Healthy living has its dangers

I heard a scream in our backyard today.  Which is not unusual, since my children are bent on making certain that our neighbors think we’re insane, and they save some of their best bickering for the out of doors.

I looked out into the back yard, preparing myself to add to our bad reputation, when I spotted Emme standing up on a chair, pointing at a snake on the ground.  While screaming at her younger brother to get back.

Jensen, on the other hand, had grand ideas of capturing the hapless snake to add to his collection of guys.

The snake was transfixed, head raised, staring at the screaming 11 year old standing on the chair.  Completely unaware of the pending danger that lurked a few feet away.

I did what any self sufficient mother would do.

I screamed for Fiddledaddy to come and save Emme from the snake.  And the snake from Jensen.

Needless to say, Emme was a little unnerved.  And desired to be indoors.  However, she still had 10 more minutes of sunbathing to go.  

You see, ever since we found out that my Vitamin D levels were in the toilet, Fiddledaddy has been researching Vitamin D and its affects on health.  It seems there is a nationwide epidemic of Vitamin D depletion, which has been the cause of many health issues.

I’m taking supplements, but I’ve also been ordered to sit out in the sun for 20 to 30  minutes a day.  Since I don’t own a 2 piece bathing sausage casing, I have to do it in my shorts and sports bra.  Never fear, the 6 foot privacy fence has been mended, thusly sparing all the neighbors from certain blindness.

The children have also been ordered to do the same.  And happily, they can frolic in their little bathing suits.  Except for Jensen, who prefers to while away his therapeutic 20 Vitamin D minutes by throwing rocks at the fence.  While clad in his underdrawers.

I have yet to encounter a snake during my time in the sun, but I have had a wasp land on my toe.  Fortunately the toe of my good leg, so I was able to kick him off.

But for me, the most dangerous part of the whole experience is getting in and out of the camping chair set up in the yard for my sunning pleasure.  It comes complete with a foot rest and cup holder.  But I fear, nearly every day, that it’s going to end up upside-down on top of me.  While I lay prone on the ground.  Eye to eye with a snake.  As my son lobs rocks at me.  In his underwear.

While the neighbors peer over the fence to see what the commotion is all about.

Perhaps it would be safer to increase my Vitamin D supplements.

17 Responses to Healthy living has its dangers

  • HeHeHe! Doesn’t it improve the moods and ability to sit for school too? 🙂 I can always tell when I need to send the girls out.(Me too!)

  • Join the club…the “barely have any Vitamin D” club. It is a little scary what far reaching health impact super low vitamin D can have. I think I laughed when my doctor asked about my energy levels and sleep, or lack thereof…common symptoms of the Vitamin d deficiency. My answer was, I have three quite spirited children. I’m always a bit tired, and I haven’t slept well since I’ve had the darlings!

    Oh, and the “snakes in our yard club”. Not too long age we had a slithery friend waiting by our front door to greet us as we returned home from dinner. People have since asked me about the kind of snake it was. Really?!?!? I didn’t ask him, just screeched at the children to stop and move away from the snake!

  • Be glad you don’t live in Minnesota. The thermometer in my van this morning read 24. That would be Fahrenheit and likely about a third of the temperature you guys are lobbing rocks around in your underwear in!

  • I too have the dredded Vitamin Deficiency! I take 3000IU daily since we dont even have much sun up here and even if we did, it 40 degrees and windy up here so I’m even going to sit outside. I will gladly take the extra pills and hug the pellet stove instead. But on the good side, all the snakes are frozen so no worry there!!!

  • Safer, but not nearly as much fun (for us!!!). 🙂

  • I’m probably Vit. D deficient too. Ugh.
    We live in the middle of a field out in the country. The only place I’ve seen snakes is on our road. Corn snakes. They were dead. Which is fine by me. This morning it was like 32 degrees. So, no snakes around here until summer. Woo hoo!

  • I am living in such a fog. I am completely oblivious that the rest of the country is experiencing WINTER! I’m not bragging, honest. I heard a rumor that we’re going to get cooler temps next week, and I CANNOT WAIT!

    My yearly underwear dance to celebrate the cooler weather on the back porch, will more likely be more hobble than dance. But nevertheless, a celebration. 🙂

  • Here is OH it was in the lower 30’s this morning. My friend’s son who has asthma was just informed by his allergy doc that he is vitamin D deficit. She is doing fish oil for that.

  • Did you know the best place to absorb Vit. D is the back of your hands? As long as those are exposed, you’re good. Weird,huh? One would think exposing all exposable flesh would be better but nope, the back of the hand.

    I had the funniest mental picture of you under the chair with a snake…still giggling. Thanks for adding Joy to my Tuesday!


  • I am going to Gainesville Sat and they said it is suppose to be 39 degrees! Time to break out the parka, ha!

  • I’m Vit D deficient too. According to my endocrinologist most Americans are since they sit in offices all day and not getting enough sun exposure even when outside due to to (valid) skin cancer fears. I make Hubby take 2000 IU daily just like me.

    In Houston today it is only going to be 74 degrees! Hooray!

  • I’ve been taking vitamin D for a while now… and found some great liquid drops at Puritan’s Pride… CHEAP and better cause they have NO SOY!!

    I have recently discovered the importance of my B vitamins. I am taking supplements now. I am seeing my DR. Thursday to ask for a vitamin/mineral blood test. I want to know my levels. I am taking Folic Acid now too! Check it out.

  • You left me hanging! Did Jensen get the snake?

    • Joanna,

      Had Jensen captured that snake, I would not be here to tell the tale… 🙂

      Remember, I’m enforcing a strict No Pets Clause.

  • I take Vitamin D all year long. (when I remember. I am terrrible about remembering to take supplements or medicine.) I try to take 6000 IU at a time. Every day if I can remember. There is a company called Swanson that sells supplements that has a liquid Vitamin D that I add daily to my kiddo’s juice in the morning so they have supplements too. They can’t taste it and it helps their Vit D level also.

  • But isn’t it cold out there in your shorts and sports bra bathing suit equivalent?