Knee high in relief

At dark thirty this a.m., we roused the offspring from their slumber.  In all truthfulness, the two girls were already up, fully dressed, and playing quietly with their Barbies.

It was like Christmas morning, since the plan was to dump them off at Aunt Trisha’s house while Fiddledaddy and I went to my appointment with the doctor.  The children would rather be hanging out at Aunt Trisha’s with their cousins than just about anywhere on earth.

And I’ve used that knowledge to my full advantage, as I’ve held it over their little heads all week that if they DON’T CEASE WITH THE FIGHTING, TATTLING, AND GENERAL BICKERING, the trip to Aunt Trisha’s was OFF.

Of course, that would be like shooting myself in the foot just to spite my knee.  As it were.  But they didn’t need to know that.

Fiddledaddy made it a point to make certain that I was in a pretty bad mood by the time we reached our appointed destination.  He has been admonishing me during doctor’s visits past not to launch into a comedy routine, as the doctors might not take me and my plight seriously.  I don’t know if you all know this or not about me, but I tend to use humor, especially inappropriate humor, as a coping mechanism.

Anyhoo.  When I’m in a lousy mood, the humor is hard to find.  Mission accomplished.

At one point during the exam, without warning, my doctor manipulated my knee in such a way that I came two feet off of the table.  Nearly pulling a Steve Carell.

This would only make sense to you if you’ve ever seen the chest waxing scene from his movie “40 Year Old Virgin”.

Don’t judge me.

I must hasten to tell you that I’ve never seen the entire movie, only that clip.  And from what I know of the film, it is highly irreverent.  Even for me.  So I’m not recommending it.  I’m not even recommending that clip to be viewed if you’re easily offended.

I’m just saying that I came dangerously close to recreated the scene in my doctor’s office.  Fiddledaddy, realizing this, nearly had to excuse himself…

So.  In a giant nutshell.  After reviewing all the new data:  x-ray, MRI, and blood work, my doctor has concluded that I have an Edema, or bone bruise.  This is a rather rare occurrence that can sometimes happen during surgery, when fluid is introduced.  I already had a bone defect, but the area surrounding the defect is inflamed, and indicates the bruising within the bone.

At this point, my doctor says that he absolutely does not want to do anything invasive.  And we need to leave it alone and let it heal.  Which may take another 2 to 3 months.

I’ve been fitted for a fancy knee brace which will support the knee and take pressure off of the inflamed area.  Thusly relieving some of the pain.  And ensuring that I will have to wear my stretchypants well into the Fall.

Please tell me that leggings and oversized sweaters and shirts will be in vogue.  I’m generally 10 to 15 years behind in fashion, and just for once I’d like not look like a throw back from the early 90’s.

The doctor went on to release me from Physical Therapy, but told me that I do need to keep up with some stretching, gentle cycling on the stationary bike at the gym, and light swimming.

I kept it to myself, but if he knew what it took for me to wriggle into the sausage casing also known as my bathing suit, the whole swimming idea would be stricken from the record.  As it would be considered a full impact sport.  Which is forbidden to me for like, forever.

I am strangely at peace with this new revelation.  Rheumatoid arthritis has been completely ruled out for now, as well as infection.

I have all of my medical records together should I need to make a trip up to Mayo in the near future, but for now I think I’ll just take it easy and heal.

I can’t promise that I won’t complain now and again.  That would be up on the same plane as asking for a miracle.

I cannot thank you all enough for all of your prayers and sweet messages over these last few weeks.  You did more than you know by way of keeping my spirits up!!!!

Have a terrific weekend!  Oh, and btw, y’all were asking me who I thought should play me in the movie?  I have to vote for Bonnie Hunt…

17 Responses to Knee high in relief

  • I think Bonnie Hunt would be perfect! I adore Bonnie. 🙂

  • Love Bonnie Hunt! Great choice!

  • How exciting to have some answers!!! I’m giddy for you!

    2 to 3 months to heal….be good and obey the doctor…you need to be better so you can do the annual “first day of cool weather happy dance”.

    In reality you probably have 3 to 4 months till you get to dance. Plenty of time to heal! 😀

  • so glad you have answers 😀 bonnie hunt is awesome.

  • Can it be said that prayer works from this?

    A course of action that involves being easier on your knee sounds “right”. From experiences my husband has had, I have feelings that PT can be evil sometimes. Just too aggressive.

    Curious, though – the MRI tech told you your ACL was “gone”: I assume your doctor did not agree with that ? Sure hope so.

    • Pam,

      He really thinks that my ACL is not even an issue. And it is nearly non-existent. However, many people can lead very active and productive lives without an ACL. Unless I tell him that I want to take up, say, football, I shouldn’t ever need ACL reconstructive surgery. Not gonna happen, my friend. 😉

  • Being in the water would be really great for your knee, takes the weight off while the water is soothing. A tip I figured out during my two July due date pregnancies: Guys board short style bathing suits can look cute with a bikini top. No sausage casing trouble to deal with. Feel better!

  • Glad you received some (relatively) good news! And leggings with tunics are totally in for fall. Jeggings (jean leggings) are even making it big (and I’m not even kidding when I say I’m surprisingly going to try a pair out for myself). So you’ll definitely be sporting a trend! If anything, you deserve some new tops to wear with your leggings- I would say hit the mall, but in your condition you might want to hit up some online stores instead. 🙂

  • Glad you got a good report and that things are looking up.

    It’s so funny that you picked Bonnie Hunt, because that’s who I picture talking when I read your blog! Good choice! 🙂

  • Rest and no surgery. Sounds like the best news you could have gotten. So sit back and enjoy an extra glass of the wine.


  • Hooray for not doing anything invasive!!!! I agree with Kat – an extra glass of your choco-stuff is definitely in order tonight! Released from PT, too – that news probably warrants an extra glass, too, but you probably want to pace yourself on this. 🙂

    Praying thankful prayers here for your great news.

  • Hey sis, how can I say this nicely?


    Just blond.

    John hates going to Dr appts with me because it is all humor. All coping. All the time.

    Try the fish, I’m here all week.

    I am thrilled that we do not share the whole rheumatoid thing, I truly am. And if your Dr is handing out great diagnosis? Give me his number.

    (Again with the humor, she says).

    Well, at some point, you and your fancy-schmancy knee brace and crutches, me with my stupid, ugly wheelchair, need to get together over something unhealthy and high in carbs and calories.

    And something soothing to drink. You pick.

    Loves you and misses you to pieces.

    PS. I write this sitting in the car, which John is washing, as I is too darns lazy to get out, into the chair, into the house, rinse repeat since we are leaving in 10 minutes.

    My life.

    Sad, but true.

  • Lol…Bonnie Hunt…I can TOTALLY see that!
    Glad you have some answers and some relief for your knee. I’m still taking dance classes myself, although my newest dance instructor is a complete flake. She can’t seem to remember from one day to the next, what weights she had me do and such.
    Here’s to healing!

  • I’m so glad for your diagnosis (well, the alternative was worse!) You know if you want to go swimming and not in a “sausage casing,” try one of these tankinis

    The good thing about these is that they have shorts which makes them more modest and easier to get into. There is no worrying about “bikini areas.” While I’m not Miss Sexy wearing one, they are really practical dragging kids to and from a pool or beach. Being in the water should really relax you and make you feel cool and happier, especially if you go to the water after say 5:30pm. No sunscreen to deal with, and 2-3 hours is long enough.

    Hope you feel better!

  • I’m glad you’ve gotten some MUCH better news…although several more months to heal up isn’t all that thrilling. Well, look at it this way…it’s hot and you can sit around and do school and maybe not have to be very active while it heals up. : )

  • Good news!

    And 40 Year Old Virgin is hilare.

  • Glad to hear the good news! I also want to plug (and no, I don’t work for them) because they sell a “swim short” that actually looks like a pair of bike shorts and they are extremely comfortable and don’t feel like a sausage casing. And, um, I should know . . .