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Digging for gold

This has been a week that has particularly tested my endurance.  It has certainly been one of the more painful weeks that I’ve had.  Which is frustrating, because in the last 2 weeks, I’ve given up many of the things that I dearly love: dairy, wheat/gluten, and meat.  Please don’t get me wrong, eating in a far healthier way has not been that difficult at all.  In fact, if it weren’t for all the joint inflammation, I would say that I feel better than I’ve felt in a long while.

But, when you are trying to heal yourself from the inside out, it tends to take a good long while to clean out all of the years of fried okra, gravy, and Oreos.

And I’m not saying those things are bad at all, but in my case, when dealing with a disease of the auto-immune system, I’ve been slowly killing myself, and I had no idea.

One interesting thing that I’ve learned this week, after talking to my family doctor, is that I need to really focus on foods that are not acidic, but promote a more alkaline environment.  When I am able to achieve that, this disease, whether it’s really R.A., Lyme disease, or whathaveyou, likely won’t stand a chance.  This will allow my own body to be able to fight off this disease on its own.

And it just takes time.

Well.  Y’all know how patient I tend to be.  NOT.  I want a singular pill to cure me, and I want it now.

I had hoped that Methatrexate was my magical cure, but for me, it has caused more problems, and is doing nothing for the inflammation.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the day that I have to definitively decide whether or not to discontinue my weekly dosage of Methotrexate.  And I have to inform my Rheumatologist.

And hope that she supports my decision to fight this disease through natural means.

I’m quite certain that she will want me to go on a stronger medication, but the type of medication that it is, will only suppress my natural immune system even more.  And there is no guarantee that it will work.

And will likely cause me to sprout warts on my nose.

(That isn’t one of the listed side affects, I’m just assuming that it will happen to me.  Because I like to be different.)

A difficult aspect of dealing with my health issues has been how it is affecting my family.  They stand by helplessly in the morning, and watch me struggle to put one foot in front of the other.  They see me drop things in the kitchen, for no reason at all.  And they, on rare occasions, are witness to my tears of frustration.

Fiddledaddy wants his wife back.  My children want their mommy back.  I want my life back.

Through strength that only comes from God, prayer, my husband, and my sheer stubbornness, I’ve managed to keep things plodding along here in our home.  It has been important to me that my children still attend all of their usual activities, wearing clean(ish) clothes, with their bellies full of good food.

I will admit that there are days that can only be accomplished by well timed doses of pain medication.

My husband keeps insisting that I sit down and take it easy.  Today I admitted to him that I’m afraid that if I stop, I’ll never get back up.

My children, while they delight in driving me to the brink of a nervous breakdown, are also my joy.  Which is why I wanted to share the following with you.

Jensen, who has officially joined Awana as a Sparkie, just learned his first Bible verse in its entirety (with just one little word error, which we’re still working on).  He was awfully proud of himself, and wanted to share it with us at the dinner table.  Listen all the way to the end.  Because it will be evident to you how the fruit of the Holy Spirit has truly touched his heart.


Have a wonderfully blessed weekend, everyone!

22 Responses to Digging for gold

  • Oh, that is precious!!! His little voice is to cute…

  • In my experience with my husband and his back, once you have inflammation, it is a huge job to get rid of it. I would expect that if dietary changes can improve things, you still need to have some medical interventions as well. If treating RA was just a matter of changing one’s diet, it would not require the amazing biologic drugs that have been developed (Humira, etc). Your title mentions gold – gold treatments are another possibility. I don’t think you have given the medical treatments long enough to discard them in total yet.

  • Isn’t Awana great! Good things are happening as your children draw closer to God… I am in prayer for you my friend… What an ordeal to go through… Be strong in The Lord… My thoughts are with you…

  • Hang in there…..hope you are feeling better soon!


  • I had a friend who beat Crohn’s disease with a strict diet and had to battle her doctors the whole way. She has a special needs child and couldn’t get her mind around the drastic drugs they wanted her to use to basically shut down her immunity, so she proved them wrong. They called her stubborn and other unflattering names, but she is in remission, if not cured. Hang in there and find what works best for you and your family. Hopefully, your medical team will support your decisions. Blessings, Terri in AZ

  • DeeDee, we’re so sorry you’re having to go through this, but applaud you for going the natural route. I know several people who’ve seen amazing things happen as a result of that. keep fighting the good fight! We’re praying for you all.
    Mike Chapman

  • Ok.

    So, I think just linking to this post from my blog will give everyone a snapshot of my life over the last year, oh so nicely written.


    Please though, I hear the fear in you and I sense it comes from what I have told you. I never wanted to scare you. Just give you reason to stay on your feet. Literally.

    And for that, dear sweet loving irreplaceable rined, I am truly sorry. Please know that.

    Jensen made my heart tingle and beat alittle faster. What a sweetness there is in his voice, but I hear his Jensen-ness as well 🙂 And the ending?



    It give such a visual…

    Love you. Know that.

  • Been praying for you to know the way to go for your body. Follow your gut.

    I think of all the stuff you’ve gone through with Jensen and now to go through junk yourself – so sorry you’re going through this. To be denied an Oreo is so cruel. 😉
    My mom was just telling me about these liquid minerals and how we’re all low on minerals and it’s suppose to cure just about anything. Don’t know if that’s something else for you to look into as another alternative or to go along with what you’re doing.

    Jensen rocks! I love your family and your sense of humor – you’ve pulled me off many a cliff ledge leaving me snorting with laughter at something you wrote. Write on sweet friend, write on.

  • My MIL is fighting cancer NATURALLY! She refuses to take chemo and radiation and she is doing the alkaline diet. It’s tough… but it has changed her body. Go buy yourself some pH strips.. and test daily. Your body tries to regulate it’s pH on it’s on but with the junk we eat it is very hard. Tap water (no chlorine or floride) with lemon (no sugar) will help the pH dramatically! It’s tough to do that with out a well. I have done a lot of research on alkaline diets and I think I know a lot. email me if you want an opinion… on anything. Like I said, I’ve done a lot of reading, researching, praying about this diet. It WILL change your body!!!!!! IF you can stick to it.

  • Awesome! That reminds me of the little kid who thought the last two words of the national anthem were “Play ball!”

  • Hi DeeDee,

    Tears and laughter this am. Jensen is just so sweet! 🙂

    Oh girl, I am so sorry about all your troubles. I am so thrilled, however about the alternative to meds you are finding.
    In regards to the alkaline diet, my husband has gotten into that as well. He has bought us an alkaline water machine. You hook it up to your sink and it turns tap water into alkaline. We all love the taste. If you are interested in finding out what it’s all about check out this web site, watermadeperfect.com
    You are always in my prayers!

    • Jen,

      My doctor told me about that machine this week as well. We’re going to look into it. I just tested my PH this morning, and it was as acidic as the chart allowed. I am a breeding ground for ailment. 🙁 My husband taped an acidic/alkaline food chart up on the fridge (next to the Carrabbas take-away service magnet) so I know what to avoid, and what to eat. It’s all a learning curve.

  • DeeDee, I’m so glad that you are going to go the natural way to help you heal. I do not have RA but do have OA. Different problem but lots of pain just the same. Joints freeze and don’t more as I would like. I needed pills as well, some to go to sleep, others to wake up and still others to move. Not fun! I went on an ‘Lower Carb” diet which cut out white sugar and while flour/pasta and ended up feeling much better! My doctor was fine with me doing this diet and I now have pills that are labeled “AS NEEDED” instead of having to take them every day. You keep it up girl, it will happen. It takes time for the body to heal itself but our bodies were made by God and he doesn’t make junk!

  • DeeDee, Found this very informative. I am going to google Alkaline diet right now. Will be praying for you.

  • My husband was having many of the same symptoms you are having, and was finally diagnosed with lupus. He is on methotrexate, folic acid & prednisone. Is it because of the medications that the doctor recommend an alkaline diet? His doctor has not said a word about diet other than no alcohol because of the methotrexate. Maybe this is something we should look into. Thanks.

  • Oh Deedee. My heart breaks for you. I can’t begin to imagine. I applaud and stand in awe of your not railing at God, I applaud your being able to work through this with Him.

    Is there a reason you have cut dairy from your diet? There are a few very good anti-inflammatory dairy foods. Cottage cheese, non-fat cream cheese and plain yogurt.

  • Jensen: Oh my goodness, did I laugh… He had me reciting it with him right up until the very last second!

  • Oh Sweet Dee, you are in my prayers. And Jensen is a HOOT! God bless.

  • Really enjoy the heart and humor of your sharing. Praying for you and family. You remind me of me (sans kids) and I hope we can see each other again face to face sometime here on the planet.

  • Thinking of you and sending up prayers. Love your blog, girl!

  • I have to tell you about my new okra recipe. It is amazing! Better than fried, and I’m a true southern girl. Life may stink, but you deserve good okra! (I cannot help with the Oreos,lol)

    Roasted Okra
    Preheat oven to 375′.Wash and completely dry fresh okra. Place on baking sheet with olive oil, salt and pepper. Bake for 40-50 minutes until crispy, stirring occasionally. You can also try kale and cauliflower this way. Yum.

  • I think I recall the “stop Cailey!” being right after John 3:16. Good memorizing Jenson:)
    Deedee, Continuing to pray for you!