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The Garage Sale

Saturday was our semi-annual community garage sale.  We don’t usually participate, because whenever I put a lot of effort into prepping for the sale, I usually net $1.25.  And when I do a garage sale, I get very very into it, by pre-pricing, organizing everything into groupings, setting up a perfect display, and having all the right change.

It’s a lot of work.

As an avid garage sale shopper, nothing turns me off faster than someone throwing their tupperware out onto blue tarps on the front lawn, and calling it a garage sale.

I call it a drive-by.

We were all semi-enjoying a slow to get going Saturday morning, when all of a sudden Fiddledaddy announces that he wanted to throw some of our junk out on the lawn on blue tarps just to see if we could get rid of a few things.

And he also stated that he wanted me to have nothing to do with it, and I was to sit back and watch a little HGTV and take it easy.

As if.

I strapped on my brace and grabbed my crutches and aimed myself toward the garage, so that I could supervise this impromptu garage sale.

Mostly so that I could commandeer any priceless family heirlooms that Fiddledaddy might be trying to sneak out and get rid of without my consent and knowledge.

Now, mind you, the sale started at 8 AM, and it was 10:00 before we even opened our garage door.  And in the spirit of full disclosure, our garage resembles a storage depot, because since I’ve been sick, no organization has been forthcoming as far as the garage goes.  In fact, if I ask someone to put something out in the garage, a door gets opened, and the item gets flung into the black hole, also known as the garage.

Which is carpeted and air-conditioned, and used to be my painting studio.  Sob.  Sob.

The children mostly got into the spirit of things by hauling broken toys out, hoping above all hopes that they might make a little money.  At one point, my crutch was missing, and I was certain that they had sold it.

Our 80 something year old neighbor came over to visit, while clad in her requisite moo-moo.  I adore this neighbor.  We kept Fiddledaddy amused by telling each other about our various arthritic aches and pains.  And we both demonstrated to one another that neither of us are able to lift our left arm above more than a few inches.

All in all, we did okay, considering we put no effort into the sale whatsoever.  Which I’m now convinced is the way to go.  When it was over, Fiddledaddy piled what was left into the back of the van and headed to Goodwill.

We ended up making $44.00.  Not bad.

I’m pretty sure that Fiddledaddy is going to use the proceeds to purchase me a moo-moo for Christmas.

6 Responses to The Garage Sale

  • I can so relate to this!
    This is the thing with me…When ever I’ve had a yard sale, I’m hard core in the morning. I haggle with people and try to get the best bang for THEIR buck. (Buck in MY pocket) But, by the time the afternoon rolls around I’ll sell anything. I get all wound up and start selling everything in sight. Give me some change, and I’ll give it to you.
    “This is a nice family heirloom. My great-great-great grandmother brought this thing-a-ma-bob over here from Europe. I’ll need at least 50 cents for that….Thanks.”

  • While I don’t get quite that organized for garage sales, I don’t do them for the same reasons – very little money for the work. I have a friend who always manages to make serious money at hers but I just don’t have her “mojo” I guess. We’ll be having one in a few weeks though.

  • I have had two garage sales and have said never again. I would rather donate the good kid’s clothes to the Florida Baptist Children’s Home and the everything else to Salvation Army.

    As for the moo moo, well when you start wearing those is when you know you are getting old. My mom is 84 and still doesn’t wear them!

  • Where we live you can’t just open the garage and have a yard sale. We need a permit! So I haven’t had a yard sale is YEARS! The permit cost more than I make and it is a lot of work because I am just enough of a type A to drive people nuts. Instead, we either take items to Family Outfitters or save them for the church Give Away Day where we take all the stuff we have, add it to other people’s stuff and fill a huge truck. Drive it down town and give it away to anyone who has a want or need. I’d rather do that.
    I’m glad you made some money and please no Moo Moo don’t do over to the “Dark Side”.

  • I say try the moo moo, just dont wear it out of the house.

  • I am kinds serious about them also… I will tell you what worked realy great, my 14 year old put on a banana costume he bought used off his step brother. and stood a block away, holding a sign and waving at people. we had all kinds of traffic stop several said just because he was out there.