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That Sinking Feeling

A while back I was in high hopes that I was going to score myself AT LEAST a new kitchen sink faucet when our faucet broke.  And if you’ll recall, this is how Fiddledaddy fixed it.

I had to give him credit for not using the red duct tape while making the repair.  The same red duct tape that is still holding a portion of my back porch screen together.  The same red duct tape that is still holding a portion of my back porch screen together.  In fact, it is the same duct tape that is a staple for the vast majority of our home improvement projects.

After a few days of living with the wrench thingy as a handle, I was certain that a new faucet was in my near future.

However, my hopes were dashed when Fiddledaddy spoke with the maker of the faucet, and was instructed how to fix it himself.  Which he did.   Sadly, my vision of a new faucet was dashed.

Then about a week ago, I noticed water all over our nice white cheap counter top, whenever the dishwasher was running.  After some sleuthing, we concluded that the reverse osmosis faucet was leaking.  Why it was only when the dishwasher was in operation, I have no idea.  Nor do I care.

Fiddledaddy turned off the reverse osmosis, and was unable to stop the leak.  So this was his solution.

I have to say that our wrench thingy gets quite a workout when it comes to kitchen repairs.  Since Fiddledaddy had been wanting to change out the system to a plain water filtration device, and this was beyond his expertise, the plumber was called and an appointment was made.

Over the weekend, Fiddledaddy casually asked me if I wanted to go ahead and replace the faucet AND sink while we had a the plumber dispatched.


I’ve been campaigning for a new sink for the better part of a year now.  The white sink that we did have was peeling, discolored, and as a double sink, not very useful.  Also the current faucet went rigor mortise on me, and refused to budge either to the left or right.

My dream sink was stainless steel in nature, and consisted of ONE bowl, instead of two.  I longed for something akin to an old farm sink.  And since I employ my dishwasher for the washing of the dishes, a double sink simply is wasted space.

We searched no fewer than 3 self improvement stores over the weekend (this included one Home Depot, and two Lowes).  Lowes had the sink I wanted, but not the faucet.  Home Depot had the faucet, but were out of stock on the sink.  We purchased the faucet and headed back to Lowes, hoping above all hopes that they had my sink in stock.

Not only did I get one of the last two sinks in stock, I got it for 50% off.  Which is a long story.  But it involved Fiddledaddy taking one for the team, and cutting himself on the edge of the clearance sink.  Frankly, I think the salesman was taking pity on me, what with the crutches and 3 punchy shopping weary children that were trying their best to drive me insane in the middle of Lowes.

And the bleeding husband was simply icing on the cake.

The plumber arrived today, much to Jensen’s delight.  He was not a talkative plumber, but he was rather musical.  At one point I heard him singing “Momma, don’t let your babies grow up to be plumbers…”  You know, that classic Willie Nelson hit.

After 2 1/2 hours, I finally had myself a new water filtration system, a new faucet, a new sink, and netted a new garbage disposal.  The elongated time frame was because my singing plumber had to saw into my cheap kitchen counter to get my dream sink to fit.

After 4 sinks in the span of 11 years, I’m pretty sure this one will have to be my last one.

Behold, the finished product.  I still need to do a little caulking, but I couldn’t be more pleased.


Unless I had scored a new counter top.  Which will happen when pigs fly through my kitchen.  But you just never know.

So, what do y’all prefer in your kitchen, a single sink, or make it a double?

{This is a sponsored post for American Home Shield.  As opposed to duct tape, as you might assume.}

24 Responses to That Sinking Feeling

  • Merry Christmas early! My recent “present” was a water softener, so I get your appreciation of things involving plumbing.

    I like the single sink, unless a double helps to keep the drainboard. I might go for an uneven double if it was wider all together.

  • I live in an older home, ceramic sink, single and NO dishwasher. That’s right, you heard correctly. And did I mention that it is a small and very shallow, 4 inch-ish deep sink. PAIN in the rear to wash dishes! Happy you got the sink you wished for!

  • WOW! It’s soooo shiny. 🙂 We have a double and that’s all I’ve ever had though I do dream sometimes of having a deep single sink. I think it’s cool when the sprayer is actually on the faucet yet it kinda grosses me out b/c we use our sprayer to fill our filtered water pitcher and I wouldn’t want to have gunky stuff on it when it’s time to fill the water pitcher.

    Not to make you drool but this is kinda cool –
    and the final look

    Sounds like you had a productive post-Thanksgiving shopping weekend and got a great deal on your new sink! My husband did not go out for Black Friday shopping for the first time since Toy Story (the original) came out. He just shopped online and got the same prices with no lines or weather to contend with!

  • I COMPLETELY agree in regards to the single sink mentality. We upgraded to a stainless steel single sink with garbage disposal and I LOVE it! I left the double sink and didn’t look back! I was like a kid on Christmas when it was installed. It’s the little things.

  • I like the idea of a single but double is what I prefer. Pam’s idea of an uneven double sounds interesting. Never seen one but it sounds like a good compromise. Glad you got your new sink. It is amazing what makes us happy at our age!

  • I like a single. And DEEP. I can’t wash big pots in those shallow, dinky, doubles.

    Congratulations! Funny how things like that are exciting now!

  • How nice. I prefer a triple. My husband is a plumber and he gets fantastic deals on discontinued items. I have a deep triple sink, it has the bigger sizes on sides, with a smaller in the center. I just have more spaces to stack my dirty dishes. Of course, now I hardly have any counter space, and had to give up one of my drawers.

  • WOW what a nice sink! Look at that shine!! You have waited a long time for that one and I’m so happy for you. Now the wrench can go find something else to hold together! I have stainless steel uneven double. One side is really big and deep and the other side, not so much. Love it! Easy to clean.

  • Love your “purdy” new sink!


  • Oooo, pretty!

    Well, I’ve got a double sink….but I don’t have a dishwasher (unless the two legged human variety counts) so it’s a necessity.

    I’d love a single DEEP sink. {sigh}

    Counters….ya know all that fresh juice can stain…. 😉

  • I’m a double girl myself, even though I also have a dishwasher (my FAVORITE appliance). I don’t know why other than the few times I’ve had a single sink, I’ve been annoyed by it. However, in my “dream home” I would have a single sink in my washroom. Love the stainless. Enjoy!

  • I didn’t read all the other responses, but one house I lived in had a sort of double sink. The side with the garbage disposal (which I miss!) had a mini sort of sink just perfect for scraping and rinsing dishes. The other side had a big sink area perfect for bathing babies. 🙂 If I am ever lucky enough to have a new sink I want that kind. (Not that there are any more babies coming, but the set up was perfect!

  • I like a double….’cause I need a clean side and a dirty side. In my kitchen you must never, ever, ever empty the remaining ice and tea droplets of your glass in the CLEAN sink side–it goes in the dirty side. I have a dishwasher but I can’t seem to ever get it unloaded once the dishes are clean. Therefore, the clean side is for storage of the other clean dishes after I’ve handwashed them becasue the dishwasher is full of clean dishes. I don’t know why I have kitchen cabinets.

  • Being an Air Force family, we move every couple of years, and I think we have had every kind of sink configuration possible. When we built our house in N.C., I casually asked the contractor to put in a single sink instead of a double, since I was sick and tired of not having a sink that would allow my 9×13 dishes and frying pans to lie flat and soak… and man was it HUGE! We had just had our third little bundle of joy, and it was perfect for bathing him as well… sigh… I miss that sink!

  • I love double sinks, but that’s I’m organized and like to separate things (dirty dishes vs. drying dishes, to-go-in-the-dishwasher vs. hand wash, hard-to-clean vs. easy-to-clean…). Whatever separation I need to make at the time, I wouldn’t be able to do it without my double sink! My parents have a large single sink, though, and it’s amazing for washing large items.

  • Wow, that is a thing of beauty! It’s only a single for me, always stainless steel. Loath my mom’s double, two tiny, impractical areas, yuck.

    Nate’s Mom

  • Oooh! It’s purdy! And shiny!

    I definitely need a double. I mean, although I typically avoid washing dishes by hand, it IS a favorite method of torturing the children by making THEM do it. 😉

  • I would love a deep single sink. We live in an OLD house with a double porcelain sink that I would toss out in a heartbeat.

  • Double with a dishwasher and garbage disposal. I like to have it all. Minus the granite counter tops (mine are the cheap brownish kind.)

  • I’ve never lived anywhere that didn’t have a double. Can’t conceive it. But I know I would like a deeper one.

  • I’ve always had a double sink, and even with a dishwasher I find myself often doing dishes. I dream of a stainless steel sink. Ahhhh the bliss of that glorious thought…

  • Nothing like a brand new sink! So pretty. I am a double sink girl myself. I have a new-ish Kohler white cast iron jobber and it’s so pretty and shiny..except where rust is creeping in around one drain. Argh!

  • It looks great, DeeDee! We switched out an old white sink for stainless, too, but I love a double sink – it’s bigger and deeper on the left side. The right side has a small drainer in it, and I use it for drying dishes (hand wash stuff and still-wet plastic things from the dishwasher). It’s also a handy spot to store my sponge and dish scrubber so they’re off the counter.

  • I would love a deeper sink, but need a double. I have a dishwasher, but like others still find it full of clean dishes and just want to wash a few. I also use one side for thawing meat (in a plastic bag, in room temp water 😉 and need the other free for whatever while that is happening. Sometimes a pan needs to soak for a little bit and I need the other side for whatever. So yeah, I’m a double kind of girl. Deeper and even more wide on one side would be fantastic. I’d like a smaller side and a bigger side, would be nice. I don’t mine the white b/c I love to spray it with Clorox and come back to it sparkling white. Makes me smile. Dream sink would be the much bigger double farm style sink with big ole tall faucet that looks…. country.. if that makes any sense.