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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Mercifully, the Prednisone madness ended last week.  But within a couple of days, I felt the inflammation returning to my right hand, and left arm.  There was no change in my knee, except to say that at least my leg hadn’t fallen off.

By Friday I was a basket case, because I was also suffering some significant side affects from the Methotrexate, since Friday was my 3rd weekly dose, and it was the entire enchilada.

Meaning that my doctor started me out with a smaller dosage, and I worked my way up to a full dose by the 3rd week.  I talked to the office on Friday, and told them that the inflammation was returning, and I was having dizziness and nausea.

They talked me down from the top of the kitchen counter, telling me not to panic yet, and to watch my symptoms over the weekend.

I knew Fiddledaddy was planning a special Anniversary trip for me, to stay at the same Disney World hotel where we spent our honeymoon 13 years ago.  The plan was to leave on Sunday and stay through Tuesday.  On Saturday he asked me if I felt up to it.

I looked at him through sad, bloodshot eyes, TAKE ME AWAY FROM HERE.  I figured, if worse came to worse, and all I could do was lay in bed, making out my will, at least I could be staring at a different ceiling.  One void of yogurt stains. 

I was feeling better by Sunday, and the inflammation seemed to not be getting worse, so we packed up the van and aimed ourselves toward Disney World.  We’ve stayed a number of the Disney hotels in the years since we’ve moved to Florida, but this was the first time we’d been back to this hotel since our honeymoon.

And really, it was just like going back in time.

Well.  Except that this time we brought our entourage.

And I was high on pain killers.

But except for that, it was just the same.

We stayed in one of the “family suites” at the All-Star Music.  Now, remember, the All-Star hotels are the Motel 6 of Disney World.  And I LOVE them.  The suite had a separate bedroom with a Queen size bed, and the main room had a fold out couch, and two fold out sleeping chairs.  There was a small kitchenette with a small refrigerator, coffee pot, and microwave.  And there were TWO bathrooms.

The grown-ups bathroom

The kitchenette

The master suite

Master Suite, towel folded in Mickey shape

Family area, we bring our own pillows

I would say, the only drawback to this suite, are the fold out chairs/couch.  I’ve never ever seen a comfortable hotel fold-out anything.  Thankfully, we brought a couple of blow-up mattresses, just to be safe.

We learned that on Sunday night, the Magic Kingdom was going to be open until 1AM.  So a plan was formulated to keep the kids up until they dropped from exhaustion.  And we made them all push me in the wheel chair, just to make certain to achieve our dream.

Emme took this photo of us in front of castle. She missed. If you look closely, you can see part of Fiddledaddy's head.

We had a delightful time until the rain began.  And you would think that as Floridians, we would be prepared for such a thing.  I asked Fiddledaddy, “Where are our rain ponchos?”  “In the back of the garage.” Excellent planning on our part.

But not to be outwitted by a little rain, after a visit to the restroom, I noticed that Fiddledaddy had outfitted the stroller with a plastic cover.  (Yes, our son is 5, but we still stuff him into a stroller, just so we can stow all our gear, sans rain ponchos, beneath. And we made the girls push that too.)  I quizzed Fiddledaddy where he acquired a plastic bag large enough to protect the stroller seat.  “The trash can in the bathroom.”


I countered, “Should I visit the ladies room and procure us some rain hats from the tampon waste receptacle in the stalls?”

Really, we are a class act.

I’m beginning to think that the All Star hotels may be too good for us.

(to be continued)

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