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The Anniversary – Part Deux

The actual day of our anniversary was on Monday.  So late in the day, we headed over to Epcot to splurge and spend the childrens college savings on a nice meal INSIDE a restaurant.  No counter service for THIS anniversary.  No sir.

Before we got out of the van, I asked Fiddledaddy if he wanted to pack the umbrella onto the stroller, you know, in case of rain.  “No,” he replied, “look, the sky is clear.” It was then that my spidey sense kicked in and I almost grabbed the umbrella to use as a walking stick.  But I didn’t.

We settled on Moroccan cuisine, because you can never go wrong with chicken and rice when dealing with a gluten/dairy free diet.

Then we positioned Jensen where he could not see the belly dancers.  Because somehow we knew that he would most certainly say something inappropriate IN ALL CAPS.

Fiddledaddy had the good sense to ask our waiter if they had any special gluten/dairy free dishes.  THEY HAD A TYPED MENU WITH LOTS OF GLUTEN/DAIRY FREE DISHES.  We chose an appetizer with different types of hummus, and the requisite Chicken Kabobs and yellow rice.  The waiter then asked me if I’d like some gluten/dairy free dinner rolls.

I then asked for his name so I could pencil him into my will.

I started crying when I ate the roll, and begged him for the recipe.  He went to talk to the chef, and came back out carrying the bag they came in.  YOU MEAN I CAN GET THESE AT THE STORE?  Sob.  Sob.

The brand name is EnerG, and they are the Tapioca Dinner Rolls.  I’m going to be asking our local health food store to keep them in stock.  And if they can’t, I will special order them from EnerG.  My joy knows no bounds.

The dinner was amazing and I took lots of great pictures.  Which are sadly still trapped in my camera, because I left my camera USB cord at the hotel.  At least this camera did not end up as fish food at the bottom of the lake at Fort Wilderness, like my last camera.

When we emerged from the restaurant, it was pouring rain.  I resisted the urge to shoot the stink eye at Fiddledaddy.  There were no restrooms at hand, so he could not pilfer any more trash can liners.  Because I’m pretty sure that while other park patrons were walking about in their brightly colored rain ponchos, the Fiddle family would have been wearing matching clear plastic trash bags, with crudely ripped arm and neck holes.

Instead we made a mad dash for the American Adventure exhibit.  Which was an indoor movie.  And that was all well and good, except that because of the tremendous lightning storm, no one wanted to push my wheel chair.  Cailey reasoned that I would be fairly grounded, what with my rubber tires and all.  BUT ALL THE OTHER METAL, MOM!

I managed to make it to the building, narrowly avoiding electrocution.  And I have to pause to say that having to rely on a wheelchair for transportation at Disney World has its perks.

Save for the lightning.

When we arrived at the American Adventure hall, I was ushered right in with my family, escorted up an elevator, and was allowed to enter the vast auditorium well before anyone else.

So my children made me proud by killing time in this way:

Considering this was right after dinner, I’d say we’re just lucky they didn’t need the barf bags.

But then again, I’m certain we could have figured out a way to fashion them into a rain accessory.

7 Responses to The Anniversary – Part Deux

  • So nice to read about a kindred soul. Very fun and funny.
    It was a pleasure to read about your Disney journey. Blessings to you all!

  • Oh goodness, your family is mine all over again. I can assure you they’ll all live into their 20s, and you will too.

  • Disney does an amazing job with special diets. It is the only place we have traveled where I didn’t have to pack food for my food allergic kids. The counter service restaurants also have milk and gluten free items. And they have binders listing all the ingredients of their menu items. My 9 year old recommends the chicken strips and chocolate chip cookies at Disney Hollywood Studios (yes, gluten and milk free!).

    The very first time we ate at a Disney restaurant, Chef Mickey’s buffet at the Contemporary Resort, Chef Rafael prepared a special meal for my then three-year-old. When he personally delivered a bowl of soy ice cream and strawberries at the end of the meal, I almost burst into tears. Since I couldn’t propose marriage, I did the next best thing – I put him in our scrapbook. 😉

  • I don’t know if Kroger grocery store has made its way down to FL, but I saw Tapioca dinner rolls there the other day. I don’t remember what brand they were, though.

    AHA – where to buy in FL: http://www.ener-g.com/where/florida

  • LOL I love the whole trashbag thing. 😉 As a side note Amazon has a big gluten free section and many of the items qualify for free shipping too. 🙂 I also just stumbled into Alice.com the other day and while they are not as big as amazon they have a gluten free section too. Also with them their shipping is always free.
    Watching your cute kids roll down the isleway reminds me of something my 3 cherubs would do….so I feel your pride! 🙂 LOL

  • Hee hee.

    I thought of you yesterday.