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Now, that’s funny – Chapter 2

You may be interested to note that the dead fish was not the only thing flushed over the weekend.  After some extensive research into Oxycodone addiction, Fiddledaddy encouraged me to rid myself of the remainder of my prescription.

The following is a snippet of the conversation that followed all the googling.

Him: Evidently, from the research offered, Oxycodone really doesn’t do all that good a job as a pain reliever.  It just makes you not care that you’re in pain.

Me: So what’s your point?

(awkward pause)

Me: But.  Couldn’t I just keep like, 3 of them, you know, in case of an emergency???

Him: NO.

So, no need to worry there….

I’m more concerned about the mental angst I’m passing onto my children.  When Jensen spotted a brand new column of Ritz Crackers sitting on the kitchen counter, he piped up, I’M FEELING STRESSED, CAN I HAVE SOME RITZ CRACKERS?

Fiddledaddy: “Where did you get the idea that Ritz Crackers helps stress?”

Jensen aims his pointer finger at me.

This is when I took my column of Ritz Crackers and hastily left the room.

It’s just the tip of the iceburg, my friends. My issues run oh so much deeper.

Anyhoo, I’ve so appreciated all of the links and suggestions to alleviate my doldrums.

As a good little Christian housewife, it’s comforting to know that many of you share my same warped sense of humor.

I compiled a short list of comedians that specialize in clean humor, so they are safe to visit when the children are frolicking nearby.  However, if you’re feeling spunky, go back and visit my comments on that post to extract the links that are not as child friendly.  As in don’t check them out until ALL THE OFFSPRING ARE SAFELY TUCKED INTO BED.

Frankly, I feel like I’ve had a good ab workout from all the laughing.  Without the pesky sweating.

Clean Humor Comedians:

Brian ReganPop Tarts

Jeff Allen

Chonda Pierce (she’s a favorite of mine)

Jeanne Robertson – (Jenny, thanks for the “Left Brain Grocery List” suggestion.  Classic!)

Also, I second Amelia’s “Thou Shalt Laugh” comedy series DVD.  We’ve watched that ad nauseum!

Thank you all again, for coming to my rescue!

6 Responses to Now, that’s funny – Chapter 2

  • Don’t forget Anita Renfroe. She is my favorite.

  • Oh wow, I can’t believe you flushed the pain medication. Of course, if you were on the road to addiction it was a good idea. A little hint my neurologist gave me in case you get some other pain medication, keep it in the freezer don’t throw it away when you are finished with it. He told me that the freezer allows it to keep its potency so if my back goes out over the weekend I will have medication. I can tell you it works. My husband had a problem with a tooth over New Years weekend that was so bad nothing would touch it including the non-narcotic pain killers the dentist prescribed over the phone. I dug out my Oxycontin from the freezer (it is at least 4 years old) and he was almost blissful until we could get to the dentist to get it taken care of.
    There is also nothing wrong with getting depression medication if you need it. I know several people who got it for a short time to get over a hump in their lives. I hope the laughter therapy does it for you tho! We used to get a big kick out of the Citibank commercials, you know the ones where you would have some big guy talking in a female voice about getting a new bustier? His credit card was stolen etc. Those were still on YouTube last I knew. Just a suggestion 🙂

  • DD,

    Don’t forget Tim Hawkins (look for him on YouTube) He’s our kids’ favorite comedian and was featured at CCC’s national staff training last year. He’s hilarious. (Praying for your recovery, too. Angel just had all 4 wisdom teeth pulled, so she’s lying on the couch watching her favorite movies with an icepack pressed to her cheek)

  • Listen to Mike and add Tim Hawkins! Oh my word, he is a treasure and a delight. Also, Daren Streblow.

  • I think of Tim Hawkins as clean, I saw he was mentioned in the comments on the other post. We saw him at the Cincinnati Homeschool Convention earlier this year. I know he mentioned alcohol at one point but otherwise I thought he was very family friendly (my husband thought it was fine).

  • Hi Dee Dee,

    I don’t think this amount of pain is normal. I’m beginning to worry for you about the possibility of multi-resistant bacterial infection. Maybe you need to get a different doctor to evaluate you, someone who hasn’t seen you before? I don’t want to be doomsday, but it’s worth getting checked. You shouldn’t need oxycodone to deal with pain after knee surgery……

    Sending up prayers for your pain…