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I’m Cool

In an attempt to save a few dollars, Fiddledaddy cranks the air conditioner up to 115 degrees whenever we leave the house for any length of time.  Who knew water could boil in the toilet?

Then when we come back home, the air conditioner is once again set at a reasonable level.  However, the hot flash prone wife of this energy conscious man has been known to stand in front of the open freezer until she no longer assumes that death from heat prostration is eminent.

Thusly negating any money saving attempts of the man of the house.  We kind of balance each other out that way.

Thankfully, my sweet girlfriend, Brianna, sent me a care package just before moving back from Colorado this last week.  And included was this brilliant invention.

After installing batteries, you hang it around your neck and it blows air upward.  A hands free personal fan.  And if you think I wouldn’t stoop to wearing one around my neck in public, you would be sadly mistaken. I’ve been known to balance an ice pack on my head while retrieving the mail.

After living in Colorado for 2 years, and then arriving back in Florida to enjoy the heat of August, my friend is kicking herself for not purchasing more of these delightful iFans.  As now she cannot locate them anywhere.

Because she is a sweet gentle soul, she confided to me today, “Well, I’m trying not to complain about the heat.”

Which is okay, because I assured her that I’LL COMPLAIN ENOUGH FOR THE BOTH OF US.

Anyhoo, my heart is overflowing with happiness because she and her precious family are back home where they belong.  We were blessed to be able to go out to lunch with them today after church.  In a flash of lunacy brilliance, we positioned all 6 of our children (including THREE 5 year olds) together at the end of the table, while we 4 adults (and I use that term loosely) could have quality conversation at the other end of the table.  AND IT WORKED.  All the children kept each other entertained, and we weren’t asked to leave the restaurant.  Plus I was able to nibble on fried okra and laugh until I hurt.

I needed that.

Good friends, a lot of laughter, and deep fried vegetation.  A wonderfully healing combination.

How was your weekend?

6 Responses to I’m Cool

  • I know just what you mean about this heat. I can’t remember ever having a summer quite like this. The fact is, the record setting highs and record warm nightly lows attest to the fact that I shouldn’t remember.
    Which is comforting, because now I can’t blame the lack of memory on age.

  • Sadly I can relate to the need of a personal fan. Our house in the UK had no screens and I could be seen periodically just flinging the window wide open and sticking my head outside. Too much trouble here…and my freezer is the drawer style so awkward. I take a lot of showers.

  • I need an ifan! Sadly my weekend was spent flat on my back with a stomach flu. It passed in a blur as my temp soared right along with the outside temps. It’s all good…as quick as it hit, I woke up this am with nothing more than a lingering headache. Thank the Lord! Although…either my temp is going back up, or I’m having a ‘moment’. Gotta find one of those fans!

  • She’s not going to make you give her back the fan, is she?

    A while back, some of us moms decided to hit El Coyote with all the kids. The waiter brilliantly sat all the children at another table across from us, then dramatically drew an invisible line between their table and ours. “This is YOUR table. This is your MOTHERS’ table. If NONE of you cross that line for the entire dinner, I will give you all free ice cream.” It WORKED! They all sat and colored their placemats and we all whooped it up with margaritas. You know that waiter got a nice FAT tip.

    Also…have you tried the Chillow? I am dying to get one. It’s a pillow that stays chilled. Sounds good, right?

  • We were blessed to go to a birthday party of a good friend who turned 75 years old! Maybe not such a great idea if we want to have a 76th! He nearly fell over! Luckly, he stayed alive and we had a blast.
    I love heat so I can not relate but come winter, I will gladly be gripping about the cold!

  • I haven’t seen the iFans, but I do have a hand-held battery operated fan that I keep handy. I pull it out whenever needed…even in church. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, right?

    By the way, I finally tried the chocolate wine…yummy!