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Super Quick Update

I spent the morning at Mayo, getting registered, having an x-ray done, and meeting with the orthopedic specialist.  I immediately felt as though I were in good hands.  When we finished our meeting, he looked me in the eye and said, “We’ll get to the bottom of this.”

Well.  I’d been holding back tears all day, but that did it.  Finally, I felt like someone was listening to me and was truly on my side.  He suspects something systemic is causing all the inflammation.  It may be indicative of an infection.  There are other things that cannot be ruled out, though.  Even though my rheumatory panels came back negative, twice, he still wants me to meet with their Rheumatologist next Tuesday.  I will also be coming back to meet with this doctor next Tuesday also to follow up on tests performed today.

He ordered more blood work.  Yesterday, it took 2 clinics and 4 needle sticks to get a vial and a half out of me.  Today it took 2 nurses and 3 more sticks to get 6 vials.  I think it would have been easier to just punch me in the face to extract blood.  I look like a drug addict, what with all the bruising and holes on my arms.  Coupled with my leg brace and wrist and elbow guards, people are giving me a rather wide berth.

The doctors got a full medical run-down on me.  When asked if I’d had any noticeable accidents to set all of this in motion, Fiddledaddy piped up with, “Well, she did fall down at a party last year and landed on her knee.  But she’s not sure which knee.”

My head whipped around to him.  The atmosphere in the room was most somber or I would have added, IT WAS NOT A PARTY, IT WAS A FUND RAISER. FOR CANCER.

Made me sound like a drunk.  And for the record, I was not drinking at the FUND RAISER.  For CANCER.

I go back to have fluid taken out of my knee to be biopsied.  Another needled.  A REALLY BIG ELEPHANT NEEDLE. I’m going to ask for an epidural, but I know the answer will be negative.

Answers are not coming quickly.  But I feel certain they are coming.  I know I’m in good hands here at the Mayo Clinic.

Again, thank you all for your prayers.

30 Responses to Super Quick Update

  • Sorry about all the needles 🙁 May you have a good answer next week and start on some sort of effective treatment.

  • Blood drawn is no big deal for me, but an IV…that’s another story. Try 3 nurses and 8 sticks! I’m so glad you’re feeling good about the docs you’re talking too.
    Thanks for the twitter updates.

  • You’ve been on my mind today – keep us posted!

  • Totally cracking up at the fund raiser comment. But sorry for all your pain!!

  • Thankful that you are going to get some answers. Will continue to pray for you.

    And the cuss jar comment on Twitter had me laughing out loud! I’ve loved reading your play by play reports today…I don’t think I’d have such a sense of humor in your situation. Yeah…I’m sure I wouldn’t!

  • I also have been watching your Twitter. They arevery thorough at the Mayo. When you get an answer there, it will be the right answer. In my prayers…

  • I think Fiddledaddy likes making these comments knowing it’s going to cost him bags of oreos. I say up the price and make him add a case of Chocovine.
    Praying for all of you. You go ahead and cry – cuz it’s your party and you’ll cry if you want to. Sorry! I couldn’t resist. 😉

  • Oh, my sweet Dee Dee. I am praying for you, and by gummy, I am praying for complete healing, and quickly. I love love love you, me

  • Sucks to go through all that, DeeDee. :O( But it does sound like you’re in good hands. MUCH better hands than, ahem, the original venue provided. I’ve had quite a bit of experience with doctors, and let me tell you, there are some really awful ones out there! (Like the one who asked me when 8 months pregnant with my first child if I “liked” coming to the hospital after two back-to-back visits involving bleeding and contractions… Yeah, I just LOVE it, BUDDY… It’s been more than eight years, and I’m still not over that one!) But when you get a good one, hang on tight, because they will really seek out answers for you… Even if it does involve a lot of long needles. Ugh. I’m a notoriously bad stick, so the comment about a sucker punch to the face made me laugh… I may suggest that when I go in next month and they want to take a pint or two but can’t find the veins. :O) Anyway… God bless and take care of yourself!

  • Praying for you. You are in good hands. All of them…

  • So relieved to read this post and know you are going to get some ANSWERS!!! Praise God!

  • Hey DeeDee — prayers are with you — having to give myself three injections a day for 30+ years I pretty much know that needles suck, but I’m also really glad that we live in an era where we have them, and where modern medicine can do so much … it’s also really cool to have a God WHO HEALS on our side, who wants the best for us, and who will never leave us nor forsake us. Keep the Faith … you’re in His Hands ALWAYS. Lots of love from your friends in Hollywood!

  • DeeDee, My husband has had extensive experience with doctors, and thus, because of this, so have I. His veins are hard to hit, scarred and difficult to get blood out of. If he knows he is going to have a blood draw he drinks lots and lots and lots and lots of water the night before and being well-hydrated seems to help. So, now if you know you are going to be a pin cushion, if you drink enough before you get poked, maybe you will spring a leak and shoot out water!

  • It sounds like you’ve found the right place. Yay!

  • Praying that you find relief and answers. Love your blog. Your sense of humor is fantastic!

  • Praying for you, sweet girl. I hope that you get the answers you need with the least number of pokes possible. I’m afraid we may be following your path in the very near future. Jacob woke up on Sun. with slight hip pain, and by Monday he was nearly immobile. Everything hurts: walking, sitting, lying down, getting in/out of the van, rolling over, laying on his back, etc. Now we are trying to find a pediatric orthopedist who will see him soon enough to prevent my husband and I from having panic attacks.

  • “my rheumatory panels came back negative…” Have they checked for psoriatic arthritis? It acts a lot like rheumatoid arthritis but the rheumatory panels are negative. Ask me how I know this. 🙂 Praying for you!

  • Shivers! I don’t like needles. I sure hope they find answers quickly.


  • Do you wear a helmet? Love you!

  • Sounds like you are in the right place. Like that they are sure to find out what is going on. I too have a hard time to give blood. I think that the blood has a mind of its own and says “No way are we comming out. God put us here ans Here we stay” Red Cross even asked me to stop donating because it took too long and they didn’t get enough! Can you believe – even the Red Cross didn’t want it. Hang in there, hopeing for fast answers.

  • I’m sure you’ve come to the right place to find answers. Hoping there are not too many more needles in your future.

  • I just read your blog for the first time. Which Mayo Clinic? I have an appointment in early October at the Jacksonville Clinic. I, too, am hoping for answers after 5 years of testing and being told I’m interesting, etc. but no diagnosis and no treatment plan. I long to hear those words, “We’re going to get to the bottom of this.” I will keep you in my prayers and follow your journey.

  • If I lived close I’d whip up a homestyle, comfort food dinnerl, bring it to your house, do 3 loads of laundry, vacuum and dust before promising to be back with a peach cobbler for dessert.

  • Just the promise of getting to the bottom of it is encouraging, I’m sure, as is a doctor who listens and makes eye contact.

    Drink, drink, drink (water, my friend) before your next blood draw. Being hydrated really does help. (And remember, if they find alcohol in your blood, it will only confirm what they were already thinking after your hubby’s comment! Ha!)

    Be blessed!

  • So that’s what they call it now a days….Cancer Fund Raisers….code words. 🙂

    Seriously, glad you are there at Mayo, praying answers will come swiftly.

    And furthermore, I have no doubt you’ll still be able to find something to blog about even after you’re running your first marathon!!

  • Hi Sweet Girlfriend – I missed your birthday this year – we were in Texas! Oh, my gosh, I stopped by San Antonio Little Theatre (San Pedro Playhouse)…so many memories. I shared stories with Greg about some of our adventures, and he and I laughed so hard. Speaking of my husband, he is the techie in our family and he sent me your blog this morning…My heart goes out to you…we have dealt with unusual health issues for myself for five years. It takes perseverance to get at the root of things. Be encouraged…God’s grace is sufficient and will sustain you. I am, and will continue to lift you in prayer, and your family, as you know, chronic issues in one affects you all. Oh – how I would long to have a trip where you, Marsha and I can hang…Next year? Whatever feeble states our “ancient” bodies would allow! I miss you friend. Much Forever Love – kathy

  • Ditto all the comments above! I too believe you are at the right place and will get answers!!!! I will be sending extra prayers your way! Hang in there!

  • Oh Dee Dee, your warmth and humor through this have got to count for something. Keep up that cheerful heart on this journey, and I too am believing for a full healing for you.

    And ditto on drinking the water – it REALLY helps.


  • Hi DeeDee, prayers for all of you, keep us posted….

  • Praying for you, Dee. And hoping for an update SOON! God bless.