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A Bite of the Apple

When I was single, I felt like I might need to join the technological age by purchasing a computer.  But since I was a struggling artist, the only computer I could afford was of the used variety.  A friend of a friend scavenged old computer parts, and put them back together to form a new computer.  He put such a computer together for me.

I called it Frankenputer.  He charged me $400 for this P.C., including a printer.  And I made a $50 payment on it each and every month until I had it paid off.

A proud moment.

Frankenputer was really only used for its e-mail capabilities.  I really didn’t have the where-with-all to use it for business.  Which would have been helpful, since I kept track of my painting inventory and tax related expenses in a black ledger.  Using a finely sharpened #2 pencil.

In my defense, though, my records were impeccable.  And my accountant offered me a job each year when I brought in my tax records.  Snap.

Enter Fiddledaddy.  He didn’t care much for Frankenputer, especially since he was a bit of a computer snob.  But he actually knew what he was doing and proved it by making his living as a graphic designer.

He tried to sell me on the virtues of a Mac, but you know me.  Change?  I am not fond of it.  I may have even openly mocked him about his computer preferences.

After we married, and Fiddledaddy had to move Frankenputer around a time or two and then finally across the country, he stepped up his campaign to get me on a Mac.  After a few years, Frankenputer finally drew its last gigabyte, and quietly slipped away.

Fiddledaddy took advantage of my bereavement and ordered me my first Mac.  It was lime green and looked rather large and space-agey.  But after I got over my initial fear of it, I found that I actually loved working on it.  And I had graduated beyond e-mail capabilities to ONLINE BANKING and QUICKEN for record keeping.

Ever since then, I’ve been a fellow computer snob nerd along with my husband.   When my lime green Mac showed signs of old age, I got a Mac Book lap top, with wireless keyboard and mouse.  Snazzy.

By this time, I was actually contributing to our income with my computer work, and needed something more mobile.   And Fiddledaddy had the good sense to get the extended warranty.

Then last year, I threw caution to the wind and got a 21 inch Mac desktop computer.  And I was all, I CAN SEE, I CAN SEE!!!  I still need to use my Mac Book for work when I travel, and I noticed that the case was starting to crack.  Fiddledaddy looked up our warranty info and noted that it was set to expire in THREE DAYS.

So we made the pilgrimage into Orlando on Tuesday to visit the Apple store.  IN THE MALL.  What a hardship.  A MALL, A REAL MALL.  If I could have, I would have skipped all the way there.

The Apple store is always brimming with all manner of folk.  The mall could be completely desolate, but the Apple store has no shortage of lookie-loos.  And it’s understandable.  There are tables set up with tethered Apple products to try.  Everything from iPods to 30 inch computer screens.  There is even a little table set up for the small fry with computer games to peruse.

The item that drew my attention was the iPad.  I had never actually held one, but was intrigued.  It is like a giant iPhone.  I informed Fiddledaddy that I might need to get one for work.  And I tried to look all serious and business like, but he knows that gleam in my eye.  A TOY, IT’S A GREAT BIG TOY.  A TECHNOLOGICAL TOY!

Oh, and by the way, the Apple Hospital people took my Mac Book away, replaced the cover, AND the battery and so now my laptop looks new.  Saving me $300 in repairs because it was still under warranty.  Sweet.

Still.  I’m dreaming of something even lighter, or purse sized, to be able to travel and still work.  I had to put my dream of the iPad to death, because it can’t go to a website that uses Flash.  And because my job at Mom’s Homeroom requires a computer that uses Flash, I wouldn’t be able to work on it.  Still, how awesome would it be to play SCRABBLE on it.  But that wouldn’t be a very wise and practical purchase, now would it…

However.  Fiddledaddy channeled my disappointment over to another table of Apple products.  To a little something called the MacBook Air .  It’s a small 11 inch laptop.  And it’s very very light.  When closed, it’s not much bigger than the iPad, but has a much larger memory and is able to play Flash after the application is downloaded.

I could fit it into my purse.  I need a bigger purse.  But still.

So that’s what’s on my I Wish, I Wish list for Christmas.

Very likely, I will be settling for a new purse.  But a girl can dream.

Any other Mac fanatics out there?

21 Responses to A Bite of the Apple

  • I think the warranties we have in the Uk are abysmal compared with those you have there. Our retailers usually do all in their power to avoid honouring them, even if we have only had things a month or so and they fail.
    Cant speak for the apple shop though, maybe they are better. Our apple macs are both G4 machines I think and well past their ‘sell by’ date but soldier on doggedly and reliably.

  • Oh yeah! Love my Mac book and since it’s our only computer at the moment, I’m having to share… which I’m not very good at — and that’s the reason I’m up at o’dark o’clock in the morning so I can get some time on my little darling 🙂 Hoping to upgrade next year to a Pro but I want to stay with the smallest size possible; who really wants to lug around a big ole ‘puter? Not me!

  • We have had Mac since the 80’s! We love them and I have a iPad that I use to write my blog on every day. It’s the best! I laugh at work because there we have PC’s that gets virus all the time and crash often but most of the office staff have Mac’s at home! I have the Mac Book Pro as well and the staff at the Mac store up here is so wonderful! if only they all didn’t look like 12 years old!!!

  • Yes!! I purchased my first apple product a little over a year ago, an ipod classic (refurbished). It snowballed from there. For Christmas I bought my husband an ipod touch. A few months ago, a co-worker of DH sold his macbook to us. We are in love. Its our primary computer now. I drool every time I see a commercial for the ipad. I have converted.

  • Hubs got me an Ipad for my birthday this year. I’m addicted. He says it’s like a giant word game since I may play a good deal of words with friends on there. Ahem. I travel a lot though and it really is great for that…I have the Nook app so can read, can access my blog and email, and then of course there are all those word games : )

    I hope Santa reads your list!

  • I love my MacBook. The rest of the family struggles with the PC with Windows Vista and prays for the day it finally breaks so they can have a Mac too.

  • Aww! you seem to have the right words for everything.

    Great Blog.

    Will come back for me


  • {sigh} all PC’s around here, but that’s only because they refuse to die so I can GO MAC!

    The Christmas list …… be sure to make multiple copies and post in very visible locations and/or mail to all who might need to know. I leave nothing to chance!!!! 😉

  • Oh yeah! I like to say that I am a Mac Purist, however my laptop is a PC and I cannot stand it! When it crashed (3 days out of warranty because a certain lab puppy knocked it off the table…I’m over it really!) and I had to install an new hard drive and reload everything, I had to rename the computer. I named it “NOTTHEMAC”. We just got an Apple Store here and it is my favorite store in the mall. iPad…MacBook Air…I’m all about ’em, but they are going to have to wait (sigh). My goal is to get my oldest a MacBook Air for college in (sob!) 2 1/2 years!

  • Bought dd an iPod. Then I decided I needed one. Then hers broke and she bought another one. And I washed that one, so WE bought her another one. I got a Touch for Christmas a couple of years ago. And then hubs decided he needed a Touch too.

    But for ‘real’ computers, we are PCs.

  • Like you I heard all about THE APPLE for years from my son, the nerd. He’s a computer wiz. He works for Web MD, designs websites and loves everything computer. He has literally begged me to switch to Apple. I finally did last Christmas and Oh.My.Word what took me so long??? Love it! I want an iPad for Christmas.


  • We love our Mac. I have a MAC book pro and I would never go back to PC unless I had to. My husband is a programmer and has to use a PC but is absolutely giddy when he gets on the MAC for non-work related stuff. I’m thinking of slipping an IPAD under the tree for him this year.

  • I love my Macbook! My husband is practically counting the days until his laptop dies so he can get one too. 🙂

  • I am a major MAC lover! My brother got me onto them… I have a 24 ” desktop…. My husband still struggles along with his PC…. and really wants a MAC…. Christmas? 🙂

    Love your blogs,


  • Fanatic puts it lightly. My fiancee and I are so hardcore mac, I wanted to name our wireless at the house “Mackea house” (because hello Ikea! as well). Seriously. We’ve got a pile of Macs and just got rid of one, because we upgraded it 🙂

  • My dad owned a newspaper when I was growing up, so we’ve been apple/mac since the dawn of time. Or the dawn of Apple. Now I do freelance graphic design, so I just ordered the 27″ iMac. Can’t wait to see it!

  • LOVE MY MAC! It’s aswesome! And that’s all I have to say about that.

  • Yes, I love my Ipods, but haven’t moved over to the dark side with computers yet. Although I have a sony Vaio that might just push us over the edge 🙂

    But really I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!! I got my $100 Blogher Visa Debit card today in the mail!! Woo-Hoo – you rock. That’s all.

  • We have gone to Apple products in baby steps here. My husband is one of those ‘take a bunch of parts and build a computer’ kind of guys. Thus we have LOTS of desktops in this house (with fancy flatscreen monitors…or in one case an actual tv.) A few years ago I begged for an ipod. He got me a swell orange one for Christmas. Then the next year the kids got ipods, and I got an itouch. NOW, the itouch is going to be passed on to the kids and I am to soon be the very happy owner of an iphone! However, at this rate, cars will fly before he actually lets me get a Mac book air or any such nonsense 😉

  • Yeah, my husband and I both have BFAs in Graphic Design… he is a Creative Director and I have a home-based photography business.

    As far as we are concerned, Mac is the only computer to own. Whenever I have to use a PC when I’m traveling (borrowing a family member’s etc.) it feels like I’m driving a clunker. Mac’s are simply the superior computer.

    Also, whenever EVERYBODY is whining about computer woes (this means anyone who owns a PC) asks what they should do… I simply answer, “Buy a Mac, problem solved.”

  • Just got a new macbook pro and gave the much older mac to our daughter for homeschooling. We are all excited and the two littler ones have already claimed my new one when we get another (;