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Mommy’s Time Out

This was one of my gifts, given to me by my sister-in-law, Eileen, and her family.  She remembers what I’m dealing with.  Even though her children are grown.  She and my brother-in-law can frolic in the privacy of their empty nest in their underwear, if they so chose.

Which is why their children generally call and ALWAYS knock before coming over for a visit.

I did the math.  By the time Jensen is grown and gone, it will be time for Fiddledaddy and I to move in with one of our lucky offspring.  Who would never dream of shipping us off to a nursing home.  Unless we take to frolicking in our underwear.

You just never know.

It likely didn’t escape your notice that the aforementioned bottle has already been opened.

Because someone was very very naughty.  And deserves a time out.

Fiddledaddy has been hollering at me lately to stay off of my feet.  (And can you believe I fight him on this?) Well.  A favorite consequence to the bad behavior that our offspring exhibit, is what we call a “Time Back”.  This means that the offending child has to go to bed early.  The “Time Backs” are in 15 minute increments.  If all the children are particularly rotten, we can possibly have a quiet house by 7:45 because ALL THE CHILDREN ARE IN BED.

It’s brilliant parenting, really.  And I must give credit to Fiddledaddy for thinking of it.  In an effort to keep the mommy from yelling, and sounding like she’s insane.


Tonight when Fiddledaddy was fussing at me to get out of the kitchen so the children could clean up (can you believe I would argue with him over this?) Jensen piped up with, “DADDY, JUST GIVE MOMMY A TIME BACK.”

Right on, little dude.

What’s your favorite “Mommy time out”?

10 Responses to Mommy’s Time Out

  • I LOVE this post! I love your time-back idea, as well. I do something similar, but I like calling it a time back AND in 15 minute increments!

  • My favorite kind of time out is when my Hubs takes both of the kids with him to do the grocery shopping. Two kid-free hours in my own home! And the shopping gets done at the same time!! I can nap, or shower without supervision, or paint my toenails, or read a book without pictures! All by myself!!

  • My favorite time out is strolling in the mall by myself. I somehow treasure these precious hours by myself. I like wasting time by myself because it has become such a precious commodity since I had my daughter.

  • When my kids were little and were all settled in their beds, I pulled out my M&Ms and a “real” Coke and curled up on the couch and watched TV. Yep, that’s exactly why I have 10 extra pounds that never seem to want to go away. Can you imagine…eating M&Ms and a Coke every night…at bedtime?!

    Enjoy your time of someone else doing the dishes. If you feel the need to whine, turn to some wine girlfriend.


  • When our children were small, bath time was my time out. I would light candles, turn up the music (Loud to drown out the yelling kids) and fill the tub with bubbles and stay in there until either I was a prune or hubbie came in to join me (or excape from the yelling kids). Oh what fond memories. Enjoy your time out! They will keep you sane.

  • Friend, sending my children to bed early is my favorite punishment for them.

    FOr me, I’m especially happy when J sees that I truly DO need a time out before my head explodes and he sends me to my room. Yes, please!

  • This is definitely one way to deal with the problem. Your kids need to learn to behave. Still, you don’t want them to get the impression that you like to not have them around. Kids can sense that kind of stuff. Anyway, thanks for the post. Maybe you could come look at my stuff.

  • Sometimes I go to the library. ALONE. Or Target. ALONE. Sometimes I get locked in my room ALONE to read. Sometimes I play Frontierville on Facebook ALONE.

    And now that I’m ginormously pregnant, there is also often some kind of chocolate or ice cream-like factor. Or cake! I’d love some cake. With lard-filled frosting as thick as my hand.

  • I make it a point to do almost all of my grocery and Walmart shopping alone. Sometimes, I just let them think I am still in the bathroom when I am really in the bedroom reading. It usually takes awhile before they come looking for me!

  • We do the same thing, only we call it “early bedtime” and dole it out in 30 minute increments, because I am just that mean. Or desperate. 😉