you are doing better and washing your hair with both hands! I so understand about having the need for head room. Many years ago we were house hunting and the poor woman was working hard to find us a house where hubby could stand up in the basement and attic. See he’s 6’3″ but many basements top out at 6′ and some were 5′! And as for attics, those too are short around here! Good luck.

  • Happy Monday right back at you!

  • so glad to hear about your progress! happy shampooing 🙂
    I have an old Volvo S70 and a 14 yr old that is 6’4 and 1/2 if he sits up straight in the front seat I have to open the interior headliner portion of the sunroof, ha ha . totally understand.

  • I’m so glad you’re beginning the recovery process! AND that you can wash your hair… My hair is long, and I’ve had to wash it one-handed on a few occasions when I’ve cut my hand (I’m REALLY careful around kitchen knives). I have a new appreciation for thoroughly clean hair.

  • We went to a concert Friday night, and after getting home at 12:30 at night, I spent the entire rest of the weekend in my house in my pajamas. Now that the blizzard of 2010 has hit our town, we’re off of school today (holla!!) and I’m STILL in pajamas. I own as many pajama pants as I do regular outfits 😉 Hope your week is sunny!

  • I did my shopping for my little guy all online this year! I have always poo-pood people who doing Christmas shopping online but this year I just couldn’t handle looking ALL OVER DFW for ONE particular lego set…so I got that ONE online and just kept going!! Glad to hear the meds are kicking in and you are able to do some of the most basic things again for yourself!!

  • I’ve heard one-handed-hair-washing is soon to be an Olympic sport. You really should try out for a spot on the U.S. team.

    You know, my Momma-mobile is a Chevy Venture. Lots of head room and seats 8. Just sayin’

  • I feel ya on making trips with everyone smushed in. Picture a truck – extended cab with 2 teens and a tween stuffed in the back. It’s not pretty.
    I found a van I want but it’s the whole price thing a month that we can’t swing. They want to make the payments too high with all the interest. Hard times + bad credit = trying to get a van turns into taking a loan out with the Mob – who has Vinnie on standby to bust our knuckles.