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The Proposal

Jensen has a suitor.  And thankfully I know the family very well, and she comes from good stock.  Her mother clued me into her daughter’s attraction to my testosterone laden son a while back.  But really, I’ve suspected for a long time.

I believe it began one Sunday after church when our families dined together at the local Sonny’s.  The two of them sat together at the children’s end of the table.  I noticed that she hung onto Jensen’s every loud word, and she laughed heartily at his inappropriate dinner-time antics.

They share an Awana class together now.  Yes, I may have just turned the institution of Awana on its ear by signing my son up for Sparks.  I wasn’t present, but I understand from Jensen’s ever watchful aunt, that there was a bit of chasing, some attempted kissing, and then my son’s suitor announced to him that she was going to marry him.

Fiddledaddy and I were aware of what had transpired, so on the car ride home we thought we’d get his side of the story.  

The Inquisitors: Jensen, what was your favorite part of Awana tonight?

Him: The gum.

Inquisitors: (adopting a new tactic)  Was —– (name withheld because her mother is a dear friend and would make an excellent in-law) friendly to you?

Him: Yeah.  A little bit.  Well.  A LOTTA bit.

Inquisitors: (sensing the desired information was close at hand)  What happened?


Inquisitors: On the cheek, I hope.

Him: NO, ON THE LIPS.  And then she said she was going to marry me.  I told her that I didn’t like all that marrying stuff.

Fiddledaddy: You can tell her that you’d like to just be friends.  I had to tell your mommy that when she kept trying to kiss me on the lips when we first met.

(and let me interject to say that was not entirely true)

Him: Or I can tell her all that marrying stuff is just very gross.

There was silence in the back of the van, causing Fiddledaddy to reflect on his own 5 year old dealings with the fairer sex, “Yeah, the girls used to chase me, too.”


I’m thinking I need to step up my rehab, so I can get back into volunteering at Awana.  I may need to aid my young son into keeping his heart focused on Jesus.

And his eye on the gum.

6 Responses to The Proposal

  • Yup, guarding the heart. Great post. I laugh, but with a 10 and 8 year old it has come up lately.
    Have a good day

  • At least I can rest assured that my girls have good taste (: But oh dear, just a few weeks ago boys were yucky. When did she get boy crazy?!? I think it was upon meeting JENSEN. His charm and way of living in all caps is hard to resist.

  • My 5 yr old son has just decided since starting Kindergarten that girls are icky. Although all the little girls seem to think he is adorable he hasn’t mentioned anything about being chased, kissing, etc.

  • When my oldest son was 5 he decided he had picked out which lucky little girl at church he would marry. I carefully and thoroughly explained that people change over time and God may have someone else for him. But he is adamant…still. He just turned 9 and is still convinced he will marry this one little girl. At least your son is still more excited about Jesus and gum than girls.

  • Tender hearts! How great! I rememeber when our daughter was in 1st grade. She came home and announced “Donald will never do THAT again.”
    Mom “Do What again?”
    Her “Kiss me, but he will NEVER do that again.”
    Mom “Where did he kiss you.”
    Her “In the playground but I fixed it.”
    Mom “How?”
    Her “I punched him right in the stomach and he puked!”
    Dad “Good Girl!”
    Such is the life…..

  • My youngest daughter just turned 15. She isn’t really “into” boys yet. I know that is unusual in this day and age—she is much more into her computer, dogs and horses. I hope she decides to love her horse more than some goofy boy, at least for a little while yet:)
    On the other hand my two older teen sons…..it’s all over with. We usually get a running commentary of who is cute, who would make a good girlfriend, etc. etc. My husband and I stress the importance of a godly, young lady to them. “Yes, mom. Yes, dad. WE KNOW that is important, but is she cute?”
    I spend a lot of time in prayer…..for my future daughter’s in law. God help them:)