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A Leg Up

I’ve had a few sweet people asking about my knee issues and how I’m doing, so I thought I’d talk about my knee some more.  I’ve been trying to ignore my knee, but IT FOLLOWS ME EVERYWHERE I GO.

Last Friday I got my hoopty ploopty knee brace.  The hope is that the brace will help to stabilize the knee cap, and take some pressure off of the (insert forgotten medical term here) ligament.  And saints be praised, it is working.  I’ve been able to get around easier without crutches.

And as a bonus, it comes in fashionable black.  Which matches nearly everything I own.  OH, and it comes with a handy black stocking to wear underneath so that I don’t chafe.  The only problem is that I am now forced to wear shorts.

I don’t do shorts.

I found a way around this by wearing close fitting leggings with an oversized shirt.  Because I am acutely aware of fashion sensibilities.  Coupled with the fact that the AARP is hounding me to join, I must also take into account my age when making fashion decisions.

Fiddledaddy was observing me attempting to put an outfit together for church on Sunday.  As I was trying to cover ALL PARTS OF ME UP, he made mention, “Well, your legs have always been your best asset.”

I shot him a look.  DUDE, I’M DOWN TO ONE GOOD LEG.

He dug himself out of the hole by telling me that my leg brace made me look athletic.

Jensen said it looked creepy.

I’ll miss that little tyke.

And just to be clear, the leg model in the above image?  IT IS NOT ME.

Now it’s a waiting game.  The pain is still present, but manageable.  And I can’t venture too far, which, WHO CARES?  It’s 145 degrees here in Equator, Florida.

I see my doctor next week, but I tell you, going to the Mayo Clinic is still on the table.  Now I’m having issues with the joints in my arms and my right hand.  My first thought is osteoarthritis.  My blood work all came back negative for rheumatoid arthritis.  But I’m open to any diagnosis.

So, if body parts start falling off of me, please be a friend and step over them.  And act like nothing is wrong.

Again and again, thank you all for your encouragement, prayers, and support.

12 Responses to A Leg Up

  • Sounds miserable…hope your knee heals and you’re feeling better soon.

  • I wore a contraption similar to that two years ago when I tore my ACL … I feel your pain! The physical pain, and the “fashion pain!” Have you tried putting it on over slacks? That worked for me sometimes when a “decent look” was needed for my job.

    It was summer in Tulsa when I had to wear mine too (i.e., “HOT!”). I remember (now that you’ve reminded me of the experience … I had blocked it out of my memory until now!) wearing skirts a lot too which worked. The full type skirts … not the tight A-line styles. That would NOT have been a pretty sight.

    Praying for you lots … I was blessed (so far) with an amazing healing and have yet to need the surgery they said was inevitable. But that was one tough summer.

  • Been wondering how that was going, Deedee… Yuck! Although I can see that your sense of humor hasn’t deserted you… :O) Who cares about fashion, anyway? I certainly don’t! (As I sit here in my living room wearing a ratty, old, oversized Disney t-shirt that reads, “Kiss Me, I’m Grumpy.”)

  • Personally I’d go for the shorts. I had this brilliant idea that I was going to wear capris all summer long. What a silly idea that was! It lasted all of no time at all. It’s just too hot. It’s not like anybody would mind, given your present issues.

    I wonder if the arm/hand thing is from the crutches? Those are awful to other parts of the body. Just a thought.

    I hate this for you. Hang in there. Praying this brace helps you heal and recover. : )

  • I don’t “do” shorts either in public but I sure wear them at home here is “Equator Florida”! That cracked me up!
    Maybe, just maybe the problems with the joint pain are because you have been on crutches for so long. I hope that is what it turns out to be. A little Celebrex or Advil and some rest would take care of that. Good luck, I will keep you in my prayers 🙂

  • Bless your heart. Having to wear an contraption in this heat sounds terrible. Your idea of leggings and a long cute top sounds like a good idea. I’ve literally been living in sundresses all summer. I find them so much more cooler than even shorts. That might be a solution for you.


  • I would so hold your bottle of Chocovine WITH a long straw for you cuz I’m that devoted. 🙂

    What about yoga pants? They’re longer than shorts and are supposed to be the in thing.

  • I can feel your pain. Really, I have been there. Actually, after 3 surgeries, numerous doctors and various diagnosis, the best thing I ever did was go to an internist who did some bloodwork and determined that I had hashimoto’s Disorder that presented itself with (major) joint pain. Long story short, I know take an antihistamine called R-Tanna and it works WONDERS>…..No more swollen sore feet, knees, ankles or hips….Worth looking into. My doctor was a genius but he is in Missouri. SOrry.

  • Thanks for the update! 🙂 It is a very athletic-looking brace. Like you did something exciting to yourself.

    Trying the brace over slacks/non-denim pants (less bulky) is worth trying…or getting a few longer skirts. I don’t do shorts either, so I spend summer far more dressy than any other season – by default I’m in cute cargo capris or a skirt. Short skirts still go longer than many shorts (and are more forgiving), but a casual or denim past-the-knee skirt might give you flexibility with the brace, coverage, and a cooler option than full pants. 🙂

    Mayo’s probably worth considering, if only for the peace of mind of a second opinion! Hopefully it’s just strain from the crutches, but depending on which antibiotics you’ve been on (particularly if you were on levaquin or something similar) it could be worth ruling out an antibiotic side effect too. My mom got an infection after her second lumpectomy and did a nice month-long tour of escalating antibiotics; at the end they had to weigh whether some of the most persisting muscle soreness was due to her systemic allergic reaction to bactrim or the levaquin that she seemingly tolerated well. Wound up in the bactrim column (that bactrim reaction was her worst part of the whole experience), but they still checked into it and had some concerns. But it did eventually clear up. 🙂

  • Snazzy!

    Deedee, if other joints are hurting, be sure they consider Lyme disease. Sometimes it is tricky to diagnose. Sorry to add to the worries.

  • I vote for athletic. Have you been telling everyone that you injured yourself in a dramatic ski accident? Definitely the way to go. I also say try the leggings + a short empire-waisted dress. Rocking.

  • I’m no form of medical personnel, but your other joints may be hurting from all the using-of-the-crutches. I had to use them for a week once and thought my arms and hands were going to fall apart at the seams. Heal soon!