And so it begins

Sadly, the aforementioned play date had to be postponed when Jensen’s future mother-in-law contracted a fever over night.  Jensen did try to work around that issue with, “WELL, MAYBE WE COULD JUST GO OVER TO THEIR HOUSE.”  And when that didn’t work, “WELL, MAYBE SHE COULD JUST DROP THE GIRLS OFF AND LEAVE THEM HERE WITH ME!”

He’s a sly one, that boy of mine.  I explained to him that E & K’s mommy had a FEVER and shouldn’t be driving.  And the girls might be getting sick too.  He tried  more idea combos, but none worked.  Other than we will try again next week.

“NEXT WEEK?  BUT THAT’S LIKE FOREVER!” At this point he threw himself prostrate onto the cheap linoleum.   Yes, I suppose when you’re 5, it is like forever.  I’m just hoping for a speedy recovery for Mrs. N.  And you know who you are.

On a different note, the treatment that directly affects my Lyme Disease begins bright and early in the morning.  I am only slightly fearful of how my immune system will react.  More than anything, I cannot wait for the real battle to begin.  

I will be taking copious notes, as I will be journaling this phase of my medical odyssey.

I ain’t skeerd.

6 Responses to And so it begins

  • OK then the battle is on! you have an army here on blog world praying for you and we are all wearing our cheerleader outfits and shaking our pom poms for you.
    Play dates are not always fun, especially when the mom is sick!

  • Love the stories of the budding romance…although two women at one time is a bit brave!

    Continuing to pray for you as your treatment begins.

  • Charge on! The battle cry before the crying. But never forget that joy comes in the morning. This is the step that must be taken. You are armed and ready. We’re praying with and for you.

  • Good luck with the treatment. I will be praying for you 🙂

    Stay warm when you go out too. It isn’t Equator Florida right now! That wind will cut right through you, brrrr.

  • I remember when “next week” was forever away. Now, “next week” turns into “last month” before I even realize it!

  • I’m so glad you’re beginning your treatments. I’ll be praying for you. : )