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A Day at the Park

I attended our first homeschool park day for the new school year last Friday.  Surprising, since I vowed not to exit my house until mid-October.  But I did it, not because I care all that much about my children’s ability to socialize, but because I needed a girlfriend fix.

I am blessed to be in a group of moms that I can be real with.  Our Friday afternoon park day mantra is “by the time you leave here, you will feel much better about your own parenting abilities.”

Translation:  someone’s kid likely did something far worse than your kid that week, and that kid’s mother did not handle it all that well.

And we all had a summer’s worth of stories to share.  It was awesome.  And my girlfriend whose story took the cake made me pinky swear not to blog about it.  It’s killing me, but I won’t.  Except to say that it involved the police, helicopters, a news truck, and a dumpster.  That’s all I’m saying’.

Our usual park is excellent for bike riding and football throwing, but since it’s 145 degrees in Equador, Florida, we opted for a smaller park.  This park has a pavilion, AND the playground is covered.  Still, the children wandered out from under the shade and were a sweaty mess by the end of the afternoon.  We didn’t even care that they discovered the wonders of plastic cups and the drinking fountain, and all the joy that a water fight could evoke.

The mothers were a good deal smarter and opted to stay under the pavilion, near the water bottles used for actual drinking and of course the snacking opportunities.

This would have been the perfect day to wear my new iFan around my neck, but Fiddledaddy confiscated it and took it with him for work out of town.

Like he has to deal with hot flashes.  In his defense, he had to stand out in the sun, wearing a full suit.  So if anyone spots anymore of these iFans at Wal*Mart or some other fine establishment, let me know.

I have a full week of doctor’s appointments ahead of me.  Because I haven’t yet visited with ALL the doctors here in Equador, Florida.  I’m hoping to get some answers to all the new joint issues.  Which are worsening, so much so that I’m completely unable to wash the dishes and mop the floors.

PITY ME.  The minions are getting pretty good at taking cleaning orders.  MY MASTER PLAN!  IT IS WORKING!  (insert medication induced maniacal laughter)


Also, if you haven’t entered my contest to win this week’s $100 Visa Gift Card, courtesy of BlogHer and Kellogg’s, click over to my giveaway page.  The comments close tonight.  And yes, the images that I’m showing on the page are my  children.

Happy Monday!

9 Responses to A Day at the Park

  • I’m in SC this week moving my daughter into her apt for the school year. I got off the plane wearing jeans because airplanes are like freezers and I was smacked in the face with a wall of humidity. Then we got to move a million boxes up and down a milion stairs. Good times.

    Hope you find the answers you are looking for!

  • Hi! Aren’t girlfriend fixes so terrific. Hope this week gets you some answers.

  • Your park day sounds wonderful, except for the 145 degree part.

    Great job utilizing your children as slaves. Isn’t that why we have children really? I’ll be praying for your week!

  • Park Day Rocks! I’m looking up sangria recipes….. 🙂

    • Back Story: Fiddledaddy knows my friend, Stacey. I was explaining to him how we all stayed cool at the park, and I mentioned that Stacey brought a large thermos of…and before I could say “water”, he looked alarmed and blurted “SANGRIA?” So. The idea has taken root…

  • Hmmm, too bad I don’t watch the news from your side of the state. I might be able to figure out your girlfriends’ kid story!
    As far as getting your kids to clean? Great idea. I liked what Virginia said. When my 15 year old complains about lawn mowing and wants us to hire a lawn service, I just tell him that’s what we have him for. He goes Mooooom!!!! I give him a hug and laugh on my way out of the room!

  • Park day is what might keep me sane. Clearly I needed it! So thankful that I can be a part of it. Its more fun than therapy would be (:

  • Girls park day are far better than therapy! Glad you had some even in the 145 heat. Come up to NH – it’s 62!

  • Aren’t girlfriends the BEST? But now you have me thinking of all kinds of stories that could involve helicopters, police, the news, and dumpsters… hmmm…