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The Y Chromosome

Nothing strikes fear in my heart quite so much as when I hear the 5 year old holler from the backyard, “HEY, WANNA SEE SOMETHING DISTURBING?” If his inquiry is followed by shrieks from the older sisters, then I’m assured he has rendered himself naked.

As was the case today, wherein he landed himself in timeout for a good portion of the afternoon.  Separated from his beloved Blues Clues Blanket.  Bitter tears of remorse followed.

Not so much for the fact that his sisters will likely have to endure therapy, or that he was banished to his room, but separation from Blues Clues Blanket is a hardship that no 5 year old boy should have to endure.

Just when I had this parenting thing figured out, God chose to bless me with a boy.  And all my hard earned knowledge flew right out of the window.  Along with what remained of my tattered sanity.

I’ve been allowing Jensen to dress himself in the morning, for the most part. More out of exhaustion, than a desire to equip him with a sense of independence.   He has no qualms about wearing stretchypants that hit him mid-calf.  It doesn’t help that he pulls the elastic waistband up to just below the armpits.  And then tucks in his shirt.  But the addition of white knee socks really completes the ensemble.  But for church on Sunday, he topped the whole thing off with an oversized leather cowboy hat.

And I let him.

But for the sake of full disclosure, I did talk him into changing into his blue dressy church pants, reasoning that he looked more like Mario, what with the blue pants and red shirt.  Blue and red are Mario’s colors, don’t you know.  The cowboy hat, however, is all Jensen.

I watched him saunter down the hall at church.  Alternating between jumping high into the air, and spontaneously falling to the ground.  Not a care in the world.  

These are precious fleeting days, to be sure.  Days like today that I treasure impromptu kisses on the cheek, followed by an all enveloping bear hug, “MOM, I LOVE YOU, JUST FOR YOUR INFORMATION.”

This small crazy boy will someday become a young man.  And as long as I can dissuade him from baring the full monty in public, I’ve no doubt he will make him bedraggled parents proud.

14 Responses to The Y Chromosome

  • Sigh.

    Treasure these moments. Truly.

    For one day, you will only be able to sit back and read another’s blog, feel their dispair and think…

    “Bwahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! Sucker!!! I am SOOOOO glad my son has grown out of that stage and I have some peace in my life now. Bwahahahahahahahahahaha!”

    Just kidding. Treasure it.

    Really. I mean it.

  • 5 year old boys are great aren’t they!! Mine cracks me up on a daily basis.

  • Hold that child tightly! I just saw my eldest out the door last night. . .he’s off to BASIC training.

    The irony is you spend so much time and effort helping to mold them into mature, responsible adults and when they get there all you want is that little boy back!

  • If you squeeze them really tightly every night before they go to bed, they will stay little.
    That’s what I told mine. Now of course, they blame me for being below average height adults.
    So, sue me.

  • Yes, boys are awesome!! There is just something about them, my girl I get…I KNOW what she’s thinking just about all the time because I was a girl and remember. When I see her on the swing, I know what she’s thinking. When I see her playing with her dolls, I know what she’s thinking. But boys…I guess it’s that mysteriousness that continues into adulthood. Who gets men? As I have aged tho…I kinda don’t think there’s all that much going on in there most of the time.

  • Hey, I think he gets bonus points for using the word “Disturbing”. That’s a $5 word for sure!!! Give his teacher a nice shiny apple! 😉

  • I was impressed with the choice of the word disturbing also. ps: you have to watch what they wear in jr high also -just a warning…

  • Hold on to him, before you know it he will taking showers all day so he can smell good to someone else! They grow way to fast!!

  • I’m with you on how wonderful boys are. Ours are four and 18-months, and it’s going by soooo fast.

  • I have to say Jensen looked too cute in the cowboy hat at church! My boy (who will be 20 on Sunday) stopped by to see me at church today and was quick to point out that he only has 48 days until he starts basic training with the Air Force. Wonder if he’d just stay home with me if I got him a really great cowboy hat???

  • Oh, I had this son two decades ago. He wore cowboy boots with his swimsuit when allowed to dress himself. Topped off by a coonskin cap. I wanted to pin a note on him that said, “I did not dress this boy”, but he rarely would put a shirt on to pin it to.
    And guess what? He graduated college, and his clothes now match. Mostly.

  • My 7 year old son wore his cowboy hat, vest, bandanna, holster and gun to church this last Sunday. I love the innocence and creativity. And everyone else does too. When ever he dresses like that everyone who sees him smiles.

  • We sure remember those days fondly! Michelle’s working on scrapbooks from when Eric was 3-6. He’s almost 13 now, taller than Michelle . . . enjoy ’em while they’re young!