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The Kitchen Sink

When we built our house, I was clearly out of my mind when I chose the kitchen elements.  Rightfully so.  I blame it on pregnancy hormones.  Since our first child had yet to arrive, I thought that a WHITE kitchen would be lovely.

We upgraded our cabinets to a fiber board type material with a white contact paper type overlay.  Which, WHAT LUCK, would begin to peel some 10 years later. And in case you missed it, this was an upgrade.

For the counter tops, I decided not to upgrade to say, Corian, but instead chose a basic WHITE laminate.  To save money.  In my stupor, I thought that white would be easy to keep because, HELLO?  BLEACH IS CHEAP!

We’re on our 3rd kitchen sink.  I went from your basic stainless steel, to WHITE.  Are you seeing a pattern here?  Well.  One afternoon during a kitchen emergency, I threw a hot pan into the white sink, and the bottom of the sink bubbled up and peeled right off.

Time for a new sink.  And guess what color I chose?  Yes, I went with the white.  Because change?  It is hard.  Now during a kitchen emergency, I have the better sense to throw anything that is ablaze out the back door.

However, the little ring thingy at the bottom the sink (yes, I chose WHITE for that too) has peeled over the last few years, leaving me with a stainless steel/off-white combo on the ring thingy.

Each time we switch out the sink, I manage to wrangle a new faucet out of the deal.  This morning my beloved faucet handle broke right off.  And Fiddledaddy, who is very adept at fixing computers, has no idea how to reattach the handle. And we’re pretty certain that it’s irrevocably broken.

So he came up with the above solution.

I admit.  It’s sleek.  It’s modern.  It’s only slightly more attractive than the silver duct tape we usually employ for kitchen fix-ups.

Tomorrow I head to Home Depot to look for a new faucet.

And I believe I’ll be able to wrangle a new sink out of the deal.  And my color choice?


I’m right back where I started.  The circle of life, and all that rot.

15 Responses to The Kitchen Sink

  • I wish I had a white kitchen! Ours is the original that came with the house – avacado green laminate and even an avacado green double oven. Plus ugly brown laminate flooring and seriously dated cabinets.

  • Fiddledaddy fixes things like my man fixes things. Only our tool like that is currently on the lawn mower.

  • Let’s look on the bright side: he could have found a way to use duct tape, but he chose vise grips. A wise and stylish choice given the circumstances.

  • I have to say, in my first apartment I had a stainless sink and I thought it was ugly. But then again, it was a cheap apartment and everything was ugly. Then in my first house the kitchen was very small and all of the appliances and cabinetry and flooring were what the realtor called “updated” from the original 40’s stuff (which might have been old but was probably cute) to what I like to call “the cheapest crap you can get at home depot in the 80’s”.

    The sink, however, was this gorgeous white porcelain, and I was thrilled with it. THRILLED!

    Until I actually used it.

    I broke more glasses and dishes in that sink than I have in the rest of my entire life. And we only lived there for 3 years! I felt like I broke a glass a day. Even if you just tapped something against the side lightly (because of course I would never, like, BANG dishes around) stuff would shatter. And that thing always had marks on it from my pots and pans scraping the sides, which could only be erased by using comet. I HATED IT!

    Now in my new house, I have a stainless sink again, and I am content. If only I could figure out how to stop banging glasses against the granite countertops…

  • Um, my point was, “YAY for stainless” and congrats on getting a new sink and faucet, though I think that contraption is just beauty-ful, way ahead of its time.

  • I have those same peeling cabinet doors and drawers. I tried Elmer’s glue on some of it to try to get it to re-stick, but now all the corners are just covered with Scotch tape.

    I’m so-o-o-o happy for you and your new sink and faucet! Is Fdaddy gonna install it?

    • Oh Nancy, how I would love tickets to that! Perhaps if I insist that Fiddledaddy actually change out the plumbing himself, maybe I really COULD get a new kitchen.

      Food for thought. 🙂

  • Ah, looks just like mine. I’ve seen my husband build beautiful kitchens for his customers. Yet when it comes to our own home it is held together just like this. I just keep telling myself thank goodness I have a sink and don’t have to wash the dishes by hand in the shower anymore.

  • You can always spray paint the vice grip white. 😉

  • I have a white kitchen and I do really love it but all of our children are grown and out of the house (well mostly out of the house, they come visit and bring children with them!) I have to clean it a lot and yes Bleach is cheap but when our children were small, dark colors worked best. I could just forget about the kitchen until I Had to. I love the new sink fix, we have a paperclip on the back of the couch holding our plug for recharging the ipads. So pretty!!! It’s a man thing. Have fun shopping and I’d go with stainless steal sink as well.

  • ha-I just went to a breakfast at a friends and went to turn off the water and it would not turn off. She hollered, ‘oh it’s okay, I have to get the pliers to turn off the faucet.’ You are not alone : )

  • We have an old house with a white porcelain sink, which I thought added character when we moved in 10 years ago. Now it’s not so much white anymore as a dingy tan thanks to all the gunk that’s stained into all the scratches and chips. We’re thinking of renovating and adding on to our house, and a kitchen redo with a different sink is at the top of the list.

    Happy faucet shopping.

  • Oh, I just think these are hilarious and when I need to sit and rest sometimes, I turn to Fiddledeedeedee and Tara wins in THIS set! Wondering if the “Tom” is my son/law (Di’s husb) . . .keep it up DeeDee, you’re the best!

  • I’m a little behind in my reading. I had over 1000 items in my Google reader the other day. Now I’m down to 61. Saving the best for last, etc.

    Question: “So he came up with the above solution.” WHAT above solution? Was there a photo ?