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There’s a nip in the air

At long last, Fall has arrived in Florida.  It was oh so apparent as we headed out on Friday to join our other homeschooling compadres at our weekly park day.  Instead of lugging a large water thermos, and battery operated fan (for someone who shall remain nameless but is going through likely menopause ALONG WITH HER OTHER MEDICAL MALADIES), I was toting sweaters and mittens.

Keep in mind that the temperature was hovering somewhere in the 60’s, but when the thermometer dips below 70 degrees, Floridians are known to pull out their parkas.

All of the homeschool moms were huddled on benches pulled out far enough for the sun to hit, thusly warming our weary bones.  The children frolicked about, with an extra skip in their step.

I live for Friday park days.  This last Friday, I particularly sat quietly counting my blessings.  I enjoy these women so much.  There is no pretense, no one-upmanship.  This is a group of precious moms who share in the same struggles, insecurities, and hardships that I do on a daily basis.  And we can uphold and encourage one another at least one day a week.  Fridays are a day that I do my best laughing.

I was also watching all of the children last Friday.  I marveled how all the different ages were playing together, and except for the occasional sibling argument, they all get along so well.  And the typical boy/girl rivalry and ensuing spreading of cooties is kept to a minimum.

Jensen is at his most joyous on Friday afternoons.  Not only is he free to assault all of nature with his boisterous banter, but he’s with his very best buddies.  Jensen turns into the pied piper, leading a large group of other 5 and 6 year olds around engaging in games.  Games that often include the character of Mario and his sidekick/brother, Luigi.  But there’s always room for a Princess Peach and Bowser.

His betrothed is also there on most Fridays. Regarding Jensen’s romantic life, while he is engaged still to “E”, there’s another part of the saga which I have not mentioned.  “E” has an identical twin sister, “K”.  “K” also has feelings for Jensen.  But thankfully, the sisters are willing to share his affections with no ill feelings.

He has declared both of them his “girlfriends” at this point, since it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other.  However, “E” is generally the one who arrives sporting hand drawn nose and whiskers on her face.  In ink.  She is also the sister that wears a gallon sized storage bag on her head as a hat.

I love that about her.

The other day he was talking about how nice they are and how they are his BFF’s, and he ended the conversation with, “They love me.”

His future mother-in-law and I make it a point to keep laser eyes on the three of them at park day.  Especially since one afternoon we spotted Jensen and “K” exchanging a hug, followed by a kiss before departing.  We were both too stunned to breathe.

Jensen insisted that the kiss was on the cheek, but from our angle, and with both of our failing eyesight, the mothers in question were not certain.

Since then, all 4 parents have had lengthy discussions with our offspring about reserving the kisses for the parents.

The thing we hold onto is that the 3 of them are just really touch-feely-hugging-kissing kind of kids.  And their actions are so pure and innocent.  Showing affection is something that simply bursts out of them spontaneously.  We should all be more like that.

Still.  We watch with laser eyes.

But they make my heart happy.

I am enjoying the drop in temperature more than you know.  While I can’t engage in my annual underwear dance on the back porch, I have been celebrating by organizing little spaces in my house that have been sadly neglected.

I am so excited about the upcoming holidays, hopefully receiving a diagnosis, and beginning a treatment plan that will start me on a path to healing.  That’s my Christmas wish.

Do y’all have any special projects that you are tackling before the holidays?

15 Responses to There’s a nip in the air

  • I am also caught in the alternate universe of “fall” in Texas. The weathermen call 70 degrees a “cold front” and freezing temps are a “Blue Norther”. You know I’m not making that up. Special projects: getting the guest rooms ready for the adult children/spouses to come visit soon. (And Jensen’s romantic escapades made me sign with The Happy today.)

  • No matter how many times I hear about a cold front down your way, I have a good laugh so thank you for that. Young love is so cute to watch and remember. Take lots of photos, they make great “get even” items for the future. I too wish you a heeling holiday season.

  • On Friday my 5 year old son announced he had to have his hair fixed for Annabelle, a girl in his Kindergarten class. And that he was only wearing yellow Silly Band that day since it is Annabelle’s favorite color & he wanted to trade with her. And then said he wanted Annabelle to come over after school to play. And so it begins…..

  • Our family special project this year will be closing on our new house mid December!!!! Can we just say Christmas is going to be interesting? I am so up for it, we have been waiting for so long to get our girls in the country and God has provided a wonderful spot for us! Yea!

    Prayers as always.

  • With all the energy that my steroid infusion brought, i am cleaning house with a ferocious ferver. I am so thankful for these days of energy and ability to accomplish some things. I am very excited that instead of the traditional thanksgiving feast (which is very non-traditional at my house and comes in the form of brunch with friends and a quiet afternoon at home with my husband) we will be working to help get 1800 meals out to people who would not otherwise have thanksgiving in our community. I always wanted to be ‘that person’ and seems that now I am. Haven’t broken the news to my Mother-in-law yet. She hated the whole brunch thing…wonder how she’ll feel about this?

    • Mollianne, you don’t know me from Adam, but I wanted to say that I think your plan to be “that person” this Thanksgiving is a great thing, regardless of the MIL’s blessing 🙂 I say, invite her along, as well as the whole brunch crew and start a new tradition.

      You can always do brunch Friday to talk about it and plan for next year.

  • Oooh, we haven’t been at the Friday park day in a while. Life has been busy with the usual hustle & bustle and I’m opening up a stand at the Avenues Farmers Market this coming week…yikes! We’ll try to make it this Friday. Hopefully Madison will come out of her shell a little bit and find a buddy to play with 🙂

  • Thanksgiving Dinner for the extended family is at my house. My projects all have to do with getting the house “people are coming over” clean before Thanksgiving week so Thanksgiving week can be spent cooking. That’s my dream anyway!

    Oh, and trying to figure out how to squeeze in as many Disney days as possible (gotta get my money’s worth out of my newly aquired Disney Resident Annual Weekday pass – I feel so spoiled). AND let’s not forget school days! Good think I’ve planned to take December off school! 🙂

    btw: my kids and their friends always do a “group hug” before they leave the park. It’s so cute. Of course, there is only one boy in the bunch! Someday he’s gonna be happy about that….someday! 😉

  • We live for park day in our house, too! There’s nothing like getting a group of wild hooligan boys together for 3 hours or so to make a momma smile!! Not to mention the joy that us moms have talking to intelligent adults that make our day to day struggles feel perfectly NORMAL!! Our park days also include StarWars battles complete with light sabers and swords!!

  • My DIL homeschools too and I know she and the kids LOVE their park day with friends.

    Praying you will get answers to what’s going on with your health so that all this can be put behind you.


  • That “E” sounds like a keeper to me – bag head and all. But that may be because she sounds a lot like my daughter. She used to put plastic grocery bags on her head. While sitting in the grocery cart. During checkout. Covering her nose and mouth. Causing hysteria among the staff. Yep. She’s weird and I love her. Thank God she’s made it to “4”. And so, hey, if Jensen ever tires of “E”, I have a cute “R” for him to hang with 🙂

  • Here’s to hoping that your “Christmas Wish” comes true!

  • This post brought tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. It sounds like E marches to her own beat…I love children like that.

    • I forgot to add, I also have a group of friends that get together on Friday afternoons. But because I live in the frozen tundra, ie. Nebraska, we do it inside while making the kids play outside..or someplace else. 🙂

      It snowed here today.

  • I thought of you often this past week! We were in Miami for a day and a night, and then in Ft. Lauderdale all day Friday. We stopped at Dania beach (very nice) and walked along the edge of the water collecting shells and soaking up the last of the Florida sun WE would see as we were waiting to catch our flight back home. We still had extra time, so the kids wanted to go to Boomers Arcade place. I however fell asleep on a bench outside determined to get a little more sun. I love your Florida! (except for South Beach…that place was NOT my cup of tea!!)