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Winner announcement & Mario envy

The winner of the $100 Visa Gift card from my combined two Pop-Tarts posts is $118, Scott.  This was a tricky one, because to calculate the winner, I had to add the total number of comments together, write each number on a tiny piece of paper, and throw them all in a hat.

Okay, I’m lying.  I used my calculator to add the number of comments together, and used Mr. Random Number Generator to select the number.  And fortunately, the number fell below the number of comments in the first post, so I didn’t have to go to the second post and count in my head.   Anyhoo.  It all worked out and I have a winner.  Who is Scott.  A brave male soul that isn’t afraid to venture into Mommy blogging territory.

And don’t forget to enter my very last Kellogg’s Mom’s Breakfast Club post for a $100 Visa Gift card, which ends Monday night.


And since Halloween is fresh on my mind, I got off easy this year.  Jensen had been plotting and planning to dress up as Mario for the last 11 months.  Because I refused to plunk down $20 at Target for a store bought polyester get-up, as Jensen is still suppose to be dressing in 100% cotton, due to his atopic dermatitis.  I’ve been searching for overalls online.  I’ve had no luck at all finding blue overalls in his size, because evidently EVERYONE ELSE WITH A SIZE 8 BOY has had the same idea.

Then today, he was modeling his Toy Story 3 Woody p.j.s for me, and he announced that he thought he might like to attend our church festival as Woody.  And his pajamas would do just fine.  With the addition of his genuine leather cowboy hat.

Thank you, baby Jesus.

Of course there was a good deal of Mario-envy, as Jensen spied a plethora of Marios and Luigis dressed up in $20 polyester costumes.  I solved this by averting his attention by running over his toes with my wheelchair every time I spotted a Brothers Mario.

How was your Halloween?

5 Responses to Winner announcement & Mario envy

  • Thanks so much!!! I have never been called brave before! LOL

  • You can find the Mario costume at Target today for over 30% off! Would it be good enough to have him wear some lightweight cotton clothes (I’m picturing PJs or long johns) under his costume? I usually buy costumes after Halloween for Christmas gifts. Just a thought!

  • Did you just quote Talladega Nights?

    • Jen,

      Not intentionally. However, if I had said, “I wet my bed until I was 19, there’s no shame in that…,” that would have been intentional. 🙂

  • We, too, had a Mario. I was hoping to go the throw it together with real clothes idea. I had even convinced my guy that jeans would do, overalls weren’t necessary (Cha-ching!) I ordered a red shirt, a red hat (that we would add the “M”), white gloves, and a mustache. We received the shirt and gloves and had the jeans, but come last WEDNESDAY I began to panic…no hat, no mustache.

    Lest I thoroughly disappoint the 8 year old who is a stickler for the details, I went to our nearest Wal*Mart to scour the costume aisle. After a few minutes of near tears I turned the corner to find the ONE-AND-ONLY Mario costume…and it was in his size.

    Would you believe that when I got it home an opened it up it was incomplete? Yep! The hat and mustache were missing!!!! Fortunately for us, the hubby had a black hat that would make due, and a Meemaw with an eyeliner pencil that drew an amazing mustache! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!

    So glad that Jensen made your life easier by being thrifty and resourceful!