Smile and say cheese

My appointment with my doctor could not have gone better this morning.  We discussed all of my options, then settled on a course of treatment that we both were comfortable with, all while I sat in his office clutching a hot Cafe Mocha from Whole Foods Market.  That was perhaps the first Cafe Mocha I’ve had in 6 months or so.

It was everything I’d hoped it would be.

I left armed with 4 prescriptions, 3 of which were for antibiotics, and one for Nystatin.  I came home and printed up a blank calendar, and charted when I have to take what, and how much, and OH MY WORD, I’m glad I excelled in math.

Instead of bombarding my system with heavy doses of antibiotics, I will be easing into them slowly, in increments of three days.  I will gradually increase until I have achieved the full dose.  The idea behind easing into the increased dose, is that I will likely feel the affects of the Lyme die-off, this is called the Herxheimer Reaction, as my body detoxes.

This is the “you will feel worse before you feel better” scenario.  And it’s a good thing.  

The plan is to stay on the oral antibiotics for about a month, to see how my body tolerates treatment.  Then likely I will be ready for intravenous antibiotics.  My doctor thinks that I might feel pretty rotten for about 3 weeks, but then by the 4th week, I’ll notice improvement.  And I have specific herbs that will help me with the side affects.

I’m not at all afraid.  I was just so excited to get started with the treatment.  I feel like I’m finally moving forward.

Yesterday I took my girls to the dentist for our semi-annual teeth cleaning.  My hygienist looked at my crutches and knee brace and asked me what was happening with me medically.  I gave her the condensed version.  Then, thankfully, she told me that I needed to wait until I see my doctor prior to a cleaning.  And then she explained.

When you have your teeth cleaned, all whole lot of bacteria is released into your system.  And if you are having immune problems of any kind, that bacteria will settle into any weakened areas of your body.  And believe me, when they clean my teeth, a whole bunch of bacteria is loosed into my innermost being.  From experience, and the use of the dental jackhammer to loosen the unsightly plaque, she knew that it would be best to wait.

I had not even thought about that being an issue.  I’m glad she was vigilant and checked into my medical history. I discussed it with my doctor today, and he said that I would be good to go in about 2 weeks, as I’ll be nicely saturated with antibiotics.

Jackhammer away.  My girls emerged from their cleaning all smiles, and no cavities.  I’m almost afraid to say this out loud, but (lowers voice to a whisper) I’ve never had a cavity.  In my life.

I KNOW!  It’s not that I take such great care of my teeth.  It has to be my mother’s genes.  She didn’t get a cavity until later in life.  And since we were both raised on iced tea so sweet that the spoon stood straight up in the glass, I would say it’s more of a dental miracle that I haven’t experienced the dreaded filling.

And btw, I’ve given up the iced tea, and the only sweeteners that I rely on are Stevia and Agave Nectar.

My spirits are good, and I feel that I’m off to a good start.  Thank you to all of my cheerleaders and prayer warriors!  I’m going to beat this thing.

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  • Oh I want to cry happy tears reading this post! I know what a long tedious physically and mentally exhausting journey this has been for you! It is either that or the fact that I am up with a sick child with 102.5 fever at dark thirty here, and I came online to read some of your archives about your super cool cheap linoleum, and your adorable kids and their fun stories. 🙂 But either way I am looking forward to reading about you finally feeling better! You are an amazingly strong person to put up with all this and still keep your faith. hugs to you my bloggy friend and hope you feel better soon!

  • Given up sweet tea? Horrors! I am a true southern girl who loves her sweet tea. I only have it with dinner but I can’t imagine totally giving it up.

    On another note, did your doctor mention the possibility of c.diff with all of the antibiotics you are on? Our local newspaper ran a series on it and it is truly horrible if you get it. They suggested probiotics such as Activia if you have to be on prolonged antibiotics. It helps keep the good stuff in your colon alive. Your doctor could probably advise you if he hasn’t already. I hope your treatment has you back to your old physical self soon!

  • I am so happy for you that you are able to start your treatment and move forward!!! You have certainly been very strong during this whole “ordeal”! I believe that sometimes when bad things happen to a person it is not because God is not caring, it is because He needs you to show others how to handle oneself during times of struggle! I am sure your family is very proud of you. Stay strong and keep your faith. Merry Christmas to you all.

  • The worse before you get better thing is tough, but your perspective will keep things in check. You will be able to remember that the light at the end of the tunnel is really there, not a mirage. Keep a flashlight handy for the dark days and march on. You do not go alone.

  • Praying…….

  • Yay! So hoping you get past the feel worse part quickly so you can move on to the feel better part! : )

  • Way to go, hygienist! I’m so glad she mentioned that. (I’m knee-deep in dental info all day, because I manage a dental blog backed by a discount dental plan.) That could’ve caused serious issues. Anyway, your teeth will be clean and sparkly in just two weeks!
    I keep up with your blog every day, and it made me so happy to see a post about dentistry. 😀

  • I can hear (read? ) your hope! So thankful you have reason to smile, even if your teeth aren’t clean!

  • I always wondered why the dentist needed all the medical history info on their paperwork. Now it makes sense. Glad yours was on the ball!

  • WooHoo Good news and good health on the horizon! so happy for you all!!!

  • Can you see me doing a happy dance for you? I hope your eyes are not bleeding from the sight! Great news!
    Our children both have had heart issues when they were younger and to this day, (both now in there 30’s) they still have to go on antibiotics before they get dential work done. Better safe than sorry!

  • Thanks for the update! Fantastic! Keep your eyes on the final destination and you will make it! I have learned so much from you whole experience and the way you have shared it… God Bless You!

  • This is such great news, DeeDee! It’s an answer to prayer that you have an answer, and a treatment. Hang in there – the train is leaving the station and the destination is a healthy you! xo

  • Amen to great news! Good luck on the starting the antibotics. Praying the work and also praying that you don’t feel worse before you get better. Glad you have such high spirits. I’m sure the positive attitude is helping! =)

  • You need to give yourself a mocha chaser each day after your antibiotics. You deserve it after going through all of this.

  • My tea (Arnold Palmer actually) is sweetened with stevia too. Which kind do you use? I tried the agave and didn’t like it.
    So glad you have some answers and are on your way to recovery.

    • Lisa,
      I was a hard core Splenda user, and it was HARD to give it up. I’ve tried lots of different brands and type of Stevia, but my favorite is Stevia Glycerite by Now. It comes in a bottle with a dropper. I use it in my coffee and my Chinese Herbal Tea. Gosh, when did I become so granola? 🙂

  • Yay, DeeDee! SO glad to hear this! We will continue to pray for you.

  • You go, girl!! Don’t know if you got my email but been praying for you. So happy you got a plan on moving forward.

  • Yay for no cavities!! (I’ve never had any either.)