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A Millstone Birthday

Or milestone, whatever.

I’ve been in denial for the better part of the year over the fact that I’m celebrating a rather significant birthday on Tuesday.  I cannot even type the numbers.  I’ll give you a hint, though.  The AARP has stepped up their campaign and are sending me weekly invitations to join.

Which up until now I’ve handled by lighting them on fire and running over the remains with the van.

The last milestone birthday I acknowledged, 10 years ago, was not a big deal.  This one has really been a bitter antacid to swallow.

I let it be known to my family that my only desire to celebrate, and I use that term loosely, is to continue the tradition of eating every meal out on my actually day of birth.

My SIL, Trish, would have none of that, and planned a girls only birthday party for Sunday.  It was to be a surprise, until a certain 10 year old caught wind of it and accidentally spilled the geritol beans.

Because Fiddledaddy was working out of town on Sunday, my children were in attendance with me, along with my 5 sweet sisters-in-law, 5 nieces, my mother-in-law, and one nephew thrown in for sport.

Much food was involved.  As was wine, games, laughter, and a cake which featured Oreos.  These are my people.

After much forethought, Trish decided that the cake need only hold one candle.  Considering that it was an ice cream cake, that was a good call.  And what with the cost of candles, and all.  So, fortunately there was no loss of life or property on account of the number of candles it would have taken to display my actual age and the ensuing inferno that might have followed.

So, instead of counting candles, I will choose to count my many blessings.  Thank you Trish, and all of my sweet family for making me feel so very special today.

(L to Rt.) Trish, Amber, Cathy, Sue, Eileen, me, Katie, Natalie (I'm the one in the tiara and boa)

16 Responses to A Millstone Birthday

  • You can’t stop birthdays from coming around so you may as well have parties! Looks like a lot of fun. Happy birthday for Tuesday: I am sure you will give us the great report about the day eating out. I like that tradition!

  • Happy Birthday! Break out the Chocovine!

  • Happy birthday! I had a milestone birthday a couple of weeks ago and I’m doing okay.:)

  • Happy Birthday!!

  • Birthday blessings to you! Remember, even millstone ones are better than the alternative. 🙂

  • Awww, DeeDee. I’m right there with you … and I feel pretty much the same way about it, including the persistent AARP mailings! The worst was when I was offered a “senior” discout at a local department store … and qualified (it hurt, but I couldn’t turn down the extra 20% off my purchase).

    BTW … I bought my first (and definitely not last!) bottle of ChocoVine this weekend. Can’t get it at the grocery store here in Oklahoma (14% alcohol is too much for the Bible Belt) which makes it a little inconvenient. It is INCREDIBLE … and I heard about it here! Thanks for the tip!

  • Happy birthday! Sounds like it was a very special day!

  • The key is not to look or act your age! 🙂 I think you’re doing well on both parts. Happy Birthday!

  • You look great for any age! I remember when I turned a dredded age, my husband got me 2 cakes in order to spread out the age! Yes, we are still married…….I do love that man.

  • oh How fun! Happy Birthday!

  • So glad you got to have some fun – you definitely deserve it after the chaos you have been through these past few months! Relax and enjoy yourself – getting older is better than the alternative – enjoy each day you are here!

  • Oh, thank God SOMEBODY in this world knows that it’s sisterS-in-law, and not sister-in-lawS.
    And, Happy Birthday, and all that jazz.

  • Happy Birthday to you!!!

  • You’re 30? Why I had no idea! Well, you did say it was a big one, right? LOL

    Happy Happy Birthday. I hope this one is the best ever.


  • The Happiest of Birthdays to you! Glad you got to have a celebration with a room full of friends. And Oreos.

  • Happy 29th!

    (I’ve turned 29 twelve times now, and it works for me.)

    You’re fabulous at any age!