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Her Currency

Thank you SO MUCH for all of your insights and encouragement regarding my little reluctant reader!

I discovered yet another tactic for educational compliance with my erstwhile 3rd grader.  In the form of bribery.  Really.  It’s a wonder that Educational Digest hasn’t contacted me to be their poster homeschool teacher.

This morning, I was discussing how I may need to rid myself of all of my high heels.  As you may recall, I have not been able to pinpoint the exact event that lead to me crippling myself, and 2 knee surgeries in the span of 2 months.  Which is a shame, really.  Everyone should have a good story.  Whenever someone asks me, “What happened to your knee?” I’d love to be able to offer something interesting, like:

I fell off of a building.

Alas, I have little to offer other than, “I have no idea what I did.” Yawn.

However, Fiddledaddy and I were discussing the matter earlier this week, and he reminded me about toppling off of my beloved Croc platform shoes last fall at a fundraiser.  A game was being conducted for PRIZES.  You know, if you have such-and-such in your purse, then be the first to get it to the front of the room and you’re the winner.

Well, the object was a tape measure, which I had in my purse, and I flew to the front of the room only to get my Croc caught in a folding chair.  I fell face first, hitting my knees on the floor.  Wherein I then crawled the rest of the way to the microphone to collect my prize.

The prize that I risked life and limb for  was an ugly purse which now sits idle in the back of my closet.  Next to my platform Croc shoes.

I didn’t remember really hurting myself badly, and I did line dance afterwards with gusto so it couldn’t have been that damaging.

But Fiddledaddy reminded me that I was awfully sore the next day.


So my high heel wearing days are now mercifully over.  Cailey was listening intently to this conversation.  Cailey dearly loves stilettos.  As she gingerly fingers them in the Wal-Mart shoe section every chance she gets.  Since she’s EIGHT, I have put my swollen foot down with regards to her buying stilettos.  And instead steer her to the sturdy and functional shoes with rubber treads.

We’ve had far too many trips to the Orthopedic Surgeon’s office as it is.

So, Cailey began with the negotiations.  “Can I have your high heel Crocs, Mom?”


“Well, if I do really well in school,  can I have them?”


“Well, if I do really really well in school with reading and everything, can I have them?”


“Well, if I do really really well in school with reading and everything, can I just wear them around the house?”



When book basket time came today, she dutifully marched over, picked out a book on children of other cultures, and sat down AND READ for 15 minutes.  With no complaining.  Or retching.  Or falling to the floor and writhing in pain.

In fact, after the timer rang, she spent a few more minutes curled up with her book.

And then after school, she spent the rest  of the afternoon teetering around on these beauties.

Whatever works, my friends, whatever works.

11 Responses to Her Currency

  • Okay, this made me laugh. How many times did I pull that on my daughter when we were homeschooling. Well done, mom.

    And I had no idea they made high heel crocs!

  • Yeah! Can’t knock success. Love the high heel crocs!

  • I have the same problems with not liking reading and gravitating towards high heels with my 12 year old that you do with Cailey. Perhaps I can use this idea!
    BTW, it could have been the combination of falling on your knees and then “line dancing with gusto” that did your knees in. Just sayin!

  • We have been using bribery with our two reluctant readers as well. Every book they read is worth a predetermined (by the parents) number of points. They must read the book and answer a small quiz (designed just to make sure they actually did read the book) to get their points. Whenever they start the “I wants” for any toy, special activity, etc., we tell them the number of points they will need to earn said item. I have been known to purchase small items of desire (Barbie, truck) and set it on the shelf above the books as a visual reminder. Works like a charm.

  • Seriously, Thanks for the small laugh I had over this….and I like to think of it as: Positive Reinforcement!

  • I don’t know why you haven’t been contacted either!

    I remember the prize story, I would’ve done the same thing! But I’m sorry that incident may have brought you to the whole knee ordeal. 🙁 (don’t know how to make crying face, LOL)

  • Homeschooling moms have to be resourceful and creative! Well played! 😉

  • I love it! My 11yo has finally started loving reading in the last year. We’ve always had tons of books around, but he would always say how “boring” a book was…after reading 2 pages…can you say short attention span??? He’s also an excellent reader, but he just would skate by. I mentioned this to his 5th grade teachers at the beginning of last year and they teamed up w/ the librarian to find some books for him….he’s been reading like crazy ever since. I think they all get there eventually…I’ll have to keep the high heels idea around if we ever have a girl! 😉

  • How fitting that you are talking about Crocs again. I fell in love with your blog over your first Croc post. Ha! I think the flat ones are a little safer, sweetie. Just sayin’. 😉

    Hope you are back to your skippy self soon!!! Hey -at least you have a sense of humor still in tact. 😉

  • I’ve always said that those who oppose bribery as a means to obedience have never had kids. Or, have kids who aren’t as obedient as mine. If it works, it works!

  • Didn’t I tell you that crocs were of the devil??? 🙂 Glad you can use them for good, though, ha!