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What’s wrong with this picture

Jensen is still in Mario mode.  Today he spotted a news story on my computer about a Mario Nintendo celebration, and it had a picture of a life sized statue of Mario marking the event.  He made a bee-line for my computer and begged me to pull up the news story.  And then he was content to stand and stare at it.  I had a good 30 minutes of peace in my valley, my friends.

Well, Mario coloring pages are hard to come by.  All of the ones on reputable coloring page websites have been copied and colored ad nauseum.  He is in constant need of a new source of Mario coloring pages.

So he enlisted the help of his 9 year old sister.  After viewing what she came up with this morning, I’m thinking that I  need to learn how to draw, or I need to implore the fine folks at Nintendo to re-issue their coloring books from the 1990’s.

Jensen didn’t bat an eye, as he did a marvelous job coloring Peach’s overalls.  And really, Mario has never looked lovelier.

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