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A new giveaway!

I have a fun new giveaway, that is all about my very favorite holiday of the year.  Of course I’m talking about CHRISTMAS!  And better yet, CHRISTMAS TRADITIONS!

And speaking of Christmas, I found myself in Florida Mall in Orlando on Tuesday, and was delighted to see Santa Claus already hard at work.  And since I had to stop in the Apple store, I began making out my I Wish, I Wish list.  Dropping it off at Santa’s mall workshop on my way out, reminding him that I’ve been VERY VERY GOOD, and have had a VERY TRYING YEAR.  No pressure, S.C.

Anyhoo, for your chance to win a $100 Visa Gift card, courtesy of BlogHer and Welch’s, head over to my review/giveaway page.

Has it occurred to anyone else that Thanksgiving IS NEXT WEEK?  I will likely be medicated, so the whole freaking out because November is zooming past me will not be as much of an issue.

Here’s hoping.

3 Responses to A new giveaway!

  • I love Christmas! And I like Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I’m moving the day after Thanksgiving, and I’ll likely still be unpacking by the time Christmas rolls around… but I’ll be hanging Christmas decorations anyway!

  • We are going to visit friends next week for Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite thing to do so I’m not responsible for the turkey. And thank goodness that is true, since last year my girlfriend accidentally let it fly out of the oven and crash land on the floor! Now I can laugh at her forever!! We are trying to come up with a way to memorialize that event this year. So far the best idea is a white elephant gift exchange involving a turkey theme. My idea was to make up a new cocktail but for some reason no one else went for it. Humph. Have a great gluten-free, vegetarian, medicated Thanksgiving!!

  • Hi sweet friend. Check out my post today. I’ve been featured on another blog and you’re featured in my feature…if that makes sense 🙂