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I am not a carnivore

I was describing to my friend Kelli in an e-mail over the weekend, how when my arms are inflamed, I am not unlike a T-Rex.  You know, the dinosaur with the little short arms that only can do so much.

But what the T-Rex lacks in arm strength, he more than makes up for in his bark.

Much like me.

She wrote me back, “Have you seen Meet the Robinson’s?  ‘Really big head, itty bitty arms.’  Oh how that just made me laugh.”

And that made me laugh.  Kelli and I share the same off center sense of humor, and I treasure her for that, among many other things.

Well.  Hang in there with me, I will tie this together in a rambling moment.  Something that I’m pursuing as I am trying to get answers and healing during this arduous process of finding the right medication and IS THIS REALLY R.A.? is through this website:  http://mychristiancare.org/restore/.

My SIL works for The Christian Care Ministry, and she recommended their Restore program to me.  In a nutshell, it is basically personalized coaching for REVERSING DISEASE.  Diet and exercise are key.  As well as PRAYER!

Since I have discovered that Methatrexate is not working to reduce any inflammation, and the chances of EVER getting me on Prednisone again are not good, I want desperately to find a way to cure this disease from the inside out.  Instead of just masking the symptoms.

So, I’m working with a personal “health” coach through the Restore Ministry.  Her name is Angela, and we had our first phone conversation on Saturday night.  I adore her.  We will be having a more in depth meeting in a couple of weeks, but to get me started, she has recommended that I go on a plant based diet.

I’ve already been diary/gluten free for the last month.  I’ve been reticent about being a vegetarian because, well, WHERE’S THE BEEF?   And I’ve feared that I wouldn’t get enough protein and would be sidelined with a migraine because of the lack of protein.  Because I NEED PROTEIN.

I’ve been reading about the benefits of a plant based diet when dealing with a disease of the auto-immune system.  After talking with Angela about it, and getting all sorts of great information about how much protein I can glean from vegetables and beans, I decided to try it.

We’re already keeping a good deal of fresh organic fruits and vegetables in the house that we’re getting from a local co-op.  And now I’m giving myself a crash course in how to cook beans, soups, and how to assemble fun salads.

I KNOW!  This from the girl that considered Oreos a food group.

Sunday was my first day completely eating a plant based diet.

And you know what?  Dietarily speaking, I feel great.  I’m not hungry, and not craving anything I’m not suppose to have.  I also, eerily, have more energy than I’ve had in a while.  And that could simply be my imagination, but I’m going to claim it.  Even though it’s only been one day.

I’m also going to ask to be re-tested for Lyme Disease.  I just have a sneaking suspicion that something else is going on.

Time will tell how this dietary change will affect my healing.  I’m hopeful.  Even though I’m no longer a Carnivore, like my friend the T-Rex.

But my bark is still mighty powerful.

A vegetarian. Who would have ever thunk it.

If you all have any good vegetarian type recipes (especially using beans or Tofu), I would love it if you’d share them with me.  I’ve picked up a few cookbooks from the library, but recipes that have been tried and true are what I really need!

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  • Check with Christine Moers over at welcome to my brain (http://www.welcometomybrain.net). She has tons of vegan/vegetarian recipes and ideas. Plus she can recommend some books about health and diet connections to you and some great blogs with recipes too.

  • A girl I knew in the UK has a vegan recipe blog…she is a good cook so you might want to visit her recipe site…she has it broken down on the sidebar by category and most of her recipes include photos too.


  • So glad to hear about your coach. I look forward to hearing your progress. My mom had RA for most of her life, it is good to see the progress and different treatments developed.
    now that website above looks pretty good! they umm have a recipe for chocolate and oreo pudding… I might have to try that vegetarian recipe.
    I have tried this – not too bad…

    Meet the Robinsons? remember the voice he uses? how can you not crack up when you hear that. :0)

  • Have the doctors suggested any other anti inflammatory medicines for you? For example even some ibuprofen or celebrex? Or a low does of steroids?

    I am glad you are going to have the Lyme disease rechecked.

    • Pam,

      Yes, I was on Celebrex for a couple of months and it did not ease the inflammation. Also ibuprofen, which had been a lifesaver for me when I suffered from cramps that would kill any man, also has not given me relief.

      The steroids I don’t believe we’ve tried yet. (Nevermind, I forgot that Prednisone is a steroid!) I’m absolutely certain that I’m going to find answers. And relief. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other!!! 🙂

      • Prednisone is a steriod, but that doesn’t mean that even though it doesn’t work well for you that others wouldn’t.

        I encourage you to keep trying for health-based ways of managing this. There are stronger drugs, like Humira, Remicade, etc. that a lot of people have good results with, but they’re high-end drugs that insurance doesn’t like to pay for if they can help it, and they are *strong*. Hang in there!

  • Roasted Red Pepper and chick pea soup; black bean soup; hummus; veggie quesadillas; Do you ever saute kale? oh and the superfood salad from whole foods can be duplicated fairly closely – yummy! I have not gone full out vegan- but I started to think of meat as more of a condiment for flavor- of course this is long after having gone to Sonny’s with your lovely family. Obviously I love meat but I am trying to do with less.

  • I don’t have any good recipes but I do have a book recommendation. Eat This and Live by Dr. Don Colbert. He has a list of foods that are inflammatory and which are anti-inflammatory.

    Praying you get some relief soon!

    • Thank you, sweet girl! We actually met with Dr. Colbert in Orlando when Jensen was having all of his issues. I’ll look into this! Also, I’ll be getting the results back from my fancy shmancy food allergy test this week (I think). That should help me know what to avoid. (Please God, don’t let it be chocolate…) 🙂

  • Wow I was actually coming here to suggest the GAPS Diet to you however that does involve meat (but only organic or grass feed) etc. It stands for Gut and Psychology Syndrome and has been shown to reverse or recover people from things such as add, adhd, fibromyalgia, autism, learning disorders, and RA. But hey if what you are doing works then I say go for it. 🙂 Good luck my blogging friend! I have been praying for you.

  • I really admire how you are handling this with humor too! You go girl.


  • I love how – no matter what – you keep on plugging on to find answers. Keep it up.

  • DeeDee, there is a gentlemen in NC who wrote a book called the Hallelujah Diet. Not only vegetarian but 75% raw foods. Here is the link http://www.hacres.com/
    He cured himself of colon cancer by juicing and eating 100% raw foods in a years time. Amazing testimony!!
    Now he has a whole ministry!!
    Couldn’t hurt to take a look?

  • I am following your story with interest and admiration, as well as prayers for the right combination and relief for you. The Lyme’s disease thing is so tricky. I think there is a time frame where it will read positive. I have seen a former teacher of mine practically waste away and hobble from Lyme. (But through a late diagnosis of Lyme, they were able to find kidney cancer and check it before it spread.) Also love reading the comments to recommend to my SIL with Arthritis and Fibromyalgia, constant pain!

  • You are taking charge of your disease management-Good For You!! For vegetarian foods, I know Stuff. We especially like Morningst^r F^rms breakfast patties. Flavor and texture amazingly sausage-like. Our son loves their buffalo wing “chicken” nuggets. Their Grillers are a decent hamburger substitute. Now on the other hand, you could not pay me to eat a B0ca product…

    Continuing to pray for you.

    Nate’s Mom

  • Hi DeeDee, I’ve been reading your blog off and on lately and feel so bad that nothing seems to be the answer for you but I have to say I think sticking with a plant base diet is a good decision to try. I’m not totally meat free but have always preferred fruits and veggies over any meat and feel I have more energy and have been healthy without any serious illness for 63 yrs. Only medication I have to take is thyroid. Hang in there and don’t give up.

  • Hi Deedee, I have been vegan for about 3 years. My family has been vegetarian for my whole life! If you would like I could share our absolutely favorite recipes with you. I hate to try to type them all here. Email me if you would like, have time, etc.
    One cookbook that I have just found is, “Taste Of Health” by Barbara Kerr. Such fun party ideas and special meals.

  • Hi there,
    Have to agree with you on the ChristianCare.org. We LOVE them. They have called us and prayed with us as well as given us invaluable information.
    But when they pray over us, I lose it. I cry.
    We are members of Medi-Share and I recommend to everyone that I think it would fit.
    Chin up, little soldier.
    (my little sis and I always encourage each other with that. Yeah, I know. It doesn’t really work.)