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My first born child is a nocturnal creature.  She also has a rather strong curious streak.  And my propensity for pushing the boundaries and landing in trouble.  This is a deadly combo for the parent of such a child.

Because of this, we have installed extra locks on the doors, as sleep walking was an issue of hers for a time.  We also have a security alarm, primarily to keep the inmates IN instead of the riffraff out.  And all computers and televisions are armed with parental controls.

Fiddledaddy has been traveling for work this week, so all the watch dog duties have fallen on my sturdy shoulders.  Fiddledaddy, who is the technical master of this operation, has something called iDisk installed on our Macs.  Which means that all of our data is stored “in a nebulous cloud” somewhere in the universe.  And we are able to access our data and our computers from our laptops.  When we have the need to travel.  Handy, no?

I have no clue whatsoever how it all works.  I don’t want to know.  Much in the same way that I have no idea how my car works, I just know that I turn the key and PRESTO, I’m mobile.

Anyhoo.  Fiddledaddy took his laptop with him so that he could continue to work on his Mac that resides in his home office.

After I had placed the children in their respective beds, I settled down to my own computer to pound out a little work.  Shot glass of ChocoVine by my side.  Suddenly, Emme appeared by my office chair, eyes HUGE, looking as though she’d seen a ghost.

“Mmmmmmom.  Something sssssscccary is going on in ddddadddy’s office.  HIS COMPUTER IS ON AND THE MOUSE IS MOVING ALL BY ITSELF AND..”

Just before I knew she was going to let out a blood curdling scream that would wake not only the dead, but also the younger brother and sister, I told her that daddy was using his computer by accessing it from his laptop.

She understands this technical jargon as long as I sound like I know what I’m talking about.

Relief swept over her.  “Oh.” Then I threatened her life and told her not to get out of bed again.

A little while later, I noticed the computer lights flickering from inside Fiddledaddy’s office down the hall, and I crept towards them in the dark.

Sure enough, I peaked in through the crack in the door, and his screen was fully animated, with the cursor flying all over the place, e-mails being sent, and stuff drug around on his desktop screen.  Yet, the desk chair SAT EMPTY.

It was a little macabre.


And then and there I wished I hadn’t seen Paranormal Activity just a couple of weeks ago.

I decided that maybe two shotglasses of ChocoVine wouldn’t hurt, and WHY NOT SLEEP WITH THE LIGHTS ON!

I’m ain’t skeeerrt.

Have a terrific weekend everyone!  Any movie watching that I will be doing will be romantic comedy in nature.  Just sayin’.

9 Responses to Boo!

  • I would’ve freaked out too!

  • Oh My! If I walked into my husbands office and his computer was working but no one was there, I would so have every light on, every tv on and be calling people just to have some one to talk to – where is that personal phone operator these days?

    Have a great weekend see you Monday.

  • Poor Dick. I’ve taken to having him read your funny columns each morning when he comes down for breakfast. You’ve hit another one “out of the park,” kiddo! So, once again, as soon as he toddles downstairs expecting oatmeal, he’ll have to come and look at our benign screen beforehand.

  • That would freak me out, even if I knew (and had even a rudimentary knowledge of) that he was merely accessing it from a bazillion miles away. Or even just down the block.

  • I agree, that is a little freaky. Isn’t amazing how the house makes weird noises at night when our husbands are out of town? You should have been here the week my husband was in Calif and the kids were both at camp. I was all alone and while I loved it the house sure made alot of creaky loud noises!
    We got an alarm system when our first was 2 months old. It makes me feel more secure at night. We too were glad to have it when our kids were younger so we knew if they tried to wander outside. It also works with they reach the teenage years for making sure no one tries to sneak out in the middle of the night 😉

    • Connie, just make sure they can’t remove the batteries from the window sensors without you knowing… that’s what I used to do when I was a teen. Until my Dad caught me and caulked my window shut… 🙂

  • Oh for heavens sake! I wish we could edit our comments. Excuse the grammatical errors. I just got back from clothes and shoe shopping with my 12 year old daughter. Brain.no.longer.working.

  • It is odd to see an unmanned computer having an arrow go all over the screen.

  • Uh, yah. Remote access isn’t my fav either. Have had people do it when I’m sitting at the computer watching …and even when I’m RIGHT THERE and I gave them permission to DO that, it still gives me the willies.
    So let’s all hold hands and stick together.
    And YES, the lights ON…Please…