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Night at the Movies

Nearly every Tuesday night I throw myself a little pity party, as I mourn the loss of Lost.  Fiddledaddy tried to cheer me up by telling me that he had all of this last seasons episodes taped.

That sent me spiraling further into my depressed state.  I do not think I can go through that again.  Especially knowing that my questions will forever go unanswered.  Boo-hoo.

Since the beginning of summer, considering all of my favorite television shows have ended their respective seasons, I’ve not been drawn to the television.  Which, in retrospect, is a good thing.  And I think it highly unlikely that I will return to my highly refined television viewing habits this fall.

Of course, a lot can happen between now and September.

I haven’t been completely television celibate, however.  I’ve been catching up on some movie viewing.  I’m behind a good 10 years on all the good movies.  So, there are a lot to choose from.  Christianity Today online has a “Best-Of” Movies archives list which I used as a jumping off point.  They list the “best-of” Most Redeeming Films, Critics Choice, and Readers’ Choice films dating back to 2004.  I’ve found some terrific movies this way, and I’ve found most at my local library.  A few of the more popular ones I’ve put a hold on, which is great, because I can only watch so many movies on a Saturday night.

Last weekend, I watched a movie that I heard absolutely zero about when it was first released.  It made the list of Most Inspirational movies for 2007 on the Christianity Today website.  “Lars and the Real Girl” is now perhaps one of my favorite movies of all time.  The subject matter might have thrown me: “a lonely delusional young man buys a life-size sex doll on the Internet and falls in love with her, telling people it’s his girlfriend.”


But, this movie demonstrates the unconditional love of the people surrounding Lars.  I was deeply moved.  It was incredibly cast and well acted.  If you haven’t seen it, please do.  It’s not a movie for children, as it deals with some adult themes.  But rest assured that Lars relationship with his new girlfriend is chaste.

I also saw “Juno” last weekend because it was also on the 2007 list of most inspirational.  Very enjoyable and sweet.

Now, y’all know that I’m a disaster movie fanatic.  I loved Titanic, Earthquake, Towering Inferno, and Twister.  This should give you an idea that I’m easy to please.  In the last few weeks I saw “The Road” and “War of the World” the remake.  Both frightened the tar out of me.  “The Road” was listed on the CT website as a top film for 2009.  It was a deeply disturbing post-apocalyptic movie that follows the lives of a man and his young son, trying to survive in a very dark world.  It was beautifully shot, and very moving.  But the ending just wanted me to start hoarding canned peaches.  I like a movie which ties everything up in a nice neat bow, and leaves me with at least some semblance of the warm fuzzies.  Because I’m just deep like that.

“War of the World” was good.  I think.  It was hard to tell, though, because I spent a good deal of the movie hiding under a blanket.

I will now shock you by telling you that I have “Paranormal Activity” on hold at the library.  I know.  I may as well bid all of my cuticles goodbye now.  I have some time to reconsider, since I’m #73 on the hold cue at the library.  Not even kidding.

I also have “Crazy Heart” and “District 9” on hold.  Oh, and yes, I’ve seen “The Blind Side”.  Dearly dearly loved that movie.  Especially since the guy that directed it, John Lee Hancock, also directed me in a play that he wrote, not long after I moved to Los Angeles.  I could totally envision him directing that movie.

And lastly, over the Independence Day weekend, I not only re-watched “Independence Day” but also the 1972 movie, “1776”, based on the play of the same name.  It was a musical starring William Daniels, Ken Howard, and Howard Da Silva, that depicts the days leading up to the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  I will make it a habit to watch that movie every single July 4th from now on.  The language is a little salty, so it’s not suitable for the very young.  And if you’ve ever seen it, try and tell me that DAVID FORD WHO PLAYED JOHN HANCOCK DOES NOT COMPLETELY REMIND YOU OF GENE SIMMONS FROM KISS.  I’m not crazy.  Really, I’m not.

Now, what am I missing?  What are some of your favorite movies over the last few years?

16 Responses to Night at the Movies

  • I LOVED Lars and the Real Girl! I didn’t know what to expect, and it was really great.

    If you like warm fuzzies at the end, do not watch Boy in Striped Pajamas. It leaves you feeling sick, although it’s a good movie.

    I am terrible about remembering movies (as is my husband). So bad in fact, that I have been known to rent a movie that I think I’ve never seen, and 10 minutes into it we’ll say, “Haven’t we watched this before, this seems familiar… oh, I rented it last month, oops.”

    Okay, that only happened once or twice, but that is pretty sad.

    I took my two older kids to see Despicable Me at the movies yesterday (a RARE happening, since it costs more than buying the dvd in 3 months). It was pretty cute, and worth seeing.

    Other than that, I can’t remember any movies since I have to make room for important things in my brain. Like what to cook for dinner. Or remembering to shift the laundry from the washer to the dryer.

  • I”ll agree with the above poster. Watch Boy in the Striped Pajamas, but not alone and not late at night in your basement when your husband isn’t home. Just sayin’.

    Thanks for the links to new movies. I’m so far behind I have no idea what’s even available.

  • I’m gonna see Lars now. Sounds great. I don’t have any real “contemporary” favorites. I loved Signs for its richer meanings beyond the sci-fi stuff, but Mel is like a big giant wet stinky blanky on my enjoyment of that movie now. I do love the classics, though. But I’m gonna check out Lars.

  • Like you, I am struggling without being able to look forward to Lost. Eli Stone was another TV show that was a favorite and I still don’t understand them ending it.

    We have the very very very cheapest Blockbuster membership – 2 movies max per month through the mail, and each of those can be traded at the store for another one for free. Just throwing it out there for you, as a way to get some of those movies you are likely to wait a long time for. It is a real bargain.

    If you were into the World Cup at all, and considering District 9, you might enjoy Invictus about the 1995 World Cup Rugby in South Africa. Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman. The accents are a little hard to follow, being that they are not South Africans trying to talk like South Africans.

    Thanks for the link to the list.

  • Honestly the one I really found inspiring was fireproof. I admit I watched it mainly because Kirk Cameron was in it and even though I am married with 3 kids I still think he is cute. lol Anyway that was a movie that I think every married couple should watch. Make your hubby sit down and watch it with you.

    Also the library is prob better since it is free. but Netflix is affordable and you can get movies instantly streamed to your tv through your game console. I am cheap and when hubby suggested netflix a few years ago I was super hesitant, however I *heart* netflix. Plus they have a good selection of kids and family movies too. They also have plans to fit all budgets. you can even put a movie in your que before it comes out and when it is released you get it right away.

  • Well at least Lost is on DVD to watch over and over again. I see new things I missed the first time anyway.

  • Have you seen “Dan in Real Life”? It’s about a widower with three daughters, a get-together with his extended family, and a chance to find love again. Very sweet and funny, but also not for kids…because of one brother-in-law’s advice in one short scene.

    “District 9″ was entirely too freaky for my husband and I (and I seem to recall that the language is terrible), but our two sons who are into science fiction really liked it. I like science fiction too, but it was just…freaky! I’ll be interested in hearing what you think of it.

  • I never got hooked on Lost but so many friends from LA were that I’m sympathetic. Thought District 9 was interesting. Book of Eli is up there with The Road but anything post-nuclear war I find depressing. I finally watched The Changeling with Angelina Jolie which was amazing, and The Ultimate Gift by friends Michael Sajbel and John Shepherd, which was great! Precious was also hard to watch in places, but very uplifting.

  • I LOVED Lars and the Real Girl. I also recently watched My Name is Reed Fish and loved it. Leap Year was cute, as is most anything with Amy Adams. Have fun with your movie list. I have a pretty extensive one going myself.

  • Oh, I loved Lars, too. Watched it right after it came out on DVD… While I’m pretty behind on my movie viewing (more by choice than anything else), my hubby and I both really enjoy a little known-indie movies, and Lars definitely fit that category to a tee. :O) District 9 left me torn. It was bloody, and I felt ambivalent about it afterward. Even now, I’m not sure what to think about it. I recently watched the Book of Eli, with Denzel Washington, whom I LOVE as an actor, and I thought it was excellent, though very dark. Not for kids, but not horribly offensive either.

    I haven’t seen Boy in the Striped Pajamas, which is rather ironic considering my major field of study has been the Holocaust and Holocaust Education… I just haven’t been up for it, though, to be honest.

    Anyway, if you like foreign films, I would suggest a hilarious Chinese movie from the early 90’s called Eat Drink Man Woman. It’s all about family dynamics, and it’s wonderful. I don’t think there’s ANYTHING in that movie that would be considered offensive, but I haven’t seen it in a few years and my memory is akin to Swiss cheese at times. :O)

    Please tell me you’ve seen Amelie? Please?!?! And Waking Ned Divine (also hilarious and could be – mostly – considered a family movie)… And Galaxy Quest (it is more than ten years old, so there’s a possibility :O)??? Oh, oh, oh, and if you want a fantastic romantic movie, there’s one of my all-time fav’s A Walk in the Clouds…

    Also in the vein of bizarre and hilarious and feel-good in a weird way (like Lars, but different) is an AWESOME zombie-spoof movie called Fido… It’s about a little boy who makes friends with his “house zombie,” and their strange relationship… Again, it’s been a few years since I’ve seen it, but I don’t remember much of anything that would be considered off-color. And it’s not scary, just funny…

    So yeah, I like movies, what can I say? :O)

  • I watched Temple Grandin recently, and it was amazing. I think it’s a made for HBO movie. Claire Danes was incredible. My nephew’s on the autism spectrum, and I loved the way they showed how an autistic person might think. So helpful and inspiring.

  • I highly recommend not seeing Paranormal Activity. It hits too close to reality when it comes to demonic possession. Gave me nightmares and my boyfriend loves horror movies so I’ve gotten a bit used to them. If you do watch it don’t do it alone or in the dark.

  • *sob* I miss Lost too! Googled that handsome Josh Holloway a day or so ago and was so sad I’d never see Sawyer again. :'(

    I cannot WAIT to see Lars & The Real Girl. It’s been on my Ziplist for foreEVER!

  • Lars and the Real Girl is one of our FAVORITE movies. Such a fabulous commentary on the importance of community!

    If you like mindless action films (which I normally don’t), we enjoyed From Paris with Love. The language is ROUGH, but it’s an entertaining movie, if not entirely intellectual.

  • I love to watch movies while I knit. It’s my thing. Some of my recent faves: Inception (saw it last night- AMAZING), Whip It, Crazy Heart!!! :), It’s Complicated, Rachel Getting Married, Gran Torino, and as much as I am not into SyFy, I actually kind of liked Avatar (and cried in that one, too.)

    Also some older ones that I love so much: Dan In Real Life, Waittress, and Once.

    Also- cried my eyes out in Lars and the Real Girl! I also liked Elizabethtown- same feel to me.


  • My husband and I did not like Waitress (sorry Steph). I liked Did You Hear About the Morgans? funny but yet a little marriage lift. Probably not for the young ones though. 🙂 Star Trek, Batman Begins and the Dark Knight, Julie and Julia (or switch that, can’t remember). The Proposal was a little risque (for us) but was very funny! We just watched Sherlock Holmes and liked it.

    My hubby says he MUST start reading your blog now b/c you enjoyed 1776 (one of his absolute favorites, he was a poly sci major and a sucker for musicals, have you been watching Glee?). 🙂